People Debate Which Professions Are Undeniably Evil
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What is up with televangelists? They're certainly not in the business of helping people.

Remember Joel Osteen and the controversy that erupted when he refused to open his megachurch to people seeking shelter when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas?

Yeah... it sounds like he's not particularly interested in following the tenets outlined in the Bible, does it?

Some people are more passionate about this topic than others, though, and there are a host of other professions out there that many people view as outright predatory.

People shared their opinions after Redditor broovs asked the online community:

"What is an undeniably evil profession?"

"They trick vulnerable people..."

"The people that work for National Debt Relief. They trick vulnerable people who would do anything to get rid of their credit card debt into worsening their credit and accumulating even more debt. Absolutely evil."


Horrible. You see those services everywhere, especially in big cities.

"They leave their breeding mamas..."

"Puppy mill businesses. They leave their breeding mamas in tiny cages 24/7, breed them every heat cycle, and don't take care of them when they're older and have health issues that stem from their poor care."


The people who run puppy mills–and anyone who profits off the misery of animals–need to be held accountable, full stop.

"Not all lawyers..."

"Not all lawyers and lobbyists are evil, but the ones who work for the gun or coal mining industries are clearly not incentivized to advance society's best interests."


Considering the impact these industries have on climate change – worsening it – yeah... we're inclined to agree.

"They do nothing..."

"Shareholders. They do nothing but extract money out of businesses and push them toward short term profits. Employees are denied of their raises and such, because they are less important than shareholders."


Considering the recent controversy surrounding Spotify, it's safe to say that company put its shareholders above the greater good and scientific fact.

"I called a scammer..."

"I called a scammer to cancel a subscription they'd tricked my elderly grandfather into. They asked me why I was canceling, I said it was because it was evil to deliberately trick vulnerable people out of their money. They said 'everyone's entitled to their own opinion.'"


Now that's what you call a person with no morals. None whatsoever.

"Those 'troubled kid farms'...

"Those 'troubled kid farms' where they kidnap kids in the middle of the night and send them to abusive people without contact with anyone they knew."


These "programs" are traumatizing. How in the world the parents who do this to their kids think their children can trust them after that is beyond me.

"Family vloggers..."

"Family vloggers and influencers that exploit their children for content."


Those children are going to grow up resenting their parents because of the utter lack of privacy.

"Those guys are scammers..."

"Televangelists. Those guys are scammers and every one of them knows it."


These people know their actions violate the Second Commandment... and they just do not care.

"They're all just pyramid schemes..."

"Multilevel marketing. Not one company - the entire industry is predatory. They're all just pyramid schemes that pray on vulnerable people."


It always makes me shake my head when someone sends me a message and I think they want to catch up but noooo... they're trying to get me to buy some ridiculous product.

"I am surprised..."

"I am surprised that no one mentioned paparazzi. They are leeches."


Considering how they treated Britney Spears, it's fair to say that there's a renewed debate about their awful behavior.


"Psychics. Especially every single one that's "worked with" police or a family looking for a missing loved one etc."


Just how morally bankrupt do you have to be to capitalize off the disappearances of random people? Definitely thinking about the psychic "influencers" who came out of the woodwork following the disappearance of Gabby Petito.

"Certain brackets..."

"Certain brackets of insurers fall into this category. They make their dime on human misfortune and misery."


They certainly do. The pencil pushers at health insurance companies know they will profit if they don't cover your treatment. It's an inhumane system.

If the world were a perfect place, these jobs likely wouldn't exist. But it's safe to say that we live in an unethical world and that this unethical world forces at least some people to make unethical choices. And then some people thrive in those unethical environments.

Have some opinions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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