Students Share The Weirdest Thing They Ever Saw Their Teacher Do In Class


So many lessons are learned in school, even if they aren't immediately obvious. Surely, teachers doing strange things mean to educate us about *something*, but what that is, is anybody's guess.

plopperwaby asked students of Reddit: What's the weirdest thing a teacher has ever done in class?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

10. Sounds super dry but okay.

Had this substitute all the time in high school. He would bring this liquorice candy that resembled chalk and placed it on the black board ledge without anyone noticing.

Start introducing himself and say he's weird cause he likes eating chalk, proceeding to pick up the candy chalk and eating it. When everyone looks at him like wtf he revealed it was candy. Super weird guy but I guess that's an interesting way to be remembered.


9. Solid career choice.

I had a history teacher who had been through a lot of action in Vietnam.

He was showing us the PBS series on the American Civil war, and during a scene with lots of battlefield noises, men screaming, cannons, and gunfire, he had a PTSD flashback. He started screaming for us to get down, so we all got down under our desks. After a few minutes he came to and told us he was joking, that we all did well.

He left the room and didn't come back that class period.

He was a great guy.


8. Wanda sounds like a fun time.

My 5th grade math teacher had a pet chalk he called "Wanda." He was a goofy fellow and would say things like "watch Wanda add the numerators!"

One day he had forgotten the chalk in his pocket and it had broken. When he went to take Wanda out to do a lesson, there were a bunch of chalk pieces in his hand.

He excitedly announced "Wanda had babies!"


Honestly based on the one above, I was expecting the teacher to start crying.


Lol. I love this! I thought it was gonna go down a darker path.


7. Uh... k.

Had a science teacher in middle school that once changed his shirt 14 times in one class period.

All to teach us a lesson about being observant.


But how did he change his shirt? Right in front of you, or did he duck into a cupboard each time? Was he wearing fourteen shirts to start with, and he just kept taking them off?


He arranged for someone in the office to page him.

His car was parked around the corner from our classroom, so it didn't take him long to go to his car, change, and come back.


6. Okay what is it with teachers eating chalk?

Had a professor that I had been told once ate chalk, so I asked him about it. Grabs a piece of chalk, pops it in his mouth, eats it and says "It's really not that different from Tums."

Same guy once stopped lecturing, knocked on the whiteboard, walked to the edge, put his face against the wall as if to look behind it, stated "I could hide my treasure back here" and then continued lecturing as if nothing happened.


Are you sure the chalk wasn't licorice?


5. If this ain't a mood...

Head of year walked into class, randomly tipped his mug upside down, poured coffee over his feet, stared at it in silence for a while and then just left, without saying a word.


Did you ever get an explanation?


He's that kinda guy, we really didn't need anything more.


4. Oops that's my kink.

High School biology teacher showed us a video of a woman giving birth. After the video ended she accidentally pressed rewind without stopping the video first (good old VCR days). Making us watch the whole thing in reverse. Imagine a man grabbing a baby by it's head and sticking it back in.


I am having a terrible week and this just made me laugh so hard....thank you. (Be kind, rewind!)


3. Now that's an entrance.

When I was a teacher in college, I noticed I'd been assigned to a fourth-floor room with a really wide ledge below it that was hard to see. So on the first day of class, I arrived half an hour early when the room was empty, climbed out the window onto the ledge, then waited with a book until I was ten minutes late...and then climbed in the fourth floor window to introduce myself. It made the impression I hoped.


2. Questions definitely arose.

My teacher noticed that only girls asked questions and engaged in class, and he reckoned it was because he was a male so they were attracted to him. Hoping that the guys would ask more questions, he wore a dress for an entire day.


1. There's a lesson here. IDK what it is, but it's there.

Freshman year, linguistics. Professor was an overweight Russian guy with a heavy accent, prob in his mid late 30s. Had a habit of sitting on the desk in the front of the room while lecturing.

One day, class begins and I notice his fly is open and it seems he's going commando bc there def a fleshy patch visible. I'm looking around the room and see many others who seem to have notice but no one wants to embarrass the guy since we barely know him and it's only a couple weeks into the semester. As he walks back and forth lecturing his nut sack is slowly making itself visible, like someone slowly blowing a bubble with bubblegum. Front row is mostly girls and I can see they are a mixture of horrified and barely controlled laughter. Still no one can bring themselves to say a word about it.

Finally he makes his move...He's boosts himself onto the front desk, plops down, and the back pressure created by his mass makes his balls burst forth from his unzipped fly into the open air like a breaching whale... He doesn't notice, or at least acts as though he doesn't notice... He continues the rest of the lecture as if nothing is amiss. I cannot fathom how he had no reaction or awareness that his balls are on display at seated face level about 8ft from the front row of students. Class ends and everyone bolts out of the room with mixed looks of disgust, mirth, and shock. Would have loved to have seen the professors reaction when he later finally realized he was hanging crumpet for some unknown amount of time.


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