Sometimes it really takes a stranger. There are kind people in the world. In this day and age it's important to hold on to that belief. Often the kindest action is the smallest and it can come arrive from a face we've never known but we'll always remember. Not all strangers are out to harm.... that can be a tough thought for the jaded in us all to except. Humans want to help humans and several people can prove it.

Redditor u/EpicesPotato wanted to talk about the times they've encountered an unknown person and how that encounter left them a little better on the whole by asking.... What's the most wholesome experience you've had with a stranger?

Take it....

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My card declined at a fast food place a couple years ago. The manager saw it happening and came up and gave me the food anyway. It may have come from a "forget this establishment" mood rather than the unrelenting kindness of his heart, but either way it really made my day.


"Are you alright love?"

I was traveling from the South of England to the North of Scotland to start a new job the next morning. I had taken a train up to London and was supposed to get on an early morning flight from Heathrow. The bus to the airport however, was cancelled and I had to make my own way using a series of night buses. However it was about 2:30 a.m. and my phone was dead, and I had never used London's night buses before.

I was young and a little scared,standing in the middle of Victoria trying to figure out the faded bus schedule when a woman came up to me and asked "Are you alright love?" And I explained through tears that I thought I was going to miss my flight and didn't even have an oyster card.

She looked up my route on her phone, wrote down all the possible variations of buses and trains that I would need to take, including the times.

She waited with me the entire time, like twenty minutes, THEN when the bus came up she paid for my fare( no cash on London buses). I got out and looked to her and she shrugged and said " oh I'm not getting the bus, you just looked like you needed someone."

I think about her every once in a while, and I'm incredibly grateful for her.



I went once to a supermarket to buy some groceries for my last week in college, I was about to pay when I realized I had forgotten my wallet, so I told the cashier I would leave everything and come back in about an hour, (I lived like 20 min away from the store) a man in a nice suit who was behind me on the line heard the conversation and said he would pay for me, I was too surprised with it and first gently denied his offer but he insisted and just handled his card to the cashier and wish me a good day. It was only like 25 dollars but that really made my day. I was so thankful because that save me a lot of time! And this men was so kind during the whole event.


Thank you squirrels...

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I had a knock on my door and when I opened it, there was a stranger with a gift card to a local garden store for me.

Apparently her kid had been pinching tulips from my garden every day to give to his mom and they wanted to pay for them, once they figured out whose garden they were coming from.

I had thought squirrels were doing it and had regretted planting them the year before, not being able to enjoy them! I spent the gift card on more bulbs!


Safe Home

When I was 16, I'd taken my mom's old Pontiac Bonneville to the movies and I was in such a hurry that I forgot to turn off the lights. When I came out, the car was dead but someone left a set of jumper cables on the hood with a note that said, "I hope you make it home safely". I've never ever forgotten about that. Since then I've tried to pay that kindness forward anyway I can.

Edit: Thank all of you for the awards. I was about 20mi from home and this was before cell phones were affordable so that person saved me that night. For those asking, I'm assuming the person came out and saw my lights on and maybe even saw them running low/flickering and knew there was a possibility they would burn out Before I made it back to my mom's car. Even if my battery hadn't died, it was a nice gesture.


Thank you kindly....

I was in the hospital, knowing I'd be there for at least a week, and possibly more. I was sick of hospital food, so I went downstairs to go across the street to the hospital Subway. I was pretty far back in the hospital - sixth floor, backside of the building, labyrinth of staircases and hallways to get out the front door. The walk from there to Subway took almost fifteen minutes, even though it was just across the street. I waited in line, got up to the counter to order, and realized I'd left my wallet in my room.

(I ordinarily keep my wallet in my back pocket, but there was no need to in the hospital since I was in my room most of the time.) I was exhausted mentally by that point from the stay, told them I'd forgotten the wallet, and turned to make the trek all the way there and back again. All of a sudden, a nurse behind me bought my food for me, saving me the trip (and the money). I thanked him profusely. That was years ago, but I will never forget that act of kindness.


When in London....

I was in London and was supposed to be flying home that day. Walking down the street with my two suitcases towards the tube station nice and early on my way to Heathrow with plenty of time. Silly me didn't realize that when the signs said there is going to be a tube strike on the day you fly home, that means the tube is COMPLETELY CLOSED. I thought it just meant delays or something. I don't know.

I start walking toward the bus station a few blocks away desperately trying to come up with a Plan B.

A young man comes up to me and offers to help carry my suitcases. He asks where I'm going, and I say Heathrow which is an hour away at this point and time until my flight is running short. It starts raining. He says you'll never make it there on time on the buses. He calls me a cab, then finds a little awning where we can sit and wait for the cab and stay out of the rain.

He lets me use his phone to transfer money to pay for the cab (mine didn't have service outside my home country). We just sat and chatted for 30 minutes waiting for this cab, and he made me feel so much less panicked. I just couldn't believe the kindness he showed to some random person on the street, and I've never been able to find him again online to thank him.


The 80 Year Old....

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This happened when I was around 9 or 10. I was out riding my bike with my mum, and halfway through the trail, my bike breaks down. Anyway we couldn't carry the bike back home since it would take hours, so we were just stranded in that field. There were a few people on the trail who saw our inconvenience, but either they didn't have any bike knowledge to know how to fix it, or they couldn't be bothered to care.

At least an hour had passed before this old man, and I mean like real old (he looked to be around 80) approached us and fixed our bike free of charge. He got his hands down to the grease, and eventually after a few minutes I could start peddlin' again. I thought that was a really wholesome moment, his kindness and coolness to our situation. And that's why this memory sticks to me I guess.


Helping the Hobble....

I was using crutches at the time after an ankle injury. Got off the tram to go to Uni and hobbled straight into a surprise Melbourne spring storm. Guy with very limited English walked me from the tram stop to my class, holding an umbrella over me the entire walk (about 10 minutes). One of those lovely, warm fuzzy memories.



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When I was 18 I had a friend in the hospital with brain cancer. His time was limited. I visited him when I could. He was kind of hippie alternative punk. I wore a leather jacket and had long hair. I walked to his room, a nurse saw me. Without saying a word she walked to me and gave me a long comforting hug. That's how I knew he passed.


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