For many of us birthdays are a national holiday. It should be a national holiday for us all. The day we were brought into this world is special, well noteworthy at least, in our own minds. So every year, though many of try to deny, we want to celebrate, but often life has a more sour twist planned for the occasion. It can help to remind yourself that... it's just another day... creeping closer to death.

Redditor u/anastasiasky wanted everyone to tell us about their life celebrations by asking..... What is the worst thing that has happened on your birthday?

You killed Mrs. Fields.....


I had asked for a cookie cake from Mrs. Fields cause they're awesome. My step mom said she would bake one and it would be even better. She somehow mixed up sugar with salt while making it. What came out of that oven was a war crime. Col_Walter_Tits

Just go to Micky D's....

Fell off my brand new tricycle and broke my arm on my 4th birthday. My mum didn't believe my arm was broken so didn't go to the hospital until 2 days later.

Also when I was about 12, I had my party at a park, this was before the days of mobile phones and my friends who were coming couldn't find us. They gave up and all went to McDonalds together, while I sat and ate my cake with my Mum. Worst thing was the following Monday when they talked about how much fun they had without me :-( babydoll-81

How dare you!

My mom is a regifter, despite being extremely picky about the gifts she receives. She is not poor.

This year for my birthday, I received a box with wrapped gifts. Opened one, then realized it was a carefully-selected gift I had given her two years ago at Christmas. When she called, she asked how I liked my gifts (which included a 15-year-old candle from her closet, and stationery from her own stock of sidewalk sale finds.) I didn't have much to say.

She texted later that she could tell I didn't like my presents, but that she put a lot of work into shopping for and wrapping them. I wrote back and said my feelings were hurt that she re-gifted me something I gave her.

She informed me that she sure wasn't going to send presents anymore. t-brave

On Impact!

I shared my 11th birthday with a pal from down the road and his parents were giving him a party so he invited me, along with some of our friends, to share.

In their front garden (Surrey - UK) they had a sunken lawn which doubled as a tennis court or a playing field for us youngsters, but this year there was a huge thunderstorm that emptied massive quantities of rain on us and drove us all indoors. The party was somewhat dampened until the storm ended and we found that there was easily a foot or more of rainwater in the sunken lawn. We quickly scampered out to splash and play in the water - it was brilliant.

In the middle of all this there was suddenly a dull screech and thump on the road outside and it didn't take long for us to find out that my pal's father had crossed the road to nip to a nearby shop - and on his return he'd been hit by a van. Sadly he died on impact... never to be forgotten even though that's now almost 63 years ago. Leo9ine

Man down!!


I got out of bed, shouted "It's my birthday!" slipped and fell down the stairs, and ended up in hospital with a concussion.

Basic floor plan for those confused about the stair location. hobbes_shot_first

A Dour Christmas.... 

I was going through chemo on my 13th birthday and spiked a fever and had to be hospitalized. My birthday is December 24. My sister told me I ruined Christmas.

I was so ready to just give up and die that night. imsomessedup

Don't be tardy....

My parents completely forgot that it was my birthday. I was excited all day to get a present or a card or anything, but the entire day went by and no one remembered asides from one random friend at school. It was really depressing.

My dad ended up remembering a day or so later because he checked Facebook and saw the notification. pm_me_orange_birds

Life.... and Death....

My best friend (and best coworker!) And I made big plans for a taco lunch after my birthday because my family had plans to take me out on my birthday. When a call came through on her phone on my big day, I assumed she was calling to wish me a happy birthday. Nope. It was her family calling me to tell me she had passed away in her sleep earlier that morning. Everything just stopped in that moment. So much sadness still and this was nearly three years ago. Gnome926

Still Mad. 

Was at Maccas and played truth or dare with my 8 year old friends, they dared me to go and stand outside (didn't specify for how long). Me assuming someone would come surprise me with a b-day present I waited out there for a good 30 mins. No one ever came, I went back inside and everyone other than my parents left. My parents thought i was saying good bye to everyone. Still mad. arisian_largechair

The Lonely Drive....


I had gotten in the car to go to our family pond to celebrate my becoming of a teenager... as we drive my mother informed me that none of the friends I invited were going to attend the celebration. mau5ey


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