People Share Which Items They Didn't Know Were Expensive Until They Were An Adult


When you're a kid, you have a very warped perception of money. Like in that one Schoolhouse Rock song about the kid only getting $7.50 once a week (I'm old), kids don't really have much money to work with. So it isn't until they're an adult that they realize exactly how much things cost, and which things were more expensive than they originally thought.

u/phanderss asked: What's one item you didn't realize was expensive until you became an adult?

I'm 25 and can relate to this 6 year old.

Taking the whole family out to dinner. Man, that sh*t adds up.


Yep. It costs at least 10-20 bucks for your six year old to not eat their food anyway. I don't know why people even bother taking small children out to eat. That motherf*cker would be happy with some frozen chicken nuggets and some carrot sticks, and here you are spending 10 bucks on a burger they won't eat...


But like, WHY?


Rugs. Even smaller area rugs are like hundreds of dollars....


When my ex bought her house, the previous owners left a hand loomed Persian rug they paid 1000 dollars for. I thought that was really expensive until I went to a home store and looked at the rugs which were pretty close in price and not even close to as nice looking.


Sh*t adds up.

Insurance. Maybe not an item per se, but you pay some sum of money (premium) each month to cover only a certain amount of money (Whatever your coverage is) up until a threshold of another amount of money (deductible) to prevent total destruction in the case of catastrophe.

I get it, that's what insurance is, but holy sh*t is it expensive.


Smart plan.

Daycare - It's like having a 2nd mortgage payment.


That's the reason I stayed home with my daughter for two years. My job let me go on maternity leave and nothing I could find would bring in any appreciable profit after paying the daycare.


My friends are doing exactly this.

The amount the husband makes at work, is pretty much the same for a newborn's daycare, so he quit last week and is staying at home now. same family income, but he gets to raise his child himself (and not have to work).


Cats are always worth it.


Having a pet.

Neuter: $150

Shots: $100

Food per month: $40

Emergency dental surgery for a broken canine: $2000

A**hole cat knocking over my plants in the middle of the night: priceless



Brassieres. It's worse when you're bigger than a DDD cup in your band size; only specialty stores have them.

Also, you have to wait for the sale or you're paying $70 per.


I learned this sh*t the hard way. When I was first dating my now wife, I accidentally stepped on one of her bras when I was over and snapped the under wire. I felt so bad and when I went to replace it I thought she was angling for a nice bra or something until she showed me it was actually a cheap one.

But women's clothes/products in general are a rip off. Like they're made with less material, don't last as long, they're expected to have more of them, and they cost 2-3x as much. No wonder she steals your clothes, they're warmer, more comfortable, last longer, and it's cheaper for you to replace them.


A good mattress is EVERYTHING.

A mattress. It's an expensive game trying to find one that is good for your back.


First big girl job, living with my SO, we decided to buy "a mattress that would last". I'm talking 10 year expectations, through future pregnancies and kids kinda last. And I was having back pain.

So, we bought a king size tempur-pedic and it cost $4k! Luckily, the guy took pity on us and gave us the 0% financing option. $68/month for 5 years. But damn is it an amazing bed...I still have that "ahhh- this is the most amazing sensation" when lying down in it, ever. It's only been 3 years, but I'm hoping it goes for a long time!


Spoiler alert: it's $800.


Lego, f*ck that is some expensive sh*t.


Right! As a little kid, I was always a little frustrated that my parents wouldn't get me the giant Lego sets I wanted, only the smaller ones, but now I realize and appreciate just how much they actually spent on my childhood happiness


I wanted that Death Star set so bad. Now that I know the price, I feel bad for even asking.


A good reason not to smoke.

I've never been a smoker so never really know or care how much cigarettes costs. But a few weekends ago we spent a few days with a couple and the wife smokes.

I was very surprised to find it she spends nearly $10 per pack of cigarettes, about a pack a day. Just the expense alone would make me want to quit.


Is it worth it though? YES.

CHEESE! My first year out of college I lived in Germany and I ate so much cheese. Grab a wheel of Brie at the market for like a Euro and I'm all good. Then I come back to the states and I am flabbergasted by how much anything besides super processed sliced cheese costs. That same wheel of brie can cost me like seven U. S dollars. Any kind of decent cheese costs so much money and is so good.


Just don't pop it.


Waterbeds sheets, especially any that aren't 1980's reject designs, that are still always available decade in, decade out. Satin/Silk sheets or get funky with some designs that the patterns glow in the dark. Which can be annoying with a mirror canopy.

Plus the extra amount in the power bill each month for having two waterbed heaters costs, but never having a cold bed in winter is so worth it. So while a shock, it is one you learn to accept the trade off.


The sad truth.

Home maintenance.

Back then whenever our house got a problem, like a leak or a broken fence or something like that, my father would just fix it.

Now that live in my own house, I realized that renovation is expensive af.

Oh your sink is clogged? It's gonna take a quarter of your salary to fix, b*tch.

Not to mention the taxes as well.


We just need better public transportation.

A car. Sure, when you're young you know you don't just go out and buy a pack of cars. But you don't realize that on top of the price you are paying several thousand for insurance, several thousand for gas each year, and at least a few hundred on maintenance plus the solid chunk of cash each oil change. My car has eaten more money than anything else I own or will ever own. I want to get rid of it so badly but unfortunately our country doesn't believe in public transportation.

Then there are tires. Don't get me started on tires.


Don't underestimate refrigerators.


When my wife and I bought our first house the sellers at the last second decided they wanted an extra 1k for the fridge (it was super nice!). We figured there is a fridge in every home so they can't be that expensive and ended up refusing to pay the extra 1k.

Went out the next day to get a fridge and realized the fridge they took was about 3k, but a normal new fridge was at least $1200 and we didn't have anywhere near that amount. Ended up settling for a $300 used fridge and to this day I still kick myself for not even googling fridge prices!


It SHOULD be free.

Toilet paper. That shit should be free. $8-$14?! And the "double rolls" don't even last that much longer because psychologically you're using it in relation to the roll size most of the time.


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