It's amazing how one change to your lifestyle can improve your daily life.

Be it starting your day with yoga, eliminating foods that don't agree with you, or simply seeing your friends more often, something we're all eager to do after months of quarantine, it's amazing how one little change can make waking up and getting through your day more bearable.

Perhaps the only frustration that comes with this change, is that you only wished you'd started doing it sooner.

Redditor kxrllkxrll was curious to hear what hobbies, rituals or lifestyle choices people wished they'd gotten a head start on, leading them to ask:

"What improved your life so much, you wished you did sooner?"

There is always fun to be had!

"I stopped living my life just waiting for the weekend."

"When you work 5 days a week and have just 2 off, it's not good to be always waiting for those 2 days."

"You can plan something meaningful or fun every day, even if it's just a small thing."- cake_or_cookies

Listening to your dentist can pay off.


"Actually, I use a water pick now."

"Now my hygiene and cleaning visits are a breeze, and I haven't had a cavity in years!"- perrydolia

A change of scene was just the ticket.

"Just packed up and moved thousands of miles away."

"Left everything behind and just started over."

"Besides some debt, a suit case, and contacts for only the non-toxic people in my life, it's been an extremely liberating experience."

"And looking back, nothing was really preventing me from doing it sooner, no real reasons at least."

"I just kept coming up with excuses not to do it until one day I couldn't think of one."- SpicyRiceAndTuna

No more language barriers!

"Learned Spanish."

"Now I have a lot of amazing latino friends and I got a lot of great gigs and opportunities because of it."- kellytai1478

Can't beat the commute

"Not everyone can afford this, but moving closer to work."

"My commute went from 45 miserable minutes in traffic glaring in hatred at the tail lights in front of me to a pleasant 15 minute bike ride."

"I got an hour of free time every day and better health."- munificent

When in doubt, check with your doctor

"Got a proper diagnosis."

"I think a lot of people that for years questioned themselves 'what’s wrong with me?' when they finally got diagnosed it’s a big relief and changes a lot in a better way."- popcornostar

There's no expiration date on education

"Bachelor degree at 47 years old."

"Master degree at 50 years old."

"Doubled my salary in 4 years, from just getting by to on track for retiring at 60."- scientistzero

Get your body moving!

"Exercise every day."

"Anxiety and depression are much easier to manage, and I got some confidence I haven't had in years."- darodardar_Inc

"Low impact cardio."

"F*ck, I loved to run, but it destroyed my legs."

"I can swim my little heart out."- Hyperion0000

Stop and enjoy the beauty of the world once and a while

"When I was told that I would lose my eyesight it made me pay more attention to how beautiful the sky was."

"I can still see and I enjoy watching the clouds on a level I can't even explain."- DaniB3

It's hard not to stop and wonder if our lives would have been even better had we made these changes earlier.

But no point in stopping and looking back, when you can just appreciate how great your life is now.

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