People Who Sleep Naked Divulge Their Most Embarrassing In The Buff Moment

People Who Sleep Naked Divulge Their Most Embarrassing In The Buff Moment
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Some people like sleeping in socks. Some enjoying silk pajamas in bed. And others prefer abandoning all forms of artificial layering to sleep in the nude.

While those who sleep naked prefer the comfort of having full body contact with their bedsheets, there are some drawbacks.

We were able to hear about the cost of sleeping buck-naked when Redditor Bluday1221 asked:
"[Serious] People who sleep naked, what is the funniest thing that happened to you in that state?"

It was a moment of crisis.

The Firemen

"One Saturday night, my boyfriend and I were happily watching a movie while I was lying naked on the couch (for comfort) when we suddenly hear frantic and loud banging on our apartment door. I just have time to duck under a blanket when no joke, 5 firefighters barge right into our apartment and go straight onto our balcony. Apparently there was a small fire in the building and floor directly opposite us and they needed to check in with their colleagues to get the all clear."

"Once they were done, they had a quick conversation with my bf all the while I’m stark naked under a blanket with 5 random men in my house. It was probably only a couple of minutes but felt like eternity."

– Throwawaykoalamoose

Confessions Of A Diabetic

"I'm diabetic and when I was living with a friend I had an low at 2am, so I stumbled my way to the kitchen and started eating raspberry jam out my emergency jar. Cue my flatmate opening his room door to ask if I was okay."

"I ended up opening the freezer door on the fridge, which was below the fridge and used it as a shield while standing eating jam and yelling."

"everything is fine close your door"

"meanwhile he's yelling 'dude why are you naked‽'"

"I'm yelling back 'I needed Jam!'"

"He's yelling 'why is your dick in the freezer.'"

"I'm just shovelling jam in my face shouting 'I'm low.'"

"We still joke about it to this day when I get a low."

– Trivius

Stepdad To The Rescue

"My house burned down, its ok im over it. The funny part was it was about 3 am and im in my front yard naked as a newborn and call my stepdad and ask him to bring me shorts and a shirt, i guess shock of what was goin on had me compleatly calm sounding, like i just decided to call randomly."

"I still laugh at how confused and borderline angry as hell he sounded, but even though i never thought to tell him on the phone what was happening he did get up and bring me clothes."

– frenetic12345

Sound The Alarm

"Fire alarm while sleeping in university halls. Same happened a couple of times when I showered."

– kolandrill

Ahh, pets.

Tainted Puppy Love

"well I used to sleep naked. getting woken up by your 6 month old puppy trying to get under the blanket and licking your taint tends to end that."

– pppoopoopottypants

Play Thing

"Woke up to a stabbing pain in my dick. It was my wife's cat deciding she wanted to play. Not the type of p*ssy I wanted touching my junk. Haven't slept naked since."

– kantokiwi

It Was Feeding Time

"My kitten tried to breastfeed off me while I was sleeping. Freaky thing to wake up to."

– johntoyourdave

It started with a loud knock on the door.

Rude Awakening

"I was sleeping nude, next to my wife, and someone tried to break in to my house."

"She shakes my shoulder to wake me up, which is usually pretty cool, but she says 'someone's outside.' Oh sh*t."

"I'm on high alert, and so is my dog. This is really happening. I hop out of the bedroom, instinct kicks in. I go through to living room, into the kitchen, grab my cleaver, and storm outside, 11 PM, all my nude, 450-pound at-the-time glory. Little pecker flicking in the wind."

"And there was nobody there. I guess they heard me stomping through the house and assumed a herd of horned up rhinoceri were en route to their location, so they bolted."

"Had a security system set up the next day. I'm just glad nobody had to see my penis, and am more glad I didn't get shot by a robber while I was naked."

– plybon

Brush With The Law

"I was passed out and heard loud banging on the door to my apartment. It was about 2 or 3 in the Morning so I thought someone was trying to break in. I had a little souvenir bat in my closet for defence, so I grabbed it and ran to the door."

"Looked through the peep hole and it was the police. I yelled at them sorry I’m naked!!! Put on underwear and opened the door. They had a warrant for the previous tenant, searched the apartment and apologized. Laughed a bit since my idea of putting on clothes was boxer briefs."

– Electricfoodmk

Sad News

"Sad, funny, and wholesome."

"I (25M at the time) sleep naked, and my best friend (24M at the time) and roommate at the time knows this - I've told him so he doesn't ever walk in on me in my room. He was dating a girl at the time, so he was spending the night in her apartment next-door to ours, so I knew I was alone in the apartment that night."

"That morning at 4am there's a super loud, aggressive banging at the door. Abruptly awoken in a panic, my immediate thought is that someone is breaking into the apartment."

"The only form of combat I know is Brazilian jiu jitsu. I walked to the front door to prepare myself."

"Fortunately, it's my roommate. Very unfortunately and sadly, the reason he was banging was that he got a call saying his mother had unexpectedly passed, and he left his keys in our apartment. Knowing it was him, I was able to quickly dress myself and open the door to let him in."

"Later that night when he comes back to the apartment, he's obviously distraught. I tell him, 'Not to make light of the subject, but this morning I thought you were a stranger breaking into my apartment, you know I sleep naked, and my plan was to do a take down and do Brazilian jiu jitsu.'"

"His response was, 'So basically you were going to tackle me and tea-bag me.'"

"Then he had an honest, hearty, and several minute laugh about the situation, despite the terrible causing circumstances."

– Sufficient-Life-4454

Anything can happen to us while we're in various states of undress.

Thankfully, the examples shared by the Redditors above were in situations that did not end with them getting hurt–except for maybe their pride.

But to accentuate the positive here, perhaps their embarrassing situations made them more thick-skinned.

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