People Share The Worst Advice Someone's Ever Given Them


Advice typically comes from a good place in a person's heart. They recognize a friend or a loved one is going through something tough and only want to use their own personal experiences to help that individual navigate those rocky waters. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

However, there will be those situations where someone feels they know what's best and insists on telling you what they think, even when you for sure haven't asked them and the advice is awful. These are those situations.

Reddit user, u/BigTime3000, wanted to hear what not to do when they asked:

What's the worst advice you ever got?

Creepy Guys Deserve A Chance?


I was being stalked by a super creepy guy who would not leave me alone, and a friend told me I should give him a chance, he was probably just lonely.

I did not take this advice.


Your friend doesn't sound like much of one.


Really Depends On The Teacher

Just tell the teachers when you're bullied, they said.

It'll work they said.


In middle school there was this girl in my class who just was very socially awkward and annoying, And was ostracized/made fun of quite a bit, sadly.

Well, I'm not sure if her parents complained or if she went to the counselors or what, but my school deemed it appropriate to call a special assembly for my entire grade into one room and do an anti-bullying type talk using this girl's name directly. I can tell you things did not get better for her


Not Every Hobby Needs To Become A Career

"Your art is amazing, you should turn that into a career".

No, I should have pursued something that actually makes money so I could retire and do art in my free time on a goddamn private beach in front of my mansion.


I don't understand why people around me think I should capitalize on every little thing I enjoy doing. What if I want to keep it as a hobby? Why should I absolutely have to sell it?

Maybe I should get paid for massaging my own temples because I love doing that.


Think Zebras

In medical school we were taught taught that "common things are common" and that "when you hear hooves, think horses not zebras" meaning that we should always assume the most obvious diagnosis.

Probably not the absolute worst advice I've gotten, but I've seen some rare or uncommon diseases working in a major teaching hospital that I would have missed if I didn't keep an open mind and think about uncommon things.


Definitely Get A Second Opinion When Electricity Is Involved


A "handyman" told me it was okay to insert a copper penny into a screw-in fuse box circuit as a temporary measure until replacement fuses could be obtained.

His horrible advice almost caused a house fire. Luckily, I was home and smelled wires overheating. So I pulled the "main" and went out shopping immediately for screw-in fuses.


Our Current President...Much.

"Trust authority. People are in that position for a reason."

lmfao. no.


And just cause they're an authority it doesn't mean that they know what they're doing. I don't understand why people don't want to understand this.


Maybe Examine The Source Of The Advice To Gain The Real Insight?

"Marry someone who loves you more than you love them. I married your dad and was miserable because I loved him more. Now I'm happier with your stepdad, who loves me more."

Shared by my mother who cheated on my dad while they were married to be with my stepdad.


This One Is Definitely Missing A Second Part

"Just be yourself"


A lot of people don't realize that the phrase implies, "...within reason." If yourself is a d-ck or crazy, then be the part of yourself that is not that.


Obviously Only Have One If You're Up For It

"just have a kid, it'll give you purpose in life and stop the suicidal thoughts"


Explains a lot about the world doesn't it?

Make sure you kid doesn't pay the price for your/their mistake.


Can. Open. Worms. Everywhere.


"Just say what's on your mind"


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