People Share The Most Unexplainable Thing They've Ever Experienced


What just happened?

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Every corner we turn and every second we breathe can lead us to changes we never imagined; and images we'll never fully be able to describe. Some of the things we witness can leave us shook and without the verbage to properly relay the details. We'll often have to just throw our hands in the air and just say.... "what was that?!"

Redditor yu/ILikemarine_bio wanted to discuss what things we've all witnessed that we still can't wrap our heads around by asking... What's the creepiest or most unexplainable thing you've ever seen that you haven't shared anywhere?

It was loud.


A long time ago in primary/elementary school, me and my friend came to the school compound on a Sunday to explore. We came in the wee hours in the morning, and coupled that it was a Sunday, there was nobody in.

We were walking along a corridor on the first floor, when suddenly we heard this thunderous noise above us. You know the sound where you drag a chair or a table across a floor? It was exactly that, but it sounded like there's multiple classrooms full of tables and chairs just moving around.

It was loud. Very loud. And it was extremely sudden. There's no reason why anybody would be in school, moving dozens of tables and chairs on their own on a Sunday 6am. We stood rooted, stared at each other for a second, and bolted.

After we got out of school, he asked me whether I heard a lady screaming in the corridor. I said no.

He didn't hear the dragging sounds either. assault_potato1

The Shadows. 

I was in bed at night woken up by the sound of steps on my roof tiling. I think I was about 13 at the time. I see a shadow walk past my skylight unsure of what it was. I look outside my side window and see a man dressed in all black looking out from the construction scaffolding. After a while he looks into my window and I try to hide. My brother also saw him. We never found out what happened to him but the police were informed. Zippy771

"thud, thud"


I used to live in a house with two roommates... let's called them Anna and Erica. I lived on the second floor and Anna and Erica lived downstairs. Every night I would hear this "thud, thud" coming from downstairs. I would investigate and it always came from Anna's room. I thought it was her doing burpees or working out at night (which seems dumb looking back). I never talked to Erica about it because I thought it was in my head and since I was on the second floor it never really bothered me.

Fast forward two years and we all move into a new house with another roommate. Anna, Erica, and I live on the same floor upstairs. I start hearing the "thud, thud" louder now. I go up to Anna's door and it sounds like she's hitting herself against a wall and whispering and crying or laughing. I also noticed when she left the room she had her sheets all scattered on the floor. I ask my other roommate Erica about it and she says she hears it too.

Anna starts staying at her parents house more often, but every time she comes home we hear the same "thud, thud" noise. We started asking Anna about it and she makes up excuses like "I was moving furniture" or "my porch door was swinging open."

After we started questioning her more, she only came to our house maybe one a month to pick up some clothes. It was so strange. I never think we'll get an explanation. ExtensionChipmunk1

When I was 8....

When I was about eight or so, my family went up to a campsite near a lake. We went with several other families and they brought their kids too. One thing me and this one kid would do is search the shallow areas for crawdads. As I was searching I began to venture a ways out until the water was up to my waist. The water wasn't too clear but it also wasn't muddy and I could see the pale area of the shallows and the darker area where the water dropped off, but I didn't know that at the time.

I ended up stepping into the darker, deeper water and began to fall in. Before I could, a pale, slender arm grabbed my leg and pushed me back to the shallows. All I saw was the arm as it sunk back into the deeper water before I skittered back to the shore. I remember it as clear as day but nothing has ever turned up from that lake, no bodies, no drownings, nothing. My parents still thing I made it up. IFFYKARP

"What friend?"


When my daughter was very young (3-4) we were on a family vacation in a state park lodge. Our room had exposed wood ceiling beams to match the decor (important later). It was suppose to be nap time for my daughter but she was quietly playing by herself and just chatting away and the wife and I were reading on the other bed.

Out of the blue my daughter turns to me and asks for a piece of rope. I asked why she needed the rope and she nonchalantly replies "It is for my friend, the purple girl on the ceiling."

My wife asks "What friend?" and my daughter responds "I've been talking with the little purple girl hanging from that wood up there <points to the ceiling beam>. She asked me for another piece of rope."

Needless to say that nap time was over and we quickly exited the room. lykaon78

At Dusk...

I was 10 y/o riding my bicycle at dusk along the road I lived on which was parallel to a set of railroad tracks. I moved off the road as a car sped by and a beer bottle came sailing at me from the front passenger seat. I could see two young women turned around laughing at me through the back window. I flipped them off, and kept riding.

About 30 seconds later, I heard the train slam into them. Loves_low_lobola

"everything is ok" 

My brother committed suicide in 2010. He was airlifted 100 miles from his house to the town by us because it's a large town with great hospitals. His wife (the only person that lived with him) of course drive her car to the hospital leaving their house completely closed up and locked. His cellphone was left in his home office by his wife.

The next morning I got a call from his cellphone. I answered but nobody was on the other end. I said "hi" a couple times with no response; I finally said "everything is ok" and the line immediately disconnected. Never got a call from that number again. dogfrost9

In Remote Areas...

When I was about 11 or 12 I went with my friend and my younger brother to play football in a park that was in a pretty remote place so there were never many people. Basically three or four people came dressed in like Victorian style clothes, set up a box underneath a tree with big branches, tied a rope around it, one of them stood there with this noose around his neck and then his friend kicked the box so he was hanging. They took turns doing this, and we left. Was super weird thinking back to it and I have to check with my brother whenever I think about it to make sure it actually happened. DashingBoy27

What Could've Been....


When i was a kid i was playing in our kitchen when i saw a huge dark figure walk past the kitchen and down the hallway leading to the bedrooms. I walked to our back patio and saw the rest of my family watching tv. The patio is on the opposite side of the house from the hallway. I walked to the hallway and started looking for who it could've been but never found anyone. Still have no idea who or what it could've been but its always creeped me out thinking about it. ouchmypeeburns

sad both ways....

My dad died from unexpected heart attack and he was on the hospital for 6 days before he die. The 6th day before they call us to tell us That he is gone I see him in my dreams. I see him say goodbye to me and close the door of our house. Forever. That happened 6 years before and I don't care if it's paranormal or not. It makes me sad both ways. peryrbaelishgr

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at


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