If you've ever worked in retail or sales, then you know the concept of 'upselling'. Upgrading to a better product at a higher price can be hit or miss. But sometimes, the upgrades are totally worth it. Check out the best ones right here!

u/firstcruiser asked: What 'upgrade' was totally worth the price?


Paying professional movers instead of renting a U-Haul. $500 was totally worth not having to schlep my own crap down from a third-floor walkup and it took less than half the time. They showed up at 7AM and the move was done by 1PM.


I did the half/half version. Moved daughter about 450 miles. We packed the small stuff in boxes hired some guys thru U-haul and they loaded the U-haul truck for $150. I drove the truck to new destination and scheduled another crew through U-haul to unload at destination. Probably the best $300 plus $60 in tips I have ever spent.


Nothing better than that.


A really nice pair of headphones for when I'm at work. Makes time fly and the day overall becomes much more enjoyable.


For me it was a good pair of wireless headphones. Sound simple, but it changed everything. I can do chores around the house while listening to a podcast or good music, never losing the audio quality. Truly life-changing.


Cotton sheets are A+

Ever since I bought super thick and soft 100% cotton blankets, I've been having my best sleep ever.


My friends and family roll their eyes at me for getting 100 % cotton sheets but I will never go back. It's also the only thing I spend time on ironing. It's just so soft and smooth.

They even call me a snob for it (I am from Yorkshire). The jokes on them though, stupid polyester peasant sleepers.


A great investment.

Weighted blanket. It only comes out on Sundays, though, because it made it too hard to get out of bed.


I dragged my feet on one of these for so long. But single living for the first time in a decade absolutely killed my ability to sleep, I was maybe getting three or four hours a night, was just dead after months of this. I fall asleep within ten minutes now and I fucking STAY asleep.

Mine's just a "cheap" Target one, I'll have to get a cooling duvet cover for it come summer time because it does get hot as balls if my room isn't chilly.


SOOOO worth it.


First class (or whatever they called the upper class) on the train from Amsterdam to Paris. It cost only slightly more but gave good wifi, nice seats, free food, and it was very quiet.

On the return trip I was on the other side of the car and didn't even have a seat beside me.


Good advice.

Computer chair. Went from a wooden kitchen chair to a proper office chair (not one of those cheap ones, a proper comfy one) and my back stopped aching within a week. I'd thought it was my bed that was causing me issues! NOPE!


Gonna add to this...

if you decide to get a nice chair, skip the racing/"gaming" chairs, and opt for a nice office chair.

A lot of people like the Herman Miller Aeron, but I'm a bigger fan of the Steelcase Think. These chairs are expensive, no doubt (I paid $825 for my Steelcase Think), but they're comfortable as all hell, but more importantly, DURABLE. The Steelcase Think chairs we have at work are all over 5 years old and still all in like-new condition. The cushions are still plush, the raise/lower cylinders still hold air, and the mesh backing isn't sagging.


Seems legit.

Laser eye surgery. The best 10 minutes I've ever spent money on. The recovery time wasn't that bad, and it was a legitimate excuse to sleep!


I spent about 5k on it too, when all was said and done (including prescriptions, etc...). I went to bed the night before the surgery and had to keep my phone in the bed because I couldn't read the alarm clock on the night stand.

The day after the surgery, I could see the time on the cable box from across the room. It was like I spent my whole life behind a window and was seeing things for the first time.


The best.


High speed internet.


Exactly this.

I went from 10/5 to 500/300. It was amazing.

Unfortunately this means I rage every time i have bad reception on my phone since it takes so long to load.


Always nice to have.

A 10ft braided charging cable for my phone.

It wasn't really that expensive, but holy sh*t it's nice to have a really long charging cable.


Just one? I've bought two 3 packs on Amazon for like 20$ total. Room, living room, bag, work, car, computer. Not looking for chargers is equally as good as not having to move closer to the socket.


Always get the good trash bags.

This is going to sound dumb. But I spent money on good garbage bags instead of the Walmart brand for inside the house and the outdoor can. Life is better.


That was the #1 piece of advice that always stuck with me from high school. In senior year my English teacher said:

"Every other teacher is going to aim high and give you advice about finances, and ambition, and family life, and all those big things... and you won't listen to a word of it, because you just gotta learn that it for yourself. I'm gonna give you some advice you might actually use- but the good trash bags. It's an extra $2 per box, and it's worth it.

Think about it this way- even if you're lucky and the store brand bags only rip once a month, that's still about an hour wasted picking up spilled trash all over your yard. Even if you work minimum wage that's $7 worth of your time. Buy the good bags and you just came out $5 ahead. So you come out ahead AND you don't spend an hour picking up spilled trash at 11PM on a Tuesday in the rain. Buy the good bags, and thank me later."

Mr. Barrier was right- I didn't listen to most of the big life advice from my teachers (and a lot of it experience has shown to be flat wrong). But even today, 10 years later, I buy the good trash bags. And I don't pick up spilled garbage at night in the rain.




Actually paying for cable and WiFi in my apartment. My partner and I lasted a year just watching Netflix and using our computers through the personal hotspots on our phones.

It was time consuming to connect every day and loading shows was generally slow. First world problem there but being able to just turn on the tv and pick something or open my computer and use it right away is well worth it.


Good idea.

Bose bluetooth ear buds! I've spent $2 up to $50 for wired headphones just for them to break regardless of price or brand. Splurged on Bose when they were on sale ($70 off, came to about $210 with taxes) and I have never been more satisfied!


Worth it?

Buying a brand new car. Debatable, I know. But it was my second car ever. I had my first from 17 to 27 and it was a 98 Honda Accord. And I put money into fixing something in it every month it felt like.

It's just been nice having a car with zero problems so far. I'm still paying it off. Will be for 3 more years. But it's peace of mind. Worth it.


More detail is always better.


For me, buying a new graphics card to replace the one that came in my prebuilt.

Not only I could I see MUCH more detail in games like GTA5, but modern games that had "slow" character movement (GTA5, Hitman, Mafia 3) suddenly felt "right", as they were much more responsive.



Just used 50K miles and spend $1000 to upgrade my wife and I from business to first for LAX to Hong Kong in December. She does not know yet.

It will be glorious.

Alas, business is the nicest class on our flight back. Oh well.


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