People Who Have Slept With Their Best Friend's Partner Confess What Happened
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It's a common trope in fiction: the best friend who sleeps with their best friend's partner.

How often does it happen?

More often than you'd think.

And how does it end?

In all kinds of different ways.

Redditor Sisneban asked:

"Redditors, who slept with the partner of your best friend, what happened?"

Here were some of those answers.

The Spectre Of Jealousy

She was my girlfriend in high school, the three of us used to hang out all the time. They began dating while I was away at college, we'd hang out during the summers when I came back. My best friend got colder and more distant as time passed. When she got pregnant, he flat out told me he did not want me around them anymore because he couldn't handle the thought that I had banged the mother of his child.

That was almost ten years ago. I still miss him but I respect his feelings and hope we can hang out again someday.


Heartbreaking, but it says a lot more about him and his insecurity.


We all used to be roommates, they were engaged, I lived in the basement. We were like three peas in a pod. I eventually bought my own place. Then one day the engagement ended, he kicked her out, she needed a place to stay. So, I slept on the couch, she slept in my bed. Worked like that for a while, I was the go-between for them. Then she and I got drunk and had sex. Now I'm out two friends. He stopped talking to me, she and I dated for a while, then she cheated. So, it probably wasn't worth it.


Sounds like it wasn't. It was pretty rocky. You're better off without the drama.


So... Beginning of this year I met a girl that I wasn't really interested in but she seemed really cool. Due to life circumstances... she had changed her mind about saving herself until marriage and since I took care of her while she was drunk in my apartment and stopped her from deciding that drunk she trusted me enough to... You get where that's going. Yes, it was days later and sober.

Anyway, we spent a few months hooking up but it was never an emotional bond. We were good friends with urges. The entire time she's complaining about her dates and my best friend (whom she hadn't met) is complaining about his lack of dates. Meanwhile I notice they are both looking for exactly what the other offers. It was... super obvious.

So I force them to hang out and they are inseparable now. You wanna talk about love at first sight... He knows about our history and I was told in short order that it is never to be brought up. I told him I get one joke per year and once they get married it becomes once per 5 years OR I can be the best man and bring it up in the wedding speech then never again. He said 'Deal.'

I don't ever plan on bringing it up. I'm so happy for them.


Sounds like this worked out beautifully!

Literal Sleeping

We both had a conference for our respective jobs in the same city so we decided to share a hotel. The hotel we chose overbooked and they only had a room with one bed, so we took it and slept in the same bed. There were a few times when I woke up because I was spooning her or vice versa. But that was the extent of it.


And that was probably for the best!

Definitely Not Open To This Again

Napa Valley. Airbnb. Hot tub. Wine. Foursome.

Somehow it worked out okay. All four of us stayed friends afterwards. But that night I learned two things:

First, that I'm super uncomfortable seeing my partner being pleasured by someone else.

Second, group sex in a hot tub is disgusting.


Happy Endings

He was fine with it to begin with. Downright encouraged us to hook up. They broke up shortly after. She and I are getting married next month. He's my best man.


Awkfest 2019

My best friend/roommate dated this hot blond for about 6 months casually. Few months after they ended things I ran into her at the bar. We had way too many drinks and I went back to her place with the intention of sleeping on the couch. After about 10 mins on the couch she came out of her room naked and asked me to come to the bedroom. She was smoking hot and I was drunk so I went in and had amazing sex. When I woke up in the morning I felt super guilty for doing it. I then went home and told my friend what happened.

He was pretty cool about everything and were still best friends today. The girl he dated and I slept with ended up working at the same company as us a few years later. It was sometimes awkward when the 3 of us had to work on stuff together. Even more awkward when she started dating another coworker because the 3 of us were Eskimo brothers.


All For The Best

Back when I was 19 I used to be best friends with this guy who was a solid 4-5 years older than I was. He had been dating this girl for a couple year before I'd met him but we all hung out pretty regularly (a few times a week). Eventually she got pregnant by accident and in an effort to sabotage the relationship (that's my opinion anyway) he started cheating on her. I found out about the infidelity and confronted him demanding he tell his girlfriend about it because she didn't deserve that.

Long story short he was kicked out and they had a nasty breakup, but since I'd been friends with both of them and I was disgusted that he would do something like that I started spending lots of time with her. While it started out completely platonic it quickly evolved into a romantic relationship and we both knew that we loved each other. We were married the following February and my eldest son was born that June. Been married about 5 1/2 years now and it was easily the best decision I've ever made. I love my wife and family and couldn't imagine anything else.


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It Gets Weird

Don't do it, it's stupid and hurts the bro to bro relationship. Although everything seems to be back to normal, I am still a bit ashamed of myself and the situations where we three are together are sometimes a bit weirder than before. Just don't do it


It Ain't Worth The Consequences

We were all close. All in our twenties. He wanted to play gta at home all night. I would always take her home from the bar after he left early. She and I became even closer. We never had sex, but we both wanted it. I thought we could hide our emotional affair.

I couldn't. It came out at a horrible time. Drunk at a house party. Ranks up there in worst night of my life list. Woke up in the back of my jeep somewhere. I took all the blame. I was the home wrecker.

Lost every friend. Ten years i had bonded with these people. The guilt was crushing. I became a recluse for at least 6 years. Finally, i forgave myself. But i miss them all. I did my best friend wrong. He trusted me with his wife. I was lonely and stupid.

I'm sorry Bobby.

Don't do it op. Learn from my mistake.


The cause for a canceled marriage on the wedding day.

The end of a friendship.

The end of an era.

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