People Divulge The Most WTF Thing That's Ever Happened With Their Neighbors

People living in friendly neighborhoods are lucky. They have the comfort of having a familiar face asking how your day is going.

One might even help out in a time of need, no questions asked.

And then there are those who live in a perfectly fine area but have residents in their midst who have questionable motives.
No matter what the location, you can't apparently escape crazy.

Curious to hear about some wacky disturbances strangers experienced or witnessed in their neighborhood, Redditor Emotional-Ad9076 asked:
"What is the most WTF thing happened with your neighbor?"

Whatever happened to delivering cookies to a neighbor or asking to borrow cooking supplies? No one knows.

Between Two Crazies

"FBI raided my neighbor to the left, and the neighbor on the right came over asking if I could give him clean urine so he wouldn’t get fired at work. He also bragged about being a bank robber in Reno. I tried to look it up but didn’t find anything. I just wonder why he would say/do these things lol. Definitely don’t live in that neighborhood anymore."

– TheMoonDays

Creepiness Underfoot

"stopped to have a casual chat with our downstairs neighbor when we first moved in. all normal small talk, until he mentions that his bedroom is directly under ours, creepily smiles, and goes into detail about everything he’s heard."

– HazelnutSoup

Too Close For Comfort

"When my husband and I were dating as teens he lived in a duplex with a mom and a daughter my age on the other side. I ended up working with the daughter. One night she told me her mom’s bedroom was on the other side of the wall from my boyfriend/now husband’s bedroom."

"One day the daughter told me at work that her mom always listened to us having sex. I just stared at her. How do you even respond to that?"

– Pea-and-Pen

Unannounced Visitor

"I recently had a neighbor show up at the end of my front walk and freak the f'k out at my fiancée because the phone company told her that she owes them almost $300 bucks and that the equipment was at our address."

"Barring how insanely irresponsible it was of the phone company to casually give away our address, we proved to her during a tour of our house that we don't have any equipment from that company. She read the company the riot act and apologized to us. We're now all friends who mutually hate the phone company."

– mxmnull

What's Mine Is Not Yours

"Military husband married to non-English speaking wife:"

"Husband was deployed, wife would frequently invite her extended family over to their house and her guests would block ours and several other neighbor’s driveways with their vehicles. When we asked them to move because we needed to leave, they asked 'can we park in your garage?' Uhhh, NO."

– SuperShineeCoinToss7

You would think these types of occurrences would happen only on TV.

Why Security Cams Are Important

"A long while ago the woman a few houses down from us passed out in the alley by her garage. it was late at night and she was known to be a heavy drinker. the guy who lived next door to her came driving through the alley not long after she passed out and, well, he was drunk as well and hit her thinking she was a trash bag left outside, she didn't survive."

"he decided to park in his own garage and run inside like nothing happened. my StepMom came home from her shift at the hospital soon after all this, SM saw the woman in the alley and got out to check on her. THEN the guy comes out of his house freaking out, asking what happened, and claiming SM hit & murdered this woman."

"obviously SM ignores him and calls the police, dude still tries to convince the police that SM ran the woman over. it would have gone on much longer if the neighbors across the alley didn't have security cameras. the whole incident was recorded and the guy was quickly carted off to court. apologies i dont remember how/what he was charged with, this was a very long time ago."

"f'king crazy man, thanks security cams!"

– qhloae


"In one of the small culdesac neighborhood's I grew up in, turns out one of the neighbors was involved in human trafficking and sex trafficking of minors and was finally raided by the FBI. There were so many cops when I came back home from school."

– Mirror1rorriM

Crazy Starts Young

"Terror of a 10yo girl next door ended up dumping gasoline out of a lawn mower can on another neighbor’s 10yo boy and threatened to set him on fire. This little girl has also used the other neighbor’s credit card for door dash and phone games, screams at her parents constantly, is always truant, and most recently I saw her climb out her window and grab door dash off the porch and climb back in. She’s an absolute menace"

– Special-Emu3

This Could've Ended Badly

"I got drunk one night, stumbled home from the bar…my key wouldn’t unlock the door so I opened the living room window crawled in and passed out on the couch. Found out the next morning it wasn’t my house."

– JDB6986

Garage Gas Leak

"They were running some sort of chop shop out of their garage. I was told they jack hammered through their garage floor to get to the gas line before the meter. Apparently they did a poor job and they caused a gas leak which led to an explosion that sent their garage door flying out into the street."


Lost Daughters

"She broke into my apartment with a baseball bat searching for the 2 girls that lived here before me."

– Prestigious-Piano-48

Never Upset Mother

"A few years ago the mom of some of my friends shot and killed their dad and cut him up and put him those plastic storage totes. My friend came home from vacation had to break into the house through a window found the totes called his mom and asked her what it was, he response was 'its your father call the police.'"

– No-Juggernaut2968

Panties Pilferer

"In college, the guy in the dormroom next to mine got caught stealing panties out of the communal laundry room."

"They interviewed him in his room, with cops, and saw an open box in the corner of the room with a collection of panties - labeled by owner's name."

"He was arrested."

– Ganglebot

Lab Gone Wrong

"Underground meth lab blew up and basically sunk their house."

– iboughtmars

What is up with doors and neighbors? Read on and find out.

Getting Unhinged

"Someone stole his front door in the middle of the night. No, really. Someone went out of their way to somehow unhinge the doors and flat out take his entire door."

"Edit: this was in SF 5-6 years ago. No they never found out who did it. I don’t know how they got the door down either. Neighbor put up curtains for privacy until he was able to get a new one. Nothing else was stolen, just the door to his house."

– Shrek1onDVD

Special Delivery

"Shortly after my neighbor moved in I hear this banging in my door at like 2am."

"Get up and answer and my neighbor is standing there, topless, holding a door trying to convince me that I dropped it when I came over to meet her dogs."

"Turns out she has a sleepwalking problem, pulled her bedroom door off the hinges and brought it to me in her sleep."

– warboy3

I, fortunately, lived in a relatively fine area, but our family wasn't particularly close to any of our neighbors. My parents kept to themselves as we were the only Asian family in the neighborhood.

But last year during the pandemic, we put our house on the market as my parents prepared to move back to Japan.

As I was hauling some stuff out into the rollaway dumpster in the street, our next-door neighbor approached me because she was worried about my parents. She thought they had passed.

When I assured her they were still very much with us, she was very relieved and said, "I see your dad watering the flowers and your mom getting the mail sometimes. They seem so sweet."

Since this was just around the time COVID-19 vaccinations were starting to become available but were still hard to get, she asked me if my parents were vaccinated yet and offered to make them available if they weren't. She was a nurse at the hospital my dad went to when he suffered a heart attack.

Because my parents were vaccinated by then, I thanked the friendly neighbor I never knew I had for her sweet gesture.

My story is not a WTF moment, but it was one that served as a humbling reminder that there is still plenty of kindness in the world.

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