People Share What They Think Humanity Will Find Weird About Our Lives In The Future

That's only one thing that comes to mind of a long list of things that stick out as bizarre about ancient Egyptian culture. That was only 5,000 years ago. So in even more time, how will humans feel about the remains of our culture?

Redditor PM-ME-UR-LAUNDRY asked:

If archaeologists uncovered the remains of our destroyed civilization 10000 years from now, what finding would confuse them the most?

Here were the best, most confusing 2018 answers.

See Ya Real Soon

Disney would look like an ancient kingdom that worshipped a mouse god.


Unless they could get data off our devices and the internet, it would look like we suddenly stopped taking photos and making printed books.

Musky Coil

I think they'll discover Elon's Tesla floating in space first which should be confusing enough for them.

Meta Museum

The public tombs we made for the bones we had dug up from civilizations 10000 years before us.

Mountain Faces

In 10,000 years the only things left might be the Great Pyramid of Giza and Mount Rushmore.

Capitalism, Man

So I'm going on the assumption they come across a trove of well preserved and vast collection of remnants from our time period; with this scenario, I think what will confuse them the most is how many disposable things we had. I imagine a future civilization to be highly efficient. I think the idea of single use, non biodegradable cups, straws, bags, coffee pods, etc will be insane to them.

All Of Our Secrets

I think it would be the hard drives. If they can't read the contents of them - they will think it was just a spinning wheel in an enclosed box. they might think it was used as a gyroscope or something

Bones Don't Grow

Clothing would be kinda confusing. You would find some XXXXL stuff, but you wouldn't find any skeletons suggesting people got that big.

If You Got It, Flaunt It

Nuclear waste. It can still kill them.

Sith Finds

Star wars toys. Did they worship these?! What is the empire?!? Whats the force???


References to places called Florida and California.

But They Loved It

They'll dig up tanning beds and think we cooked people as a punishment.

They Confuse Me In 2018

Fidget spinners.

"It doesn't seem to be a weapon or eating utensil... perhaps it had some form of religious significance? "

Lizards, Hail

Ok if the scenario is that there was a collapse of civilization, lost lots of knowledge, and then slowly rediscovered it then I think natural history museum would be f-cking bizarre!

Imagine people in the future not knowing what a dinosaur is and the finding out museums! Not knowing what TRex is, and then finding entire buildings, exhibits, and vague shrine like objects dedicated to that beauty.

It would be amazing because it could look like we worshipped dinosaurs or something!

All hail our lizard overlords

Meme Rage

Assuming they can access internet data, memes. None of them make any sense when you think about it

Perfectly Preserved

A McDonald's burger that still hasn't gone bad.

Good Luck

That upon occasion they would find a severed rabbit's foot attached to keys.

Documentary Or Fiction


A single digital photo of Britney Spears' melt-down, bald head.

Were we all hairless?

No context and none of her music survived.


A public domain copy of "Night Of The Living Dead" (1968). So many copies are out there. Was this how our world came to an end? The undead feating on the living. And could this plague infect this future world?

It's Benz Awhile

How they made that strange metal in the mercedes Benz hood ornament they found and what strange cult it belonged to and what kind of people worshipped it.

Dark Ages

I think assuming all our computer systems and technologies are destroyed they'll think we lived in some kind of dark ages.

They'll have no way to access our internet or our computer files which will have been long destroyed. Books and newspapers will likely be long since destroyed since they're made of paper. So what will they have to study us by?

WW What

I've always thought if aliens saw videos of professional wrestling they would be so confused; especially WWE wrestler entrances "that man is dead and the lights just went out" "that swamp man just teleported".

One Man's Trash


We throw out so many wonders that people 10,000 years from now could not even dream of. The most reasonable explanation anyone will muster is that they are sacrifices to the weird corporate/cartoon gods they've uncovered. The idea that it's garbage will be perceived as ludicrous.


Roller coasters. These big metal tracks that went nowhere fast. Completely useless for practicality and probably won't make sense for entertainment to them.

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