People Share The Worst Bulls*** They Ever Had To Handle At Work


Why do I have to put up with this crap?

Some jobs are just not worth the stress. Yes we all need money to survive and thrive but there can be ways to achieve that goal that will not leave you mentally baron. How many of us have looked around the office or state of work we are in and thought.... "Now this is too much?"

Redditor u/gottalovecarina wanted everyone to do some venting about their jobs by asking.... What BS are you dealing with at work right now?

Do I Live Here....


Being scheduled on basically every day I was supposed to have off. PIZZAspartan442

I'm not even supposed to be here today! viplisson

Such Fashion....

Lately whenever the mother of one of my students pisses off the father (they divorced >4 months ago) he will send all three of their kids in mismatched clothes with shirts that have some variation of "I love my Dad" or "Daddy's kid."

I have not seen the same shirt twice and believe mom throws the shirts out and dad just keeps buying more. aoacyra

Is This Normal?

"Do this task. What do you need?

- I need 30 computers and 20 USB3 flash drives.

- Here's 15 computers and 7 USB2 flash drives.

- What? I need 30, where's the other 15? And these flash drives won't do, the system won't even work with those.

- Budget cuts, sorry."


"How's this task going along?

- Everything is set to go, but as is it won't fulfill the task.

- What's keeping you from doing the task?

- I need 15 more computers and 20 USB3 flash drives.

- Ok, we'll order more ASAP, they'll be here in two years. Make sure everything's running by September though."

Are things like this everywhere or is it just at my job? Prophet086

I'll get back to you....

I have a vendor who gives me the same answer every day that I email him: "Let me check and get back to you."

His shipment has slipped by over two months at this point and it's driving me nuts.

He's doing the same thing to other people in my office on other projects. He's on a quick list to be blacklisted, but unfortunately, the clients love his stuff.

Edit: Furniture, he sells furniture. Why does everyone think it's drugs? SalemScout

Final Notice....


I handed in my notice at work and my boss suddenly stopped talking to me. LOL... OSB2018

Ha. I handed in mine because they treat me like a punching bag and now they are being nice and chill about everything like they are my best friend.

Should have just been that way to begin with you idiots! MechMeister

This other Woman?

A third party keeps insisting that an individual worked for my company. They did not. We have searched everywhere. We have punched in every variation of their name, birthday, social security number into our system. Dude didn't work here, and "Well this other woman says he did" isn't an argument.

ETA: As much as I appreciate all the replies, this is not my first rodeo as an attorney, and I wouldn't be complaining if this had a simple fix like "tell them to f--- off" or "stop replying." SaltySolicitor

Oh the Journeymen....

I manage all the tools, parts, and materials for a small electrical company. We have a ton of little fittings, couplings, and such that are very small and have multiple parts. We recently let one of our journeymen go, and I'm in the process of clearing out his van. Turns out he was hoarding tens of thousands of fittings in his van, all mixed together with absolutely no organization.

To top it off, at least 60% of them were completely disassembled before being just chucked in to drawers, boxes, and bags along with mixed bolts, nuts, fasteners, etc, so it is now my job to take these collections of assorted hardware and dump them out, separate them, and reassemble as many as I can before restocking them in my already overflowing shop. tonderthrowaway

Nobody Likes You....

It's my boss' birthday, not a lot of folks respect her. I'm new to the department and was asked by Don to collect money on Friday to get her flowers. He was going to bake a cake and bring it in. He was sick yesterday so didn't come to work. I collected a measly 19$ from others, awkward af because no one even likes her, topped it up with my own 10 to get a decent bunch of flowers, bought yesterday evening and brought in this AM.

Don is in and says "I couldn't find the money you collected, do you have it" I said "I used it yesterday to buy the flowers, wasn't that the plan?" He replies with an attitudey "well no..." I ask why it matters and he says. Well I couldn't bake the cake because I was sick so I don't know what we're going to do now if the money's used up, we can't get a cake now"
Another girl nicely chimes in that she will run out and grab a cake and don't worry Don it's all fine. Don's a snippy guy so I don't bother asking him how I was to know he's too ridiculous to go get a cake himself.

Others are running around asking me if I've seen the money because apparently Don's making it well known that I was supposed to collect money but no one has seen the envelope (obviously, I took it yesterday), then I have to explain that I used all the money so I look stupid. Keep throwing in that I was doing exactly as was asked of me but Jesus Don would it kill you to communicate your change of plans to people??? funplans20


Bar manager and 20% of the staff quit. Owner hasn't hired anyone. It's been 3 months. No one can take unexpected days off or call in sick and inventory is at an all time low. (Except the kegs. So. Many. Kegs.) We keep running out of everything. I (and others) have offered to help over the summer and nothing has come of it.

The restaurant is expanding and we need more employees but my boss is too focused on having us dust (during construction), replacing glassware with crystal, and setting up public accessible training courses to bother with actual management. Oh, and communication is non existent, so I regularly show up to work and have no idea where stuff is or what the new procedures are. rTheWorst

The Good ole CC....


I work with a woman who cc's her boss on all emails. Her boss follows up on all of the emails 5-10 minutes later. They looks like this:

Woman: "Hey Ganglebot, we're starting this new thing so can you send us X, Y and Z when you have a chance - thanks!"

Her boss, 5 min later: "Ganglebot, as per [woman's] initial request, we need these things to move forward. In our previous meeting on May 4th, at 2pm you indicated you could send these to us. I ask you to please send these along ASAP as our initiative depends on good information. Please confirm receipt and indicate when we can expect these documents." Ganglebot

The Goodbye Girl....

Girlfriend took the time off in advance to see a best friend she hasn't seen in two years for literally one day. Work is currently telling her that they're scheduling a mandatory employee meeting everyone needs to go to or else you get fired. Keep in mind there is barely anything important that ever gets announced at these. Raichu4u

Next Paycheck...

I was offered a job at another location. I told my boss about it and my current company offered me a raise to stay. I took it. It's been 2 months and I haven't seen the raise in my paycheck yet.

UPDATE: I emailed my boss and asked for an update. They assumed I understood that the raise would begin at our new fiscal year which starts July 1. So it will be in my next paycheck. SouthernGirl2016

Damn Jeff....


Jeff cuts his fingernails every damn day in his office. How do they grow so fast? Is he a werewolf?

Also, he scrapes every last tiny damn bit out of his yogurt container. It's so loud and he does it for like 3 minutes straight. Costner_Facts

As Time Goes By....

Boss doesn't understand how time works. HumanoidRobot

I had a boss once come to me and say, "Stop what you're doing, nothing else matters. Focus 100% of your time on this." So I did.

The next week he comes to me again and says the same thing. Literally word for word. I remind him that I'm not finished the super important thing from last week and he says it doesn't matter, the new thing is important, put 100% of my time on it.

The following week he comes to me and asks me if I finished the first task. No, I say, I stopped working on it to work on the new task. But, he says, I told you to work on it 100%.

I said, "You want me to work 100% on task A, AND 100% on task B?"

Yes. Yes he did. Not 50/50. 100/100. He didn't understand time. shaidyn

The Target. 

I wasn't able to hit the target goal for the cancer screening program I work for this year. Basically my head office asked me to increase the number of people we screen for breast cancer this past year. I agreed to the increased goal but they then didn't increase my budget enough to actually cover it.

So come the end of our fiscal year and I'm having to explain to them over and over why it happened. And my boss JUST called to ask if I can increase my goal more for next year with no additional funds. The Peter principle alive and well. Col_Walter_Tits

Such a Bot....

Two of my co-workers were promoted out of the department and no one was hired to replace them, leaving me to do the work of three people (minimum). Upon expressing that my own hours weren't enough time to get the work done - even with overtime, I was told, "You have to get it done. If you can't get it done it means we'll have to find someone else who will."

Robot. What you're looking for is a robot willing to work 24/7 for a barely living wage. Got it. Glad to know the company values my mental health. FuzzyElf47



I do sound for cover band at a hotel that feels like they're better than or at least equal to an act that sells out stadiums. Every night I deal with 5 60+ year old musicians with expectations that would make Mariah Carey say that's too darn much. Auditor93


Client had a full 10 months to review a demo site that we had up. They made a couple of nitpicks and claimed they were happy with it. The site went into staging a few weeks ago and they immediately came up with a list of 50+ issues with it and demand it be fixed or they won't renew the contract. Yserbius

Are you Busy?

Sharing an office with OSHA specialist. He has literally nothing to do,each morning he fills up the three band aid dispensers that we have and then stares out the window or sits in front of a blank computer screen all day and keeps damn clicking with his pen and annoying the crap out off me.

Meanwhile I have so much stuff to do shits falling off my table, have tons of emails, people constantly asking for help and he then he leans over the monitor and comments "busy today eh?" I swear to god I hear one more pen click or stupid comment we will have our very first work accident and there will be no one to claim it to. saban45

What's in a Name?


Assistant forwarded me a call from a friend/colleague of mine. She got one syllable of my friend's name wrong which wasn't a big deal. The friend and I are working on a big deal so she's called multiple times since then. My assistant has got her name wrong every time and despite me correcting her each time, the corruptions are getting further from the mark.

Happened again yesterday, the worst butchering of the name yet. I wanted to yell at her, but I took a breath and I said "her name is XX. When you consistently say her name wrong it sounds like you're insulting her. I know you're not trying to insult her but she is a personal friend and she brings us a lot of business so please do try to get it right."

I don't think I could have handled that better, but she flipped out at me, then told a bunch of the other staff about what a fool I am. Ugh. asoiahats


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