People Reveal The Weirdest Thing Their Roommate Has Ever Done


Living with others is a non-stop adventure, and not always for the better. People have strange habits... like peeing themselves when they get too drunk, or eating all the food and blaming others... also while drunk. Some even decide to borrow underwear without permission...

NiceKindheartedness1 asked Redditors with roommates: What are some of the weirdest things a roommate of yours has done?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Now this is just sad.

In college my roommate pretended he had a girlfriend who lived in England (we are in the US). Used to talk to her on the phone and everything while we would both be in the dorm. My roommate was fb friends with her of course and a few of her friends who he had "met while visiting her." He used to talk about how much he missed her, especially having sex with her etc.....

Found out after I moved out she never existed. Fake profile, fake name, fake pics...... He was talking to no one (except himself) on the phone. I have no idea why he'd go to such lengths for this lie but I felt really weird about the whole thing once I found out.


How did you find out?


I was telling my girlfriend at the time some story in relation to their relationship and how it was weird... she thought something was fishy too. We started Googling the pictures off the FB profiles and the information and realized it was all a lie. Then he started expanding his story and bringing one of his female friends into it (who I had met because we went to the same school, so I at least knew she was real). She started faking a pregnancy and all this stuff...they were both crazy people lol


Black out hungry.

Roommate used to come home late and drunk often, he would raid the kitchen and eat all the food.

Next day he would have no memory of eating it all, presume it was me who had done it then get cross.

I would be awoken by the sounds of things hitting my bedroom door, bumps, bonks, splats etc....

It was him throwing the mess at my door, would often wake up to food leftovers splattered all over the place,

Baked Bean, Yogurts, all sorts of random stuff.

Before I moved in, he had also covered up vomit with his Sofa instead of cleaning it up, which I later found out about.

Lived with him a year before I escaped, he was a nasty vile man.


Maybe eating while sleep walking?


I wish that was the case and therefor somewhat understandable, but he would come directly in from the Pub then start eating, he was quite a large man, so could eat a lot, saw him eat nearly a whole leg of Lamb once with a roast dinner.


I kinda get it.

Never uses a full roll of toilet paper. There is always at least a 1/4 Of the roll left when it gets tossed. I can't figure out the reason.


My wife actually does this, but she doesn't throw them away. She just puts them on the shelf behind the toilet.

It used to drive me crazy, so one day I confronted her about it. She said it's because the hates the feeling of touching cardboard. Good enough for me. Now I just use the toilet paper leftovers. Haha.


Huh, I had an ex who said the same thing about cardboard. I never made a big deal out of it because who am I to tell anyone else what they're feeling, but it always seemed really bizarre to me. Really makes me wonder what causes that aversion.

Edit: got tons of people jumping in and talking about this or other sensations that make them squirm, and I gotta say, it's fascinating. Now that I think of it, I've got one too, which is the squeaky sound/feeling that apple skin sometimes makes on your teeth. I'm honestly uncomfortable just thinking about it.


Wooden Spoons/raw wood objects! I can't even explain why or what about it I can't stand but it makes my teeth clench and goosebumps and if my nails accidentally scrape across it, I get shakes like the chills and my little hairs all stand on end... Just...ughhhhhhhh, it's like torture!


There's a pill for this.

Had a roommate that was easily distracted by things. Anything. He could have a thought about why stars are certain colors and then go on a mission to find out why. Or maybe it would be a curiosity of the air pressure in his tires.

The problem was that when this happened he would just wander off from whatever task or activity he was doing at the time.

So many burned dinners and messes left throughout the house.


That sounds like a case of ADD/ADHD.


Almost textbook. Lack of ability to maintain focus on one activity and file away other irrelevancies for later, or prioritize tasks.


Tin foil hats.

Unplugged our microwave because he didn't want the radiation leaking into the air.

Tried to tell him that our microwave isn't nuclear and he just grinned and unplugged it again that night.


Not really related, but my family bought our microwave at a garage sale for $3. It works great, except every once in a while the "beverage" button will press itself. So in the middle of the night, the microwave will suddenly beep and start running. We now unplug it after we use it to keep the "spooks" at bay.


I used to live with a guy who would watch a particularly disturbing serial killer movie on repeat, in the dark while sitting about twelve inches from the TV screen. He would never look up or say hi when I would get home. Just sit there in pitch black watching women get murdered on repeat.


How soon after did you move out?


Pretty f*cking quick.


Well, this may take the crown.

Woke up to sound of shouting on bullhorns and found cops in backyard telling me to get back inside. Went to front of house to figure out what was going on, as I opened the door cops rushed up and escorted me out to street. Turns out one roommate threatened another roommate with a gun, and now that person was barricaded in his room with an army helmet on and bulletproof vest. There was seven others living there, some home, some not. Had to draw a diagram of all the rooms because cops couldn't risk going in right away as we didn't know who was all home or not. Roommate started to taunt cops by throwing lit strings of firecrackers at them. This all started at around 8 PM. At 4 AM he started to throw large objects off of his balcony at cops so they threw flash bangs and gas canisters at him on balcony. He managed to make it out of his bedroom, rush out the front door with gun showing, and two cops around blind corner from him rushed him and took him down.

Suffice to say I moved out the next month.


Cause it's a...

Not my current roommates, but I had a roommate in college that used to play Bittersweet Symphony on repeat all day, every day. From the minute I moved in, to even after I moved out (I moved down the hall to another kid's room because this is just one of the super weird things he used to do, and I still used to hear it constantly playing whenever I'd walk by). I really used to like that song too, but it's ruined for me now.


Whose skin did they wear in their room?



Not so much weird as annoying: one of my housemates in college was a heavy drinker, which in itself wasn't really an issue to the rest of us because he wasn't really loud or belligerent about it. The issue, though, was that he pissed himself pretty frequently whenever he was really trashed, which is usually the condition he drank himself to. It got so bad that whenever he started drinking, we would all start encouraging, sometimes outright demanding, that he go to his own room before he passed out and pissed himself on one of the couches, or someone else's bed (he had a habit if we were all hanging out of just getting up and wandering into someone else's room and passing out in their bed).


Kinda hot, kinda not.

My first college roommate hated doing laundry, so he wore my underwear (without asking) when his was dirty.

It never felt like my underwear again after he'd been in it.


Keep your boys in their own neighborhood!


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