People Share What Brings Out The Absolute Worst In Them


Every person has a dark side to them, whether we like it or not. It's not something that we're proud of, and most do a pretty good job of keeping it under control. But there are those triggers that just irk you to the point of anger and hurt like no other.

Ninkaso asked: What brings out the worst in you?

So many are guilty of that.

"People who are unable to use common sense/situational awareness.

If you are in the grocery store and see someone is trying to get by move over. If someone has the AC on in their house and you need to go outside for a second, close the door. If you are on the highway in the left lane and you are going 5 under the speed limit and there is a trail of 20 cars behind you, move over."


Incredibly frustrating.


"If someone accuses me of lying when I'm not it ticks me off so bad."


That's ageist af.

"When people talk down to you and patronise you, I am grateful receiving any advice/wisdom, but just because I'm younger than you doesn't mean my brain is made of concrete."


That can get infuriating.

"People who pay no mind to the world around them. They stop in front of doors other people need to go through; stop at the end of stairwells while other people are also climbing up; don't let passengers get out of the bus/subway first before they can go in; make their best effort to cut you while walking/driving, then continue going in front of you as slowly as possible.

It takes little to no effort to be a decent human being and comprehend you are not the sole, nor the most important, person on this Earth. If people hold the door for you, make an effort to at least hold the door yourself and keep it open for the next person. If there is a person who looks like they need a seat more than you do, offer it to them. If someone says "good morning" or "hi" to you, at least respond back.

I understand no one is entitled or expected to do these things, but they truly go a long way and can only make everybody's day better.

Have a nice rest of the day everyone!"


The worst kind of people.


"A pompous attitude. Someone trying to act better than everyone. One upping, negging, being hyper critical of everything. I can never take the high road around someone like that."


How do people NOT get this?

"People who don't understand how hard it is being shy or socially awkward.

Not those who simply don't get it, but those who don't get it and then insist that its easy and absolutely nothing or that you are just making a big deal out of it."


How annoying.

"Interrupting me on purpose.

If it happens on accident, that's okay! Happens a lot during conversation. Doing it deliberately though because you don't want to hear what I have to say? Yeah, that's a HARD no for me.

If you don't get immediately snapped on as a result, then more likely or not I'm tuning you out because I'm focusing on trying to keep myself under control."


We hate that too.


"Liars, not like a little white lie once in a while, but people who tell bigger lies to get around on a daily basis, if I catch you redhanded it's not gonna be pretty.

And people who don't treat their pets nicely, even though I'm small of stature I'm sure as hell not afraid to tell someone when they aren't being good owners, there is nothing worse than seeing a pet who loves their owner unconditionally being treated like shit by them."


People need to listen.

"If I repeatedly ask someone not to do something and they keep doing it.

I go to school with this girl who kept drawing penises on my fogged up car windows and leaving finger prints and smudges everywhere and I like to keep my car generally clean so I kept asking her to stop, which lead to me telling her not to stop when she didn't, when then lead to me screaming at her one day when she kept doing it.

Always respect what other people ask you not to do with their own s**t people."


Why would anyone do that?

"People who are stubborn against set rules. I cannot comprehend certain stupidity and it becomes a loop in my head of me attempting to understand why somebody would do something so dumb.



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