People Share Their Most Wholesome Little Secrets


I've got a little secret.... ;)

Do good deeds, especially when no one is looking. When we perform acts that nobody realizes we're doing and those acts have far reaching affects, and we're not begging for credit... an angel gets their wings. There is a movie about it and everything. Of course there are the deeds that lead us astray... but let's try to just keep our hearts in the right place.

A Redditor wanted everyone to not be so shy and share a bit by asking..... What is your wholesome little secret?

Don't Poke....

I stay after work sometimes an extra 10-30 minutes to just hangout with my boss. He thinks it's cause he gives me a beer and I got nothing better to do, but I do it because he's a sad guy at heart with a lot of pain in him. I try to keep him company because we've developed a sorta "father/son" relationship and I don't want him to feel lonely. I poke fun at him and try to make him laugh so maybe he feels a bit better. Fool doesn't deserve it, but I do it anyways! ChooseAnAdventure


Whenever I can, I anonymously buy the meal for a senior citizen eating breakfast alone. I used to get breakfast with my Dad. He passed away suddenly and a few months after he passed I saw a man eating breakfast alone that looked like my Dad. Right down to the awful gaudy suspenders. Broke my heart. So I started buying breakfast for a senior dining alone as my random act of kindness that also fulfilled my wish that I could still take my Dad to breakfast.

Unbeknownst to me I became a bit of a Urban Legend in the city I used to live in. There was a tiny greasy spoon coffee shop around the corner I'd grab breakfast at often. You paid your bill at the counter on your way out. One time I went to pay and quietly told the woman ringing me up "I also want to pay for the gentleman dining alone in the third both on the right..." She jumped back from the counter, pointed at me and proclaimed "YOU'RE THE GIRL!" Apparently the story had been passed around the diner. ShamelessFox


Sometimes when my patients can't afford their medication I check with our social worker to see if the clinic fund can cover the medications. It usually can.

The fund is my wallet. terracottatilefish

Show me the $20's.....

I stick a $20 or a couple $20's in an inside jacket pocket or zip up pocket when either of my (adult) nieces are at a family member's house visiting (without them noticing). I've always found it nice finding money "you forgot you had" now and then and I'm sure they do as well. catherder9000

Sad... but inevitable.


My niece hasn't got a very nice mother. Since she was born I have been anticipating the day she starts realizing what kind of person her mum is and begins to hate/turn her back on her. Sad... but inevitable.

She is only 5 now and since she could walk and talk I have seen many occasions where she will be genuinely sad and crying and needing comforting from her mum who will physically push her away and say "no, go away". There are countless other issues.

My little secret is everytime I see my niece, even if it's been months between visits or only a day, I always greet her and always say her the same thing,

"I missed you. I love you. Tell me about your day"

I hope that when she's older and if she needs family, she can see me and know that she is cared about and can talk to me about anything. Zozzish

the shirt off his back

My uncle is a truly fantastic guy. He's the sort of dude that would give you the shirt off his back without a second thought. He's the only truly kind and generous person I've ever met.

He took me in twice when me and my parents were having problems. Once for two weeks, once for a full year.

He's always been who I go to for advice, because I genuinely want to be just like him.

Last year he collapsed in the kitchen. I was there when it happened. That was the start to a seemingly unending battle with his health.

He's had to quit his job, and it's put him into some intense financial distress. He would never accept help from anyone. I asked my aunt if I could help pay their bills, it took a while, but eventually she agreed.

He has no idea my husband and i give them several hundred dollars a month. _UIsForUraniumBOMBS_


At the beginning of our relationship, I noticed that when we shared chicken wings, my girlfriend preferred the wingettes (or flats). So I always reached for the drumettes whenever we ordered wings. My girlfriend thinks I like the drumettes better, while actually, I too prefer wingettes. This is a secret I will never tell her, because she would feel bad about it. CrediblyHandsome

Sleep Well....

Found out an ex girlfriend was in a really bad way. Had just fled an abusive boyfriend and was living in an apartment with nothing but a desk chair she slept in and apparently usually just put towels on the floor and slept there. Was going to be months till she could save enough to afford a couch or bed.

I could afford it so I took a bunch of cash out of the bank, went and bought her a bed and had it anonymously delivered.

She deserved better than the hand she was dealt. billbapapa

Use the VPN....

My 15 yo little sister has a small book review blog she's really proud of. I use a VPN to make it look like there are people all over the world that read her blog. I comment in other languages sometimes too. She's working on her Spanish and French to respond in simple phrases :). Vaisbeau

"he must like you."


Whenever someone comes over I tell them my cat isn't very friendly and when he inevitably starts head butting them because he's actually really friendly, I tell them "he must like you." Rembo__


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