Today it seems like going out to eat is more about the aesthetic than it is the taste. Food doesn't exist solely to be posted about on Instagram, and it seems like a lot of people are missing that. Other times, things are just unnecessary, unhealthy, or just plain gross. Here are some of the food trends that many wish would just stop.

u/fallen_narcc asked: Which food trend should stop right away?

Gross or classy?

Putting gold leaf on your food.


Or worse, eating those golden pills that make your poop golden colored.


Do it for the aesthetic.


Milkshakes with a tower of crap on top and no feasible way to actually consume it.


Burgers that are bigger than any normal person's mouth. Give me a burger that I can actually eat and it'll always taste better.



Searches for a recipe for pasta sauce

clicks on one that looks good

"It was the spring of 1997 and I had been selected for a study abroad program in Naples. scroll scroll scroll The food reminded me of the wonderful Sunday dinners my Nonna would prepare scroll scroll scroll She was a small woman, but feisty. I think her spirit ..."

Just gimmie the godd*mned recipe already.


What the heck?

Deconstructed. Had deconstructed bacon mac & cheese which was just a pile of bacon, cheese, and macaroni. It was pretty bad. A friend had Deconstructed Corned Beef Hash at a restaurant here in Seattle that sounded even worse.


Interesting insight.


Teeny tiny $12 cocktails. The problem is they're usually really good, but you get like 3 sips.


Just to chime in since I used to be one of the people who came up with drinks like this for a cocktail bar. Pricing was first based on the cost of the drink, then time it takes to make it, and then sensory presentation. For example we had a drink that contained 4 ingredients totaling about $9.00 which could be made in 2 minutes that was a real full experience. That would go for 13-15$ depending on the shift.

Almost all the bar money was made from beer and single liquor+mixer drinks, good cocktails are pretty damn expensive to make.


Sounds like a horrible idea.

Activated charcoal.


Eating activated charcoal is a particularly bad idea if you need some kind of medication to get through the day in one piece.


Sooo bad for you.

Recipes that say "sugar free" or "butter free" but then use five tons of sucralose and margarine (which BTW is far worse than butter)


Ugh!! The cafeteria where I work is trying more and more vegan, gluten free, healthy options. The problem is the vegan/ gluten free baking is god awful, and full of artificial sweeteners and fake butter and it just makes me feel like crap.




Too much sugar in everything. I have no use for spaghetti sauce that's about as sweet as a soft drink.


This is why I'd rather pour a can of Cento diced tomatoes over some macaroni than buy canned pasta sauce. My daughter thinks it is weird, but I like the taste of good tomatoes, not sugar.


Sounds shady.

Taking regular, cheap Middle Eastern food, hiking up the price, and marketing it as health food. Things like couscous, tahina, chickpeas, rose water, and falafels are cheap AFat Middle Eastern stores so why the hell would you buy a crappier, smaller version for five times the price at some pretentious health food store?


That's a load of BS.

Treating agave syrup as a health food. Mass harvesting it wrecks the local ecosystem. Plus, at the end of the day, it has similar fructose content as corn syrup.

I overheard someone say that it was better for diabetics than sugar. Nope. Still sugar, and their BS will make my BS higher than a guy in a burning hemp field.




Anything designed solely for Instagram photos and not for actually eating - Unicorn anything, frappe's with more cream than actual coffee, massive versions of foods that will not be eaten unless you have an entire group (or a swimmer) with you, you get the idea


Boba IS life.

Bubble tea/Boba, it's gotta stop.

Sure it's good, but at what cost? The sugar level in each drink is insane, the calories alone from a drink reaches 400+ calories, especially the super thick one that has 1000+ calories.

Now there's so much variations it's hard to keep up, and there's a huge mix of good and shitty ones that it's become like coffee shops.

Boba is not life.


Hey, spicy is good!

I'm seeing more and more spicy options at restaurants, even items that have no business being spicy. As someone who thinks medium Tostitos salsa is far too spicy, it's kind of annoying.

Your chicken bacon ranch + loaded veggie pizza option sounds great until I get to the part where it's chipotle pizza sauce...

Also, food delivery services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron. The packaging waste is a travesty.


Doesn't sound satisfying.


The "satisfying" videos of cake being cut open and pure chocolate liquid running out of the middle like blood. There is no way in hell that's edible.


Definitely overindulgent.

Any of the items that are meant to be "luxury" food or something that is 100% overindulgent. You should feel like sh*t if you're buying a tiny plate of some item or another for hundreds of dollars. I don't care if it's well-made or unique ingredients, it's stupid.

And with overindulgent food, I saw an ice cream sandwich recipe that was an entire box of Oreos, crushed and made into patties, fried, then frozen. Then ice cream was placed between the two pieces. It SERVED ONE PERSON!


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