People Share Which Fictional Villains Genuinely Disturb Them


Fictional media is a lot more impactful than people may realize. Some stories just stick with you- and some characters may stay in your psyche forever. The villains are the worst ones, and these Redditors are going to tell you which baddies disturbed them the most.

This goes for a lot of Breaking Bad characters.

Tuco from Breaking Bad because you never knew what the thing was going to be that set him off, or what he was going to do about it. He killed his own brother-in-law for f*cks sake, and over the most minuscule sh*t.

People who can't be reasoned with scare me more than anything.


Tuco was sloppy but his cousins those two bald dudes were bad*sses.


Now THAT'S a villain.


The Trunchbull. In the book Matilda, as a five year old, I would've been sh*tting my pants along with the rest of those kids.


If you rewatch the film as an adult, though, Trunchbull is absolutely darkly hilarious. She's so exaggeratedly evil and some of her lines are pure gold.


This'll all be new to you.

Annie Wilkes from Misery. Just makes my skin crawl. Also, the hobbling scene is downright horrifying.


Still one of my favorite Simpsons pop culture references is the episode where Homer writes the song "Everybody Hates Ned Flanders" and then David Byrne helps him make it a hit to the point the family gets sick of it and leaves for a dude ranch. Byrne follows them in his car to show them a new remix of the song and Homer injures Byrne with his car, causing him to fall into Moe's convertible and ask to be taken to the hospital. Moe drives past the hospital and into the woods, leading to this exchange:

Byrne: Wasn't that the hospital?

Moe: Uh, you ever seen the movie Misery?

Bryne: Actually, no.

Moe: Then this'll all be new to you.


"I just wanted a coat made from puppies!"

Cruella Deville always scared the f*ck out of me as a kid for some reason.


Glenn Close was the only good thing about that remake.

My favorite part of the musical Twisted was when the Disney villains were justifying their actions by explaining what they actually wanted before the story went wrong, and even the villains were disgusted by Cruella saying, "I just wanted a coat made from puppies!"


That was pretty spooky.


Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Watching him submerge cartoons in that acid and seeing him with red cartoon eyes on a human body and screeching, "when I killed your brother, I sounded!!!!"


That poor shoe.


Mother doesn't actually know best.

Mother Gothel in Tangled. She's disturbingly close to my own mother.


She's my favourite villain. The portrayal of an abusive parent is way too scarily accurate. Seems to act loving, but actually just a method of getting the victim to feel bad for leaving. Constantly telling Rapunzel that she is locking her up for her own good and to protect her.

Harping on and on about the mumbling; that would be choosing a harmless behaviour and making her think that she's in the wrong for doing it when actually it's harmless. Gaslighting.

Also Rapunzel's constant swings beyond THIS IS AWESOME and I AM A DESPICABLE HUMAN BEING accurately portrays the feelings of most victims who escaped their abusers.

I love this show so much.


Choosing to be evil is just despicable.

Albert Johnson, aka "Mister" from The Colour Purple.

He was horrifically abusive and a rapist. Tore two sisters apart because one of them fought back when he tried to rape her. Hides years worth of letters. Beats and berates Celie whenever he feels like it. You want to strangle Danny Glover, he plays that part so well.

He's so disturbing because he's so regular. He's not rich, powerful, or anything fancy. He's just a man who owns a farm. And he's evil because he chooses to be.


Scarier than Pennywise.


Patrick Hocksetter in the book version of IT. A story about this evil influence causing mayhem and violence in Derry. But then we have Patrick. He wasn't under any control. There was nothing supernatural about him. He was born a psychopath and the acts he commits in the story are purely human.

And that, friends and neighbours, is more terrifying than any alien clown spider.


This one's just a given.

Dolores Umbridge

Pure evil.


At least Voldemort knew he was evil. Umbridge pretended she was good and sweet up until the moment she tried to use an unforgivable on Harry.


Rightfully so.

Gaston always made me feel really uncomfortable and uneasy when I was little.


Gaston's death causes the farmers to go into an economical crash. They have been producing enough eggs to feed the town as well as Gaston's 5 dozen egg breakfasts. Now Gaston is dead so now the farmers will have a 5 dozen egg surplus every day.


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