Life is scary. There are daily reminders that we are not inhuman and that we are vulnerable to the world at large. Anything can be viewed as frightening. And it should be! Now that is not to say we shouldn't live free and take risks but, we have to live smart. Ghosts are real. Crazy people live among us (and run our government). The air is poisoned and cars are weapons. I could go on. But we all need to be able to sleep sometime.

Redditor reddit wanted to see who would be willing to share what are things that haunt us all by asking.... (Serious) what scares you the most?



The fact that one day, everything is just going to go black. What happens after death? Is it just eternal darkness? If there is a heaven- hell of some sort, would I be happy spending eternity there? If reincarnation is true, the thought of living in different times without being conscious of your past lives scares me a little. To whoever is reading this, we all have a life, lets try to live it like everyday is our last. TheMythicalNeko

The Sea Storms....

I love the ocean but I have a lot of scary dreams about tsunamis. In real life when I see the ocean I'm so happy and at peace, but in my dreams I immediately feel dread cuz I know what's coming. natsugrayerza

I went swimming in the ocean for the first time when I was about 28. Jumped off a boat in Hawaii, looked outwards, and started having a very mild panic attack. It was so.... weird. skeeve87

It's Me. 

Myself. I struggle with self-control and am prone to self-harm. I don't feel like one person and sometimes my mind even talks to me telling me to do bad things. Twice now I've tried to cut my hand open. Im seeing a therapist about it currently. And I know it isn't good, but I cant really stop it entirely. I just have to overpower my sub-conscious when episodes start. NotALifeFan


I fear that in the end, I will truly be completely alone. No one to comfort me, no one to take care of me or me to care for them, no one to talk to.

Which is weird since I am in a very happy relationship, have a very great relationship with my mom and grandparents and have a good support system. SaraNaomi48

Reality Issues.... 

Locked in syndrome.

Or a strong case of schizophrenia and other neurological disorders. Basically everything that parts myself from the rest of the world irreversibly. Not able to communicate and/or connect to others and lose track of our shared reality. Amicelli11

I had a boss who once suffered from locked-in syndrome (as well as multiple comas), and this resulted in him developing PTSD from the fear and frustration he felt. He did his best to describe it to us, but it's such an unfathomable feeling to those of us who have never experienced it. Thankfully he did eventually recover, but unfortunately died last year due to a preexisting neurological condition.

I really miss the guy, and his stories about locked-in syndrome really make me grateful that I still have most of my motor control (I have MS and often complain about losing my fine motor control, but he really made me learn to stop taking what I had for granted). Karjo2000

H2O Scare....


Being neck deep in water, I have aquaphobia (the fear of water) that shows up whenever I'm near very few people in high water. It's stupid but I always have a panic attack when I'm forced to swim and I despise water (I'll drink and shower often but hell no to baths and swimming). Reddit

It's about how you take it. 

Being unsuccessful. applefanatix

There is nothing to fear about being unsuccessful. It's about how you take it. Rather than taking it as a failure look at it like a step closer to achieving success. It is like process of elimination. Once you have done everything wrong there is no chance in hell you can't do it right now. Feral_Ghoul69



Balloons. I'm afraid they will explode in my arms. NeonFresh

 just because of my laziness.....

I'm lazy. I have friends, we go out together, I have fun with them. But every time I have to go out it's almost a chore, even tho I know I will have fun. It's as if I live in the moment and don't want to leave what was entertaining me. Be it my PC or phone or whatever, I know it's better for me to go out, but the lazy part of me says "do we really have to go?" I hate this feeling. I hate being friends with someone I don't feel like going out with, just because of my laziness. sydneysixer

My Babies....

Something horrible happening to my kids. Honestly, I get scared when I'd send them off to school or when my son would go outside to play with the neighborhood kids. Im definitely bored and going stir crazy during this quarantine, but I feel a degree of relief knowing they're safe at home. AlysonWonderland7

Just Scared.... 

I am afraid of failure. Although panic attacks are now rare for me, I can still get one if I feed the anxiety. I am also afraid of my own mental illness. I was in a really bad place 7 years ago. I am much better thanks to a great support system, medication, and coaching... but I am terrified of relapsing because my anxiety views relapsing as failure.

I am also scared of heights and spiders. katinthekingdom


Losing my best friend. We have been great friends for years but sometimes we get into arguments really really bad ones. Epsilon_One

Wasted Time. 

If I die now then I've wasted the better half of my life on preparing for the rest of it for no reason. PhysicalRisee

I'm struggling with this right now too. I'm in uni right now and it seems like I'm wasting all this time trying to get a degree to get a job when I should be finding things that make me happy in life, however few things that may be. But, you have to have money to do most things in this world. TheOminousMoose

Time Lost. 

The loss of my mind.

The thought of developing Alzheimer's or dementia terrifies me.

The thought that my family would have to endure my downward spiral until I become nothing but a hollow shell of who I once was terrifies me even more. mipu


The fact that, when I really sit down and think about it, I can't really see the point to life... not in a suicidal way, it just seems like in the grand scheme of things everything I do is insignificant and unremarkable and will be forgotten. Reddit

Pessimist: Nobody cares and nothing matters 😞

Optimist: Nobody cares and nothing matters 😀

It's remarkably freeing when you realize that no one really cares what you're doing. okzaa

The End.


Painful death. Death is fine, agony isn't. I want to just go to sleep and not wake up. Metruis

Empty Existence. 

Living a life with no meaning. I don't know what that meaning or purpose is, but I think life is such a gift that I don't want to just idle by. Racing_in_the_street

I agree pretty completely. I'm pretty young and I feel like my biggest fear, or at least the one I think about the most is never managing to accomplish anything in life that makes me satisfied with my life.

With school coming to an end instead of thinking that's a problem for the future I worry more that I won't be able to find a way to feel like I did life right. But there's so many things to see and do that regardless of whether I never reach a standard I'm satisfied by its still incredible that I get to be here alive. A_lone_goose


False imprisonment, where no believes my innocence. flash3444

I am a whistleblower that was ignored by my government.

I believe your worst fear is my fate.

It is haunting. wwguru

Not my Son. 

Watching my youngest son die of this virus. He survived cancer at 16 months and recently diagnosed with heart failure from the chemo. One kidney, heart failure and immuno-compromised has me terrified to bring home any part of this crap storm. We are taking huge measures to try and prevent it. ac1dre1gn77


Drivers who routinely run red lights long after the light has changed, especially at busy intersections. Back2Bach

I once crossed at a crosswalk and it was our turn to cross but a guy ran the light really late. He almost hit 6 people, myself included. His car was within arms reach of me when he stopped. I'm not sure he would have ever lived a normal life after that had he not been able to stop in time (Not that he would deserve a normal life). bottles124

In the Time of Corona....


Getting sick and never feeling better.

Every time I get majorly sick, I always freak out thinking that I'm never going to get back to normal again. Terrifies me every time. SqulliamFancyson44

That fear is especially strong given the pandemic we're currently facing. I get rationally angry every time I consider my country's ineptness in preventing its spread. elee0228


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