People Share Their Unusual Medical Symptoms That Doctors Can't Seem To Diagnose


Why is that itch always there????

In the immortal words of Madonna.... "life is a mystery" for sure. But life is not life's greatest mystery.... the human body is, well any living thing's corporeal form really. You start with the mind, an instrument we'll never use fully utilize in a lifetime so it's capabilities are endless, and then work downwards. There are aches, itches, pains, tweeks and body function mysteries that remain unsolved by body ordinary people and the scientific community. Why is that itch always there????

Redditor u/LtlPwny wanted to know issues the docs are missing by asking... What is your undiagnosed strange physical problem that doctors can't find an answer for?

What gives?

I'm tired all of the time, no matter how much I sleep. I could fall asleep anywhere at any time if I just had a minute to close my eyes. If the alarm didn't wake me up in the morning, I could sleep straight through until the next morning.

Probably unrelated, but also weird, is that I have spells of not being able to get warm. If I get one of these "cold spells" I could go stand in the Florida sun in a parka and still feel freezing cold. What gives? almost_queen

No Change. 

A mystery allergy to something. I've eliminated everything possible. Now I've given up. Doctor did a biopsy to see what it is. Yup I'm allergic to something.

It's a skin allergy. I no longer use lotion, switch body wash over 20 times, switched shampoo/conditioners, switched laundry detergent now I only wash my clothes with vinegar. Still no change. Cherryapplefox

Skip a Beat.


Sometimes I can feel my heart trip up. Like it actually misses a beat, then has 3-6 super hard beats before getting back to normal.... my doctor says it's nothing but it feels like I'm about to die. SadDancer

Gastric Issues. 

I kept having recurring stomach pains at random with no recognizable pattern or trigger. First time was thanksgiving 2 years ago. Thought I had just eaten too much and was in mild pain that night. Still felt a little off the next day or so but went back to normal. Happened a few more times until last summer when I had to go the ER because it was so bad. Have had CAT scans, drugs, bloodwork, upper endoscopy and still no answer.

Its like someone has lit a fire in my stomach and also a little like being a balloon about to pop. I never could connect it with a food or ingredient, and it was never regular. Sometimes twice or more a month and sometimes I'd go 6 or more weeks between episodes.

The last time was literally the day I found out I was pregnant and I haven't had an issue since. Which is nice. I'm almost afraid to have this kid because I don't want to have the pain start up again. SoMuchCookie

Pain in the Neck.


I can sometimes "hear" my neck. It sounds like liquid passing through a tiny opening. It's so strange. Doctors listen for it but nothing ever comes to it. khalee_kapowski

I get this sometimes too, the sound comes from the back of my head and seems to travel down my spine until about half way down my neck. SeeBZedBoy

​We finally found the solution for my weird medical symptoms.

We finally found the solution for my weird medical symptoms.

First I started having migraines 9 years ago. Nearly every weekend. Then I started getting bad stomach symptoms in the morning after eating my cereal. Thought maybe intermittent lactose intolerance was a thing? Lived with that for years, then my dad died and it kicked things up a notch. Couldn't stay hydrated, upset stomach and diarrhea daily, terrible canker sores that made my whole face throb, exhausted all the time, terrible anxiety.

The doctor gave me acid reducing pills for my stomach but they were only helping a bit, so I started experimenting with my diet. As it turns out, I'm a celiac. After two weeks without gluten I started getting better. I remember walking up from a nap one afternoon and not having a headache and thinking "do people normally feel good when they wake up?"

Felt amazing until I accidentally glutened myself for three weeks by not knowing that the "chocolate chips" at Starbucks actually contain cookie bits. All my symptoms came back and now I'm working through the two week period after going gluten free before I start feeling better again. Mama_Catfish

A Good Laugh. 

Freaky slow heart rate. I'm in pretty good shape but not a super athlete or anything. Typically my resting is mid 40s. When I first realized this I was at the doctors and they did an ekg and my heart rate was 38. I was freaking out, the doctor though it was funny. He gave me the ekg as a souvenir. nachoaveragelady

Rough Patches.


I had patches of rough skin underneath my eyes. The skin started to itch when I was about 8 and I could never really explain how they felt to my parents. We went to the doctors who would prescribe different anti-itch creams for the patches to see if they would work and sometimes they got me to stop and sometimes they didn't. I got glasses simply because they would hide the patches sorta when I was wearing them.

It took one visit to a dermatologist when I was 16 for her to tell me I had eczema. emma_does_life

Saved by the MRI. 

I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma several years ago and had radiation to my neck (and chest), as well as chemo. From that, I ended up with Lhermitte's Sign. My radiation oncologist was a little baffled when it didn't go away after the average 6-12 months post-treatment... so I'm sure he'd be pretty surprised to know that I still get that "electric sensation" 8 years after I finished treatment.

It turns out that Lhermitte's Sign is also a hallmark symptom of MS... luckily we ruled that out with a brain MRI. I don't think there's anything that could be done about it, but at least it's not a constant thing, and it's noticeable, but doesn't really bother me most of the time. fishymcswims

Then I literally shake it out.... 

Sometimes I get a random shot of pain in my ankle when I run, jump, or anything that puts pressure on it. After that, the pain goes away like it was never there to begin with. Pyrrhape

I have it in my right ankle when i first take off to run. It pops funny and hurts for a moment. Then I literally shake it out. After that i can run normally. squeevey

Sleep Issues.


Sleep issues. I have done three sleep study tests and two test for narcolepsy and they can't figure anything out. I am always tired no matter how much I sleep and when I have done the overnight tests I always joke with the techs that I am gonna melt their machines once I hit REM sleep. When I wake up they say "You weren't lying. I can tell you dream most of the night." ColdHandSandwich

The Foot. 

I have two lumps on the bottom of my foot.

They have been surgically removed twice and still came back. Biopsies were clean.

One podiatrist said they were probably impacted sweat glands, but two others said probably not (they had reasons I don't recall).

Imagine two pea-sized rocks permanently embedded on the bottom of your foot. It hurts to walk most of the time. GingerMauGingerMau


I had erectile dysfunction for about three years in my twenties. My sex drive was just as high as always, but I could never get it up without taking some Cialis. Not even a lot, like 2.5mg, but if I didn't take it, I just couldn't do anything.

I was stumped for a very long time, checked my testosterone levels, saw a therapist, started working out more, took vitamin D supplements, nothing seemed to help. Meanwhile I gotta go to the bathroom half an hour before any sexual encounter to take a pill. It was messing with me so hard, especially at that early age.

Three years into this whole ordeal, the back acne I have had since my teens really intensified and I went to a dermatologist. Turns out I have had a raging bacterial infection in my skin the entire time - I had to take antibiotics for four months before it cleared up. But, much more importantly, within two weeks of starting the antibiotics, my dick was working perfectly fine again. Stood up on command, not a problem anymore.

Later, I found out that the occasional nosebleeds I experience were also a result from a long term bacterial infection in my nose and got rid of that too. Life has never been as good. trtooooh

The Pain. 

Occasionally I get an extremely sharp pain in the left side of my chest preventing me from breathing at all. X-Rays came up clean and my breathing is perfectly normal otherwise. Grey_of_Astora

Ear Fix.


My ears get irritated (easily pun-able) very frequently. It spreads into my jaw and makes it hard to eat/sleep/talk.. live. I've seen several ENT's and other specialist about it and they just give me ear drops that temporarily "fix" the problem. Maybe some day i'll figure out whats going on. PalemomPalemom

Bad Knees. 

Developed knee pain during sports as a kid. Doctors couldn't find anything so I was eventually limited from all running sports (had to quit soccer at 12). 4 years later in high school it was still hurting. Got a new MRI, my kneecap had slightly shifted. Cue 6 months physical therapy to get it back right. A few years later in college it is still hurting. MRI reveals nothing. Zip. My knee is perfectly healthy. Cue 6 more months of physical therapy, and I'm back playing sports.

Few years later again and I've been living with knee pain every day, just assuming it's normal. But my ankle starts hurting more and more. Chalked it up to playing contact sports. Finally got an MRI on my ankle and I had a ligament tear and a tendon strain, fortunately no surgery but a boot for a few weeks and physical therapy (again!).

First day of physical therapy I walk in super skeptical. It never helped before, why should it help now? Dr asks me for my injury history. Keeps pushing until I'm telling her about how my knee hurts as a kid.

Then the spooky part: She points to my outer thigh, "You ever have IT band pain?" Yes. Points to my inner calf, "and inner calf pain?" ...Yes. Then she points to three spots in my back, "Back pain in these areas?" ...Those are the only places I have back pain.

Turns out I had a rotation in my hip that I was likely born with. It caused all my issues, and I even had nerve damage in my left foot. 6 more months of physical therapy and it's now at a point where I can do a daily correction in my hip and I'm dandy. I'm also still in touch with that doctor because she truly changed the quality of my life. avocadopixels

No Reason. 

I get severe pain in my rib cage under my left breast, it can get pretty bad. I've been to the doctor and there's been no identifiable cause. icecream4dindin

Have that too, most likely it's a slightly deformed nerve that gets squished by certain movements! Been to the ER thinking I had a heart attack at 14 because of this lol. claodja

Pop Up! 

If I lay propped up (think little kid laying on their belly coloring) my legs go numb. No visible reason why. Doctors are just like well don't do that. onomonopoea

Not related, but the same as your diagnosis. A couple times a week I choked on my food. Like it feels like my throat closes up and doesn't let the food down. To stop it I basically have to go into a dark room with no simulation and relax my whole body so my throat can relax.

Anyways, I've seen a few doctors and specialists and their solution is always "have you tried chewing first?" tpwb


Caveat: I did get a diagnosis.

I spent about four months in my early twenties with excruciating, but intermittent joint pain. It was like glass shards grinding between my bones. My knees, ankles, hips, elbows, and lower back. I would wake up in the morning and cry while I was trying to bend my legs enough to step into the shower. I was severely depressed.

I went to rheumatologists, and they had no answers. My inflammation markers were enough above normal that they believed me, but not scary high. They tested me for Lyme, hepatitis, RA, etc.

Turns out I had a bad seal in the trunk of my car, which created a puddle in the hidden area with the spare tire, which grew mold. Soaked in bleach, dried on a sunny day, and my symptoms went away slowly over a couple weeks.

Funny thing is that they asked if I was being exposed to mold, but I didn't have any reason to think that I was, which led me to wonder in retrospect, "how many people don't know that is what is causing their problems?" crazykentucky

Same old Itch.


I have an itch right in the middle of the bottom of my foot. I've been to doctors and dermatologists and there is nothing they can find wrong with it. It only really itches at night, but it will get so bad I want to like rip through my skin. Best guess is it's something in my nervous system, but that is just because my doc had no other explanation. NoregsnorideNoregsnoride


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