People Share Which Things They Got Away In Their Youth That Could Have Landed Them In Jail


Some people get really lucky in their youth. There are things that we do as kids that we somehow magically get away with, despite a society that would have thrown us in juvie if they had found out. Here are a few examples of this, courtesy of Reddit.

u/StunningBet asked: What's something you got away with in your youth that could've landed you prison time?

Ah yes, the 90's.

In high school I ran a gambling ring and also made/burned custom CDs for classmates. Probably made well over a $1k.


Back in my day we'd cut school all day, one of us would take a VCR over to a friends house, and we'd play video games while we dubbed porno on VHS tapes. Then we'd sell them to ready buyers for $40 a pop.


That would NOT fly today.


Brought an (inert) munition from an A-10's cannon to school.

Full context: I was 5 years old, we had show and tell, and I come from a family of Air Force officers.


lmao I was having a Nerf war with my brothers the previous night in kindergarten and I accidentally left one in my pocket and I thought the teachers were gonna arrest me.



Accidentally smuggled a machete into Japan.

Long story short - I was moving out of my old apartment and my dad threw a bunch of stuff into my travel bag to consolidate while helping me move. Since I don't pack my bags until five minutes before I leave, I didn't check the bag and piled clothes in there and split for the airport. I have no idea how it made it thru security on either side. I left it in the countryside hotel I stayed at lol.


That sounds dangerous.

Used to cut the fence at the local airport and lie down and hide in the grass next to the runway. Was a blast when the planes landed.

Edit: got a few questions asking where this was. Not going to say but the airport was a local one, not international. This was all many years ago and most of the passenger planes that whooshed over our heads were the ones with the two engines at the back of the plane.


He has a favorite!


Stole road signs. I mean at one point I probably had over 20. Various designs. My favorite was a sign 6 ft wide that listed it was illegal to steal, the fine I would pay if caught, along with other info.


I once stole a street sign for my best friend's younger sister. Thing was huge, it just so happened to be her name (kind of an unusual one so obviously I had to take it). I'll never forget about three seconds after my then boyfriend and I got it down and packed up the ladder we brought a cop car drove by.

They replaced it with a much smaller one and said sister still has the sign to this day 12 years later.



Felony theft, vandalism and oh so much trespassing.

The irony is that we had no idea we were doing anything wrong. We lived near a small industrial park with like 10 or 12 small manufacturing plants and warehouses and most of them had a bunch of those wooden pallets stacked up outside. We would go and grab a bunch of them and drag them to the woods behind the area and build forts out of them.

It seriously never dawned on us that we were actually stealing until a couple of cops came into the woods one day while we were building an addition onto our fort and informed us that each of those pallets cost like $50. And we had like 20 or 30 of them out there.


Definitely can't get away with that now.

My mom loves to tell stories of how when I was about three years old I would just go up to women wearing pantyhose and rub their legs. I guess I just really liked how soft it was.

They would be pretty freaked out at first but then look down and see a smiling cute kid and not seem to care. Feel like I couldn't get away with this anymore.


A wild ride.


I once broke into the country club, stole a golf cart (the club car with the protective cage), drove the cart a few miles to the local grocery store..... all while drunk. Cops did pick me up. I parked the cart at the McDonalds and tried to walk to Kroger. They got me walking. So I just got in trouble for being out past curfew. All this.... cause I wanted some gum....


So much has changed.

I had an airsoft gun and shot some kids in the parking lot after school. It was all in fun but nowadays f*ck straight to jail.


There was so much stuff we did prior to the WTC going boom that would get you sent to jail now.

Improvised explosives - if we'd been caught ~96/97 it would have been community service and a behaviour bond for destroying letterboxes, if someone did it in 02/03 or later they'd be going to juvie.


The worst one of all.

I remember back when I was little I was out trick or treating and someone had out a bowl candy that said only to take 2, I took 3...


He's too dangerous to be kept alive.


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