People Share Which Things Their School Wasted Money On That Nobody Wanted


Even young students know when their school is messing up.

With schools constantly being underfunded, it's the administration's responsibility to determine the best use for their budget limitations. But sometimes staff have poor judgement of what will really help improve the learning environment for the students.

Redditor u/MistaManFace asked students, "What did your school waste money on that nobody liked?" and students had a lot to share about thing their school's faculty bought that didn't improve anything.

20. No such thing as too much mulch

"my school raised 60k for a new playground and bought more mulch"


19. So much blue...

"My secondary school is quite run down now as it is over 30 years old and still has original equipment and stuff. We got a new head teacher 4 years ago and he has decided to literally waste money no joke. We have a rather large gym type area and he spent £16,000 painting it bright blue for no reason and it was ruined not 2 weeks later because of our black trainers that we where forced to wear marked the paint. This money was a collection of government given money and donations that where supposed to be used to improve the school"


18. Millions went up in flames

"A planitarium, we were the only state school in the uk with one and it costed 1.5 millions pounds. Waste of money, nobody liked it, barely got to go into it and it caught fire while being built"


17. The lamest fountain ever

"A 'fountain' that dribbled water over some rocks. It was apparently symbolic. Cost a fortune and was astoundingly unimpressive. Some new chairs that weren't half broken would have been preferable."


16. A hazardous floor


"They put a new floor in the school sports hall made from wooden planks. First time we had P.E there someone tripped over one that stood out and fell onto another one which ****** up his kneecap. No one liked it, it was totally unnecessary and it still has the highest kneecap kill count."


15. Bad food

"Our school had switched like 5 or six years ago to Sage Dining, it was a little bit more for better quality food. Then after the first year of Sage, the food became terrible, and we complained, but they didn't get rid of Sage until last year. They replaced Sage with a MUCH more expensive food plan, and the food tasted EXACTLY the same as Sage. So parents were mad about their prices, and students were mad about the crap food."


14. More pianos, less textbooks

"They spent £600,000 on ******* pianos. As in all in one go, we already had pianos they haven't even made new places for them, just gave some of the old ones to the prep school which also already had enough. So we're now a 'Steinway & Sons School' yaaaaay. Meanwhile: we have to use copies of the textbook which say 'not to be photocopied' at the bottom, from the one my French teacher bought with her own money, because we don't have enough money for textbooks."


13. Kids learn fast

"Drug dogs, the kids who did drugs always found a way to hide it. And when they got caught they they usually started to make new ways to hide it."


12. Or the librarians could've let it go...

"a $2 mill hallway that went around the library bc after building an addition, the librarians were mad that kids were cutting through the library to get to class on time.

we couldn't be told to walk outside bc some mothers lost their ******* minds over their kid walking in rain OR SNOW"


11. Free Google Docs is just fine

"my school is in debt because they bought word, excel and powerpoint on every single computer and student accounts. appreciate the effort but we barely ever use it."


10. Poorly placed flat screens

"They made a huge screen with 4 huge plasma screens and put it in a very random place in a very random building hall




9. Pointless name tags

"Name tags, shortly after Columbine and all those other shootings peaked in frequency.

It was supposed to keep outsiders from getting in the school unnoticed and shooting everyone but at the time people doing the shootings were always students. So we joked they were bulletproof."


8. The emails were enough

"New tv's in the cafeteria that just show the morning announcements

They already send out emails that have the morning announcements in them"


7. Toddlers with expensive tablets

"iPads for the kindergarten. They were intended to have educational apps on them that kids could play on at indoor recess.

Believe it or not, most kindergarteners would rather play on the swings or play with dolls than learn to write their name on an app. No one used them, no one liked them and they all broke within two months."


6. Fancy trash cans

"Trash cans with the school logo on them and banners. They tried hyping us up about new trash cans on the morning show."


5. The last drink anyone would ask for

"My high school purchased a vending machine that only contained Swerve. What is Swerve, you ask?

Carbonated milk."


4. Emergency golf carts

"My High school wasted a ton of money buying two golf carts. Their reasoning was it allowed staff to get to any dangerous scenes faster. Except we never had any accidents and they were mostly used for joy rides by the hall monitors."


3. A poorly placed "buddy bench"

"Son's elementary school PTO had an excess of funds. They decided to spend it on a buddy bench. A buddy bench is a bench that you can sit on if you want buddy. I theory it sounds like a decent idea except that it was placed in the hallway near the office and none of the kids wanted to be identified as some one who didn't have a friend. Nobody ever sits on it"


2. A butt heart

"One of the schools in our district paid an astronomical fee to an artist to create an artwork for the hall of the school. Paid for the dude's room and board for like a year and he produced a large polished piece of wood. No literally that's it. It was supposed to be shaped like a heart but looks more like a butt and is now known as the 'bart'."


1. Saved by the hit songs playlist

"My high school spent a bunch of money on this system to play popular songs for the last minute of passing time between classes so we'd hear popular music and as a convenient way to know to get to your next class. Then they started playing 'Friday' by Rebecca Black every friday once, then it was the only song on Fridays.

Then it was the only song. Every day, five times a day, thank god that was my senior year. No idea if they still do it."


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