People Share The Weirdest Compliments They've Ever Received
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Compliments totally rule. Someone takes a moment to not only direct their full attention to you, but they follow that up with a wonderful testament to your worth.

It's tough not to blush.

But what if the compliment comes in a package that's just a little off? Sometimes, it's all about delivery.

Some Redditors gathered to share the most bizarre compliments they've ever received. Some were back-handed, some oddly specific, and others were just plain confusing in all regards.

icylilith asked, "What's the weirdest compliment you've ever been given?"

The Imagery 

"From a teacher: You're like a barb wired fence, maybe something gets past you, but it leaves tattered pieces behind."

"(I'm not very attentive, but somehow I manage to pick up info I need and use it appropriately)"

-- Bulls_N_Glitter

Quite a Character

"A coworker once told me that I was 'a cross between Han Solo and Dr. Bunson Honeydew from the Muppets.'"

"This was in 1998 and I still can't stop thinking about it - was that supposed to be a compliment? An insult?"

"The worst part is that he was pretty accurate, actually."

-- guestpass127

The Human Couch!

"'You look comfortable.'"

"Not as in I looked relaxed. She meant I looked comfortable to rest, lean or lay on. At first I asked if she was politely saying I was fat."

"She explained that I had a look about me of being someone who would comfortable to cuddle with and not hog space or covers."

"I took it as a compliment. I hope it was. This was a stranger I was having a conversation with during the morning train commute maybe three years ago. Came from out of the blue, as well."

-- TokenCommonMan

A Wonderful Quality in a Human Being

"I, an 18 y/o male at the time, was cat-called while walking up the street."

"The assailant screamed 'YOU HAVE VERY GOOD POSTUUURE' lol"

-- cooooook123

Talent Scout

"'You look like you're good with your elbows'"

"Said by a 50+ year old man biking by. He then swung back around telling me I should try out for the local roller derby team.."

-- JcaJes

Questionable Motives

"Random stranger while I was on a run: 'NICE NECK'"

"I'm not saying I believe in vampires, but I made sure my windows were all locked that night."

-- MagnoliaJoness

A Fully Fleshed Out Description

"That I'm like a piece of furniture, don't do much but you notice when i'm not there." -- j0-hn-dea-ux

"Lemme guess... IT guy?" -- weeglos

"Are you a bass player?" -- fossowl

Case Closed

"I work retail and was told this by a customer, 'you're so nice, you must have been bullied in highschool.'" -- monkeybuttgun

"By 'nice' they mean overly eager to please other people, to the point where you will let people walk all over you." -- cookiesforwookies69

Calling It As He Sees It

"'You look.... ominous.' - the mailman said to me while I sat on the curb reading TIME magazine waiting outside my apartment for the mail to arrive." -- Worlds_Best_Coffee

"A lot of people try very hard to look ominous and can't do it." -- that1prince

"I like your mailman. Is it just me or are our collective mail people just chill as f*** despite the stress they are under all the time??" -- WhenUDieIGetYourWigs

Personified Organs

"During an internal ultrasound I once got told I have beautiful Fallopian tubes. I've been riding that high for years." -- eating_mandarins

"During pelvic floor PT they have the ultrasound on so you can see that you're doing the exercises correctly."

"When you do it correctly your cervix curls up a bit and looks like it's smiling. My PT said, 'Look at that happy little cervix.'"

"Now whenever I do my kegels, I picture my smiling little cervix. (•‿•)" -- alamuki

Nerd Garb 

"In 7th grade, I wore a fanny pack to school to hold stuff like Yu-Gi-Oh cards, which I played with at lunch."

Once while walking down the hallway an 8th grader I never met before was like 'Duuude I like your fanny pack,' gave me a high five, and kept walking."

"I never saw him again, and miraculously nobody ever picked on me about it (to my face at least)."

-- DragonLance11

Wonderful Anatomies 

"I had pink eye and the nurse was looking into the non infected eye. 'You have beautiful retinas.' Thank you...?" -- SaiyanKasuna

"This just reminded me of the weirdest compliment my dog has ever gotten."

"His vet called me to update how the test results went, and left a voicemail that started 'Well, the results are in, and Gio has got beeeeautiful blood! Beautiful!!'" -- samogi

Little Kid Logic 

"My 4 year old son told me I smelled like music. When I asked what kind of music he said 'music you dance to.' Still the best compliment I have received to date!" -- sdurb

"My three year old just tells me I'm a good pooper. I think I prefer yours." -- shrinkingmama2

"Ugh I love random 4 year old comments! Mine told our friend he smelled like inflammation. I still haven't figured that one out." -- eeepsnm

Sting Operation 

"A woman i was talking to in my dad's shop thought i was not me but my sister. When i tried to correct her that i am me, she told me 'no you are not, [insert my name] is fat and has short hair, she is not beautiful like you.'"

"Like, wtf lady"

-- wildpandda

Wined and Dined

"My friends and I were talking about what kind of potatoes we'd be."

"One of my best friends told me, 'You'd be a loaded baked potato. People pay extra for that good sh**!'"

-- silvermoonchan

Public Displays of Affection 

"It was a crowed Australia day celebration in the city. Sh!t was getting a bit out of control and everyone had way too much to drink. I tried to walk quietly by a bunch of fairly aggressive trouble makers, without attracting attention..."

"One of them shouts out, 'Hey everyone look at that guy. He looks awesome. I want my children to look like him.'"

"F***ing everyone stops and looks at me. Some people nod and go 'Yeah!'"


A Whole Mess of Emotions

"An old lady once told me she wishes she was 60 years younger, then she would 'give me some confidence.'"

"It was the most unsettling, funniest, and somehow most charming compliment I've ever received."

-- InvaderSquibs


"Maybe not the weirdest but definitely the one most out of left field."

"I was walking down the street minding my own business and this guy sitting on the corner looks at me and goes 'EVERYBODY GET A LOAD OF ANTONIO BANDERAS OVER HERE! HAHA HOW'S IT GOING ANTONIO???'"

"I only maybe kinda look like Antonio Banderas but he's a handsome dude so I always took it as a compliment."

-- P-rov

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