People Share What They Wish They Could Tell Their Past Selves

People Share What They Wish They Could Tell Their Past Selves

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There are so many lies that we tell ourselves when we're younger. Things that it takes us countless amounts of time to get over, like, "You're not good enough," or, "You're ugly," or any number of self loathing things. We also have no idea what's in store for us ten years from now. So when Redditor AakSin asked:

If you could call yourself 10 years ago and had 30 seconds, what would you say?

The answers were all so familiar.

Riches Make The Man

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10, 16, 19, 27, 48, 25, pick 3 as the powerball.


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"Hi. It's me (you), from the future. In about four years time, you will be on a date with a woman LET ME FINISH and you'll think you have to fart. Don't. It's not a fart. Bye."

We Knew, But Did We Know?

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You absolutely CAN get fat.

We're Getting Nowhere

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I'd spend 30 seconds arguing with myself that I actually was future me.

So Many Things

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Stop drinking soda

don't date your best friends ex husband

pay more attention to Michael hes going to kill himself

something about something to invest in


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You're gay. Stop trying to force yourself to like boys.

Mining For Gold

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Hey, start a youtube channel playing minecraft, you'll be sooo rich.

Another One We All Know, But Don't

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Play ball with your dog more, you have no clue how much you will miss her when she is gone.

The Future Is Bright

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"It's going to be okay."

I went backpacking last summer with my three best friends from college, and I brought along a little notebook as scratch paper. I didn't realize it was the same notebook I'd taken on a backpacking trip when I was about 16.

The first 20 pages were filled with 16-year-old me me talking about how I was wildly unhappy, had no real friends, was super unattractive/flat-chested, would never get into my first choice college, had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and was a failure for my lack of belief in God.

It made me cry. Then I read bits of it out loud to my best friends, and we laughed until we cried.

Rich In Spirit

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Invest in Bitcoin and Netflix. Sell Bitcoin on December 17th 2017, keep Netflix for a while longer.

Life In The Now

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Nothing. If I changed stuff, I might not be where I am now. I might have more money from bitcoins or something, but would I have still met and married my wife? Would I still have my same daughter or would she be erased from existence?

I feel like these questions are basically an indicator of how happy and satisfied you are with your life. My life's not perfect, but I'm happy enough with it that I wouldn't want to give it up, even for the chance of financial gain or something like that.

Our Parents

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Four years ago my mom had died, she passed away from heart failture. I would tell myself to thank her for the sacrifices she made for me and everything she had done for me. Tell my self to not complain when I didn't get what I wanted, I'd tell myself to never ignore her phone calls even though she was too overbearing and she annoyed me. She made me feel special and always told me i was smart.

No Bounds

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Don't live your life worrying people will judge you. They will judge, anyway. So live a little.

Be Proud

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Your uncle is going to find a brain tumor and pass after several years fighting it. And then your mother is going to as well several years later. You do a good job loving and being there for them/the family and I'm proud of the man you become.

Today's the 1 year anniversary of my mom passing and coincidentally my uncle who passed about 6 years ago birthday.

Miss you mom. Love you. Thanks for everything.


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Finding someone to love you isn't as important as loving yourself.

Taking The Challenge

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To be more relaxed about finding a serious relationship. Having an SO solves a lot of problems, but creates a whole new set of them. Everyone acting like being in a couple is just the best thing ever and single life is pathetic has either just afraid of breaking up, never been really single, is in the honeymoon phase, or is just lying to you, themselves, or both.

Make Someone Happy

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Make mom stop smoking. It's going to be so, so awful. She'll believe you, too.

Setting Up For Success

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It'll get better, but you still have to work hard. Those online games you're playing are a phase and are not worth your time. Ask to change schools, it will only get better after you do it. Take the 100 bucks you have and spend it on a thing called bitcoin after googling it.

Second Base

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Do not give up on baseball in highschool. Get over your fear of social interactions and pushing yourself because you have the talent to be something.

Don't Assume What You Know

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Go back to school you dumb-ss you don't "do it on your own" and you never will, you need a degree to get that systems admin job. You could be ten years ahead of where I am now, make dad proud while hes still around. You will regret it every day if you don't.


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It's a boy. Then 18 months later, you'll have a girl too. They're good kids.

More Time To Work On It

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Care about how you look in high school, start hitting the gym earlier in high scool, don't quit exercising once you start college, worry a bit less about getting the highest grades and have a bit of fun in high school/college, don't be so shy with girls.

The Time It Takes

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Pull yourself together and you're gay. You'll find that out in about 6 years.