People Share Tips That May Save Your Life One Day


Modern media has a funny way of teaching you things. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who didn't learn "Rightie-Tightie, Leftie-Loosie" or "I-Before-E-Except-After-C" from the television. Little rules and tricks which help us get through our day-to-day living can make a big difference. However, what about those life-hacks which might, oh, say, one day keep us or someone we care about alive? Got any of those?

Reddit user, u/mracademic, put out a call to inform the masses when they asked:

What's a tip that everyone should know which might one day save their life?

The Car Is Your Safe Space

Unless there is a danger in doing so, stay in your car if you're stranded in the desert/snow.

Edit: Ok, yes, if you're in the desert you may need to get under your car because of the heat, but don't get away from your car. Your car is easier to find than you.

Edit 2: And yes, if you know where you are and know how to get safely to a safe place, do it, but don't go to search for help without aim.

Edit 3: Don't walk on the roadside, you're gonna get hit.


Remain Calm

Calm people live, tense people die.

The most important thing you can ever do in a potentially life threatening situation is breathe (when possible) and focus on doing things, calmly. "You can always freak out later. Panic AFTER you survive."


Here's A Twofer

Know how to swim. You don't need to be Michael Phelps, but it's great to be able to swim decently and tread water. Also, if you're ever kidnapped try to leave personal items along the way, like drop a ring or earring in the car or something. It can be helpful to find you and is evidence in trial


Weirdly Enough, Stand Still

If you're lost in the woods, don't leave your location. People searching for you will start at your last known location/heading, and you'll just make their job harder by expanding the search area.

If you must leave, follow water. Early cities/towns were usually founded near a source of water, if you follow a stream you're more likely to run into civilization...

Usually downstream, but really depends where you are.


Just...Leave It In?

If you're a stabbed or impaled and the offending object is still in your body, do NOT pull it out. Doing so can make you bleed out.


I have seen a lot of people who believe this is a myth and natural instinct says to pull out something that puncturing you, but this is extremely important. Leave it in until a medical professional can remove it.

If the object goes in the body in smoothly, it will more than likely create a wound internally that is almost identical in size to the object, so it essentially acts as a plug. If it is pulled out, any blood vessels that are cut will no longer have the knife's edges pressing against them and they will begin to bleed. If you pull it out and don't notice a lot of blood, the bleeding could be internal so you wouldn't even realize that you are bleeding. You could also do some serious damage pulling out the object. My wife is a trauma surgeon and has had people cut organs pulling out knifes or other sharp objects.

When my son had a piece of fence go through his foot at a friends house, he called me and I told him to stay still until the paramedics got to the scene. He knew not to pull it out. Once they got there they were able to stabilize it until he got to the hospital so it could be removed. Even if the object is too big to be moved with you, the EMTs or whoever arrives on the scene can cut it down in size so it can be moved. Never remove it.


Especially On Long Road Trips

If you're in the passenger seat of a car, never put your feet on the dashboard. In the event that you're in a car accident, knee bones into your skull won't end well.


Be In Tune With Your Body

If you ever feel intense pressure in your chest that radiates up into your jaw you are probably having a heart attack.

Source: Had heart attack last month.


Trust Your Own Knowledge

If you believe someone is in your home, what ever you do, don't turn on the lights. As much as you'd feel more comforted if the lights were on, you know your house better than anyone. You would have an easy time moving around your house while the intruder would be a lot slower.


And don't use a damn flashlight either. Just gives away your location.


Listen To The King

Don't pour water on a grease fire.


One of the many things i watched on tv as a kid were Elvis Presley movies. In one of his movies he has a date with a girl in her apartment. She cooks a roast in the oven for their dinner. Elvis arrives and the food is burning. Flames are shooting out of the oven. She makes a move to throw water on the fire, but Elvis stops her and grabs a container of salt and throws handfuls of salt onto the fire which promptly puts it out.

One day I'm sitting in the living room when i hear my mother yell from the kitchen. I race there and flames are leaping out of the broiler. Huge grease fire. Almost as high as the stove itself. Mother makes a move to throw water on it, but remembering how Elvis did it, I stop her. Then I grab a container of salt and throw handfuls of salt onto the fire which immediately extinguishes the flames within seconds. Mother looks at me with a surprised expression on her face and she asks me, "how did you know to do that?"

Thanks, Elvis. Thank you very much.


Got a tip that could spell the difference between life and death? Tell us all about it!

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