People Share The Most F**ked Up Animal Facts They Know
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Animals are sources of endless fascination.

Particularly in their natural habitat.

But while most people like to admire animals from afar, others like to know more about what goes on when they're not being watched.

And more often than not, what they find is shocking, to say the least.

Redditor Shoggy was eager to learn the most out there, unbelievable facts people have learned about various animals, leading them to ask:

What are some f**ked up animal facts?

Stealth killers.

"A polar bear will calmly stalk up to you and start eating you alive without roaring or charging."

"Like how you would just walk across the kitchen to pick up an apple and start eating while going about your day."

"No drama, no theatrics, just murder."- Malphos101.

Polar Bear Food GIF by BBC AmericaGiphy

One way to blow off a date.

"Female dragonflies fake their deaths and crash to the ground and play dead when stalked by an unwelcome lover."- SuvenPan.

Body and soul

"Put simplistically, male angler fish bite into and get absorbed by the female during mating."-tagibear.

They call them "killer whales" for a reason.

"Orcas are one of the very few apex predators of the ocean."

"They’ll actually hunt great white sharks, rip them open and eat their livers (and sometimes heart) as a sort of ocean delicacy."- TheRestForTheWicked.

"Killer whales will slap a seal into the air resulting in them dying from the fall just because."

"Not to get food or defense, but just because they’re bored."- FuzzyRoach642.

Killer Whale GIF by Nature on PBSGiphy

Something to keep in mind before kissing...

"Lobsters pee out of their faces."- NotACyclopsHonest.

Something that weird looking can't be real.

"The Royal Society thought that a taxidermied platypus was a prank when they saw the first one."

"Apparently naturalists would frequently send each other frankenstein'd abominations for goofs."- bjanas.

Speedy emasculation

"Camels have specially evolved canine teeth for the express purpose of biting off balls of other male camels- OneNastyJaguar.

wildlife camel GIFGiphy

"Let's get ready to rumble!"

"In Tasmanian Devil mating season, the male has to beat the female into submission."

If he fails, the female beats the male up."- bugboyjohnny.

A very brief time on this earth

"The honeybees you see in your yard are in the last 2 to 3 weeks of their lives."- Fit-Environment-8140.

Fascinating facts indeed.

Though, after learning some of these facts, best to behold these creatures within the safety of a zoo or aquarium.

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