Movies are meant to be an escape from the real world.

Despite them being fictional and for fun, some people can't get past movie magic and logic. Well, their lack of logic. It's one thing to have a zombie apocalypse, it's another for a character to survive a serious blow to the head. Overused movie tropes have become so normal to see that all filmmakers just use them with reckless abandon, regardless of how silly and unrealistic they are.

Redditor u/jay_rode asked people about unrealistic things in movies that annoy them. People responded with examples of cinema's biggest sins.

20. Unbelievable gun play

"Guns. On small hand gun that fits ten rounds can shoot ten million rounds, and then run out when the plot demands it. Plus, low caliber guns seem to break through anything that exist as the plot demands it, even breaking the laws of physics to do so. And gasoline getting ignited by gun fire? Maybe with incinerary rounds that only the military is allowed to gave, but most people don't have access to those rounds without acquiring them on the black market. Also, I don't care who you are, no man, woman or child is going to take a gun shot to any part of their body and NOT be in pain."


19. Everyone's a YouTube Influencer

"when they caught something on tape, and then they upload it to youtube and it gets millions of views i'm 5 seconds. when in reality most people would just think it's fake."


18. Harmless explosions


"Explosions, if an explosion is in within like 15 feet of you consider yourself ******. Second degree burns, trauma all over your body, nearby shrapnel and hitting the ground. Not fun"


17. Expository dialogue

"The weird dialogue that makes sure that we as the audience understand context that just doesn't feel natural. 'I know you're my mom and all but-' Or 'I know you miss your dad' Or just randomly calling their sibling by their title (sister/brother)

It just takes me out of the story and breaks the immersion a little"


16. Fake musicians

"Bad musicianship. I am watching the Netflix series 'Sex Education' right now and when the Swing Band played something, the clarinet player they zoomed in on wasn't moving her fingers at all, yet she was clearly playing a moving passage."


15. Not enough pizza

"Ordering one pizza when they're are like 6 people in the house"


14. In case you missed it, here's a bicycle

"Every time a bicycle enters frame in a film, it happens to ring its bell. WE GET IT THERES A BICYCLE"


13. Masters of speeches

"At the end of the movie, the protagonist gets on stage to make a grandoise speech, hesitates for a few moments, before throwing his speech notes on the floor. Then proceedings to 'speak from the heart without any notes. Every. Single. Time."


12. I mean, some people might like that?

"People sleeping on their backs"


11. Blunt shattered glass

"I don't get annoyed by this per se, but my mom does. Whenever someone jumps through glass in a movie, they are left completely fine, whereas in real life, you would be extremely cut by the glass."


10. Trials aren't that easy

"Attorneys pacing around during a trial and attorneys approaching the Judge without asking.

My personal favorite is when a new, damning piece of evidence or witnesses is presented in the middle of trial to the complete suprise of the opposing party. Like sorry buddy but discovery deadline was a month ago. You should know this."


9. This very sneaky trope

"People climbing through ductwork to get in between rooms. Most ducts are not big enough for a person to fit in."


8. No one can plan a last minute vacations

"Always being able to take off work to go on last vacations and always having the money for last minute flights."


7. And then the audience braces for a crash

"People taking their eyes off the road for like five seconds"


6. Poser mechanics

"When ever someone is working on a vehicle they are quite often using a pipe wrench or huge crescent wrench. Neither are going to get you too far working on a vehicle."


5. Serious injuries are nothing in movies


"Blows to the head knocking someone out for exactly as long as is convenient for the plot with no long term consequences whatsoever. Even otherwise "realistic" shows and movies are guilty of this. In reality, and blow to the head strong enough to knock you out is likely to cause brain damage or even death."


4. Audio engineers who suck at their jobs

"Walking up to a microphone and it squeals feedback. Always. (In reality, that shouldn't happen unless the sound person is a moron)"


3. Maybe movie characters do a lot of hand exercises 

"Grip strength. People hanging off of anything, one handed, for long times, holding on to other people, pulling themselves up. General population can't do a pull up."


2. Casual self mutilation 

"when people slice the palm of their hand open for a drop of blood. That shit will take FOREVER to heal, just prick your finger, damn"


1. Definitely never noticed this!


"Next time you see two characters having a conversation in the front of a car, pay attention to the rearview mirror. More often than not, it's been removed for a cleaner shot of the characters."


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