People Share What Happened To The "Mean Girls" After High School--And Karma Is Real


That is so not fetch!

Every once and awhile you can't help but wonder... "Whatever happend to that nasty girl in High School, who made my life miserable?" It's cool, we've all been there. We want to wish upon them blessings and good fortune but we also can't help but hope life and karma found a way to take them down a peg, Regina George style. Now not all of the popular girls were also the 'Mean Girls,' but eight times out of ten, it's a given.

Redditor u/JennyCheerCheer wanted everyone to tell us... What happened to your high school's popular girls?

Chelsea! Is that you?

One of the popular girls from my brother's high school ended up being Chelsea on Teen Mom. zoinksjpeg

Lmao he went to Vermillion high school. Our town's team was the tanagers and her dad was our dentist, idk if you wanna do the research but 😂 zoinksjpeg

As someone who's guilty pleasure was this show, I always wondered what her dad did to be able to keep bailing her out and caring for her financially. It's not every day you have some small irrelevant question answered haha. Random_Heero

Too much School Spirit.. 

Our nasty head cheerleader who preached sex only through marriage got knocked up at 16 by a guy she met at a party and is now 20 and has 3 kids and 3 different baby daddies. Irony is a b**ch! SolusMalice

This seems to be the case in almost every school above about a hundred students. public school with more than a hundred students, anyways. buttery_shame_cave

Life is gonna get you! 

I actually just ran into a bunch of them. A high school friend got cancer at 40 and passed away. Had kids and a wife, what a terrible shame.

Everyone from high school looked like a bunch of old people. I mean, I know that's Mike under there, but he looks like an old man that looks like Mike. Same for the woman.

I was surprised how many of them got fat - men and women. Pretty much everybody got fat. Fat and old. It's a shame. Suuperdad

Work is work... 

There was this particular girl who was always making fun of me and my group of friends and calling us nerds and losers. The other day I went to the supermarket and saw her for the first time after graduating, she was the cashier and she was clearly embarrassed that I saw her there.

But you know what, good for her for having a job. There is no reason to be embarrassed for being a cashier and I was kind of sad to see her ashamed. I wish her nothing but happiness. tortiesrock

Be Nice. It pays off...

I also think they should be divided into two groups:

  1. popular girls because they dressed questionably and were obnoxious party groupies
  2. popular girls because they were friendly to everyone, intelligent, and going places

The 2's are getting good educations at good schools, working good jobs etc. The 1's are now single mothers selling multi-level marketing wraps and shakes, trying to pretend that they know more about health and medicine than the other girls who got real educations. selysek

Did she also invent Post-Its? 

I haven't kept in touch with anybody from high school.

I did go to my 10th HS reunion, though, and have a story that kind of fits.

At our reunion, everybody looked and acted pretty much as expected, except for one girl, who was always really shy and kind of a "Plain Jane." Apparently, she was a late bloomer, because in those 10 years since graduation, she'd become an honest to goodness fitness model. She was easily the hottest woman there, and it was kind of amusing to see all the husbands paying attention to her while their "popular girl" wives pretended it was OK. (Well, all of them except me. I, of course, was simply being polite, and not staring at her smoking hot body.)

I think a lot of gym memberships were bought and diets started the following Monday. Wadsworth_McStumpy

Life on the D-List...

One of 'em sings for a punk band now. She's not very good, neither is the band.

Most others were pregnant before high school even finished, one became a volleyball player for some religious college, and the model tried to follow her modeling dreams and I think she's like a D- tier celebrity now. Xestus

3 different paths... 

Three I can think of off the top of my head:

One got addicted to heroine and became a stripper.

One had a kid and is a single mom now.

One I believe works in construction, and likes to run, seems like she stays pretty healthy (I see her jogging through our town a lot). GrilledStuffedDragon

Nothing Special.... 

They seemed to plateau. They organized our 10-year reunion and were every bit as uncreative and obliviously petty as they were then. They weren't/aren't mean or catty like you see in the movies, just existed inside their own little bubble and the rest of the world might as well not have existed. They turned out exactly like you'd expect: Mommy bloggers, "photographers," mid-level office managers, etc.

Our reunion was embarrassing. Despite putting out calls for requests for music, photos, etc. on the event's Facebook page for months, there was no music whatsoever all night and the photos used in the slideshow were just of them and their friends from back in the day. No school colors, no school songs, no decorations of any kind, no group photo at the end of the night. They then got up and gave a speech nobody could hear through a broken microphone and then posted pictures the next day essentially congratulating themselves for pulling off a "fantastic" night. My high school buddies who didn't go, but saw pictures, all texted me asking if it was real. operarose

Mean but with Laser Focus... 

Everyone seems to have put on weight and gone to grad school. The popular girls in middle school were mean as hell but the ones I recall from high school were just super driven. They were popular because they were the presidents of every club, star athletes of every sports team, etc. henrietta-the-spy

Same. They all went to college, got jobs ranging from school councilor to dental hygienist and got married, pumped out kids. Really boring answer but the truth. DrunkJohnMcSweeny

Not everybody sucks... 

Well, I know one of the popular girls I went to school with became somewhat internet famous. And I only found out when reddit linked one of their videos on /r/youtubehaiku or some other similar subreddit. I watched snippets from a few of her videos, but they're not my cup of tea. She seems happy though, so that's nice. Most of the popular people at my schools were just decent people. They didn't go out of their way to be a**holes, and some were popular because of how approachable they were. After middle school, most people just got tired of being mean. The people that stayed mean tended to act out in one way or another, and ended up in a continuation school. And everybody made fun of you if that happened. LemonyTuba

The Lone Wolf... 

Speaking for the cheerleaders, all got undergraduate degrees, about half got masters degrees, virtually all got married, have kids and are stay at home moms still living in the bubble (University Park/Highland Park.) The one notable exception is one that I briefly dated, who went straight through undergrad into her MBA and went to work for one of the big consulting firms. She's a "senior manager" consultant/pretty face that gets to jet around the world for meetings. Honestly she seems the happiest of all of them. Tons of money, tons of time off, no kids weighing her down and 1st class travel all over the world. Nebor

Just wondering... 

I get the feeling Op was hoping for stories about the hot girls having a bad time after high school. You know, Incel type crap.

I do know about a few girls lives since high school. They weren't "popular" in high school, but I liked them and they were cute, so it was painful to see them have a hard time.

One of them got addicted to meth and her teeth slowly fused into on big tooth. Pretty. VolumeControlModule

Don't be so serious...

I find it odd that:

  1. So many know what happened to the popular girls.
  2. All of them seem to have had crappy turnouts.

Something's not quite right about you people, not quite right at all. ObiWanCanShowMe

I mean, I don't know what happened to most people from my high school because I don't usually add people to social media, but I imagine it wouldn't be that hard to notice what someone is up to through facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc Raze321

Karma isn't all fun....

Most of them have very normal lives. The popular girls at my school, save for a few, were generally nice people, and they continue to be nice people now and enjoy varying degrees of success.

There is one that wasn't very nice back then, and whatever promise she had is shattered due to issues with prescription drugs. She's lost her kids, looks well older than her 45 years, and is always in and out of jail. I feel sorry for her to a certain extent, but she's done it to herself. swampmutt

Facebook lies... 

They all seem to be doing well, at least as far as I can tell from Facebook. A couple of them are engaged, some of them go on nice trips, one of them appears to be a successful realtor. They're all still real friends with the same people they were friends with in high school. generica_ccount

Results May Vary.

One very beautiful and popular high school classmate of mine committed suicide around age 25. I am not well connected to my classmates so I don't have any inside information but her family wrote an extremely troubling and enigmatic obituary about her moving to LA, getting into dangerous social circles and then "the light going out of her eyes forever" (a phrase that I'm pretty sure is verbatim what they wrote) in one terrible incident. I still don't know what happened but I was told the method of her suicide was what is known as the Hemingway.

Another very popular and attractive soccer captain girl married a considerably less popular classmate in her late 20's. I saw her shortly thereafter and she had gained around 100 pounds, a disproportionate amount of which had gone to her face and she was barely recognizable.

Most I think are married and raising kids, enjoying affluent lives. The_happy_princess

Just do you! 

Honestly, couldn't care less. The number of people from HS who stayed in my life, I can count on one hand. I rarely think about the others. SilverCityStreet

It's the DMV lighting... 

The girl voted Prettiest Girl spent years doing hard drugs. I ran into her at the DMV and she now looks older than my mother.

The actual prettiest girl in school is still stunningly beautiful... still looks almost exactly the way she did when she was 18. I thought she was her daughter when I saw her. Adddicus

Learning & Growing....

She went to more of a party college and joined a sorority where it seems like she made a lot of good friends. She put on a bit of weight, but she was very thin in high school and wears it really well. Then she graduated with an accounting degree and joined a firm a few states away. She's not married yet, but she's been with her current boyfriend for about a year and they seem good together.

I ran into her at a wedding a few months ago and she seems to really have chilled out since high school. She was overall friendly to everyone, but had her moments where she would be rude to the nerdier kids (i.e. me). She was a bit awkward at first, but after she realized that I had no hard feelings toward her, she loosened up a lot and we caught up on the past 5 years.

Overall, I'd say she's doing very well, and I'm happy to say that I've come far enough as a person where I consider that a good thing. SpideyAB


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