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Generally speaking, doing the right thing is something that is in everyone's best interest. They appear to be a good person, people like them, and they are rewarded for the good behavior.

But sometimes, people do things that are just evil. It can be because of a lack of empathy, a psychological disorder, or because they are asserting their power in an unequal dynamic.

Whatever the case may be, people from Ask Reddit shared the times they witnessed someone acting in pure evil.

Redditor SkiddyBopBeep asked:

"When have you witnessed pure evil?"


Unnerving little girl.

"When I was a teenager I used to volunteer in the preschool at church. One week I was helping with the 2- year-olds. We had a new girl come in. Tiny and adorable. By the end of Sunday school class all the other kids were terrified of her. With absolutely no expression on her face, and totally silent, she had attempted to strangle a little boy, bit another hard enough to draw blood, smacked a girl across the face, poured her drink out on another, and pinched and kicked me and the other volunteer repeatedly."

"Not to mention dumping her snack on the floor while staring me in the eye, throwing toys in the garbage, and attempting to pull the microwave off the counter. I've dealt with difficult children before, but her total lack of emotion was very unnerving."

- cold_toast_n_butter

"I always remembered this chilling article from a while ago."

- 1184x1210Forever

"I read a book in high school called The Bad Seed. It featured a young girl who was very much like the little girl described above. It really messed with my head for a bit."

- gumball_wizard

"I'm assuming the family was told she couldn't be there any more?"

- notthesedays

"The main teacher told her mom about the biting. Her mom picked her up, patted her back, and said, "Oh, sweetie, you know not to bite. No no." I was like 15, so I didn't get involved."

- cold_toast_n_butter

CW: Abuse.

"I saw a man beating what was apparently his 3 year old granddaughter with basically a tree branch. He was an elderly guy, had to have been 70 or so. This was in the middle of the city, god knows where he even got that thing. This was in Buffalo, New York."

"Immediately got involved, and I and some bystanders got the cops and they carted the guy away. He was going on and on about how many times he'd been arrested before, almost bragging. The girl had such sadness in her eyes that it never left me, and when I approached the guy to make him stop, the little girl actually ran up to him and was hugging his leg. She must have been so used to abuse at that point that she didn't recognize how evil this person was..."

"The look in her eyes was heartbreaking. I had gone to that city alone randomly to check it out and see what it had to offer, and that was the FIRST THING I saw upon leaving my car. It broke me and I just spent the whole night at the hotel, then just randomly walking the streets."

- Quickaccountforthis

"Damn there are some really cruel people out there. I live in Buffalo and am studying to help abused and mentally ill children. Thank you for stepping in, most people just turn a blind eye to sh*t like that."

- marissa5077

"Yeah that'll do it, especially kids. Saw the same with some guy beating the sh*t out of his gf after he nearly ran over her head with his car because she jumped out of their moving car. He stop and went after her. He was twice her weight easily, I ran up and got between him and her (be careful when doing this always keep an eye on the victim, they can turn on you) now he had someone bigger than him to deal with, kept on threating me - I said go ahead hit me, wish he would have there was cameras all over. Escorted her into the building and handed her off to security there."

- Unsull

CW: Sexual Assault.

"My ex-best friend sexually assaulted his half-sister and convinced all of us he was innocent. He got 3 months weekends in prison, but the evidence was pretty much nonexistent and we all believed that his mom (who already had no contact, she was crazy) basically put her daughter up to it to get back at him for forcing himself back into her life."

"A few years later his other sister committed suicide at 14 years old. We cried with him. We went to her funeral. He put the necklace he never took off over her heart as she lied in the open casket."

"A few weeks later it came out in her diary that she killed herself because she saw how furious we all were at the people who convicted him, and didn't think she would be believed either."

"I will never understand why that monster decided to put a token in her casket. I realized she is gone and I don't believe there is anything past death, but I still find it very hard to deal with the fact that she will never escape him. The necklace of her assaulter and ultimately her killer will lay over her heart forever."

"I don't really like dwelling on this too much because I still carry a lot of regret for supporting him during his first trial."

- candlecrusher

"Whenever someone tells you something awful about a person you think is great, don't dismiss it out of hand. Plenty of monsters hide their actions behind closed doors. You never fully know anybody."

- SevenDragonWaffles

Kids who like to hurt animals.

"There's a family down the way from me.... the 13 yo girl likes to stomp chicks to death. I'm scared for her entering society."

- backwoodshippy

"I used to live next to the sea when I was a kid. There was this one kid down the road who loved to attack nesting seagulls, grab their eggs and smash them in the car park then stomp on the bodies. Pure future serial killer."

"Unfortunately I can't remember what his name was but I'd love to look him up and see where he ended up."

- Mediocre_Sprinkles

"The older brother of one of my friends killed my sister's pet rat when we were kids. Then he tried to play it off like he hadn't and gave it to his sister so that she would take the blame. I remember her walking up to me and my mom with Sparky in her hands, laying on his back completely motionless saying, 'I think there's something wrong with Sparky.' Her brother had snapped his neck by shaking him to death (while laughing... I remember him laughing)."

"He was always weird, but he wasn't really welcome at our house after that. My mom ran into his mother a few years ago and found out that 1) he had recently gotten a girl pregnant, 2) His mother never fully trusted him after he killed our pet, and 3) She was terrified of what could happen to that baby."

- scarletnightingale

All for a spot at a concert.

"I want to preface this with the warning that this is obviously a huge, huge outlier and that's exactly why it's so horrible."

"But I was once at a concert (pre-COVID) where obviously people just sorta push their way to the front. This girl and her group get near the front but there's a couple in front of them."

"The girl tries to push her way in front of them but they're literally leaning on the crowd divider between the crowd and the stage so there's really no way to squeeze in front of them. So the girl starts screaming at the guy to give her some space or she'll make him."

"The guy's partner tries to calm things down and squeeze the two of them together a bit, but clearly not enough to create a whole extra space for this girl and her group."

"So the girl starts screaming bloody murder calling for the security guards that are patrolling behind the crowd divider and the stage, telling them that the guy tried to stick his hands up her skirt. The couple called BS. A couple of us standing nearby called BS. But the security guards still kicked the guy (and his partner) out."

"And the speed with which the girl went from crying to giddily taking their spot, not just okay but clearly proud of what she'd done. Evil."

- PhiloPhocion

"Things like this make me ashamed of humanity sometimes. Poor guy."

- ShadowWood78

It is terrifying to think that there are people in this world doing harm as heinous as what was shared. It's easy to think that the whole world is evil when we read things like this.

However, most people actually believe that the majority of people are good. And studies have shown that the majority of people are not innately selfish either.

There's definitely evil in the world, but not enough to outweigh the good.

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at

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