I have loved so many celebs that trying to give an actual number would be futile.

The list is endless.

But isn't that true for all of us?

To dream about the unattainable is normal. And fun.

Just like in that famous episode of Friends, we all get a celebrity pass or two.

Who is on your mind?

RedditorJuicyCiwawanted to hear all about the famous people we all have a little or BIG, thing about, romantically.

So they asked:

"Who is your celebrity crush?"

Joel Kinnaman.

Look him up.

And then tweet and share this piece so he finds me.

Thank you.

Good Choice

"Just like Costanza, I'm going with Marisa Tomei." ~ WiscoInTexas



"I met this gorgeous woman on the street in Manhattan and she had a dog, and our dogs met and played briefly. We talked for a while and I just developed the biggest crush on her. She was funny, absolutely gorgeous, super charming and easy to talk to. I asked if she walked her dog around the area and she said she had a dog walker but she sometimes takes walks with them."

"Then some other lady came and basically took her away into a car and we said goodbye. I had no idea who it was, but I was just madly in love in that moment, and I turned to my sister and asked if it seemed like she was into me, and she just laughed at me."

"I thought I just met this beautiful amazing woman on the street and had a chance with her. My sister had to point it out to me afterwards that she Salma Hayek, who was that demon lady who sucked Quintin Tarantino's toes in dusk till dawn (my only reference point). My sister still brings it up to me all the time that I fell in love with Salma Hayek and had no idea who she was." ~ slugan192


The Best

"Do dead people count? Alan Rickman (when he was alive, obvs)." ~ PresentationNo8745

"'And as for Marianne, may he endeavour to deserve her.' I think [Sense and Sensibility] was one of his best and nuanced roles. His patience with Mrs Jennings is just unbelievable. I don't think there is a weak performance in that movie. I love it so much. When I think of Rickman, that is the movie that is forefront." ~ American-Mary



"Katheryn Winnick." ~ Badjib

"She had a bit part in Law and Order, and like I usually do with very beautiful actresses, I looked her up to see if she'd done anything else. Then I saw she was in Vikings and thought that's just too much telly and went back to Goran solving crimes." ~ Pornthrowaway78



"Linda Cardellini. Ever since I was young, watching Freaks and Geeks. Then the karaoke scene in Grandma's Boy happened." ~ gatheringdusk


Lots of great choices.

I approve.

Love me some Linda.

He's a Super Man

"Henry Cavill isn’t fair. The body and looks of a Greek hero, the personality of a humble down to earth regular Joe."

"I’ve said it before, as a man I would be jealous of him if I didn’t admire and desire." ~ megapuffranger

"Like if my wife said she was leaving me for Henry, I'd be like, 'yeah, that's fair'." ~ rricenator



"Jennifer Connelly." ~ Thespecial0ne_In

"Career Opportunities. Oh man!" ~ marcuscrassus98



"Monica Bellucci!!!" ~ twlghtprncss

"I’m a gay man and I’ve always had a crush on her. She is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and sexiest women to ever live.Her role in Dracula and The Matrix and The Brothers Grimm are my favs. Not to mention she’s basically been the face of Dolce and Gabbana forever." ~ perryquitecontrary


Good Stan

"Stanley Tucci. I know not the norm, but he is just such a sexy dad IMO 🥴." ~ kisforkyle

"I think he appeals to so many sectors. He’s got such a calm and confident persona that I can’t imagine people meeting him and not walking away aroused even if it may confuse some." ~ blademak



"Christina Ricci. As a kid I immediately knew I was into women when I first glimpsed Wednesday Addams." ~ Relatively-Relative

"As much as I loved Ricci when I was younger, I have to say maybe it's just me, but Jenna Coleman feels more like a grown up version of young Ricci than the adult Ricci does. And that's nothing against Ricci at all! Just, when I was young and pictured a grown Christina Ricci, in my mind she was always what Jenna Coleman is now." ~ mallad



"The same as it’s been every day since 1989: Winona Ryder." ~ MrGrumpyBear


Classic Winona... ALWAYS!!

Let's get her attention as well.

Also... Adele... I love you!

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