Have you ever rolled your eyes as a friend tried to convince you to try the latest fad, eat at a restaurant that had not appealed to you, or watch a movie or TV show that didn't spark your fancy?

Then, after reading about it more, discover it was all that was missing from your life?

Or, on the flip side, have you ever stopped watching what was once your favorite TV show, eating at your favorite restaurant, or partaking in the fad of the moment, upon learning a little more about it?

They say ignorance is bliss, and perhaps the saying is accurate.

Reading up on various fads, foods and movies has the potential to permanently change our opinions of them, for better or worse.

Redditor Pineapple_WarpDrive was curious to know the many things fellow Reddit users changed their opinions on after a bit of research, leading them to ask:

"What is something you changed your stance on after learning more about it?"

Getting away from screens

"Social media."

"I worked for an agency selling social media services to clients and I had to learn about it."

"The more I learned, the less I wanted to work with social media."

- GetDownAndBoogieNow.

Round and round we go...


"Based on all the complaints, I assumed they were confusing and unnecessary."

"When my city put in a bunch, I realized that I no longer had to wait 3 minutes at all of the punishment lights."

"Love roundabouts now."

"Of course that didn't stop the older population of the city from trying to have them removed."

"One guy even ran for city council on the platform that he would immediately put the stoplights back in."

"Change is hard, I guess."- AlternatePersonMan.

episode 4 roundabout GIFGiphy

My feet have never been happier.

"I didn't think orthopedic shoes were for me, but I stand corrected." - user deleted

I'm worth more than this.

"Working Hard."

"More specifically, working hard in a corporate environment."

"I like to work hard for things that I own and maintain, my home, my family, my body, my hobbies."

"But I've worked for almost 20 years for big tech companies."

"I've started at entry level jobs and worked up to middle management."

"Support jobs."

"Sales jobs."

"I've made 6 figures."

"What I've noticed is that they want to pay you less and keep training and experience as a reward."

"That is to say, you are not working for a paycheck."

"You are working towards the next thing."

"But they convince everyone to work hard in an entry level position, working unpaid overtime and you might be rewarded with a higher job."

"Statistically, you will not be promoted."

"There are 30 people on your team who all have that same goal and you can't all be supervisor or manager."

"Now, I just work for my paycheck."

"If you would like me to work harder, you can pay me more."

"I'm not going to go above and beyond for 2 years just to get passed over again."- KevinAnniPadda.

Pay Me Bitch Better Have My Money GIFGiphy

Pumping up.

"Lifting weights doesn’t make you 'bulky' as a woman and is one of the best things you could do for yourself not only in terms of body composition but in terms of posture, activities of daily living, mobility, joint/bone health, etc."

"It changed my entire life."- clauseandpaws.

It's your decision and no one else's.

"Empathy for the choices people make when they are not able to fully control themselves ."

"I.E. addiction, mental health crisis/episodes."

"Having personal experience on both the receiving and giving ends really deepened my empathy and understanding that allows me to have a more nuanced and individualized approach to these kinds of things now."- theoriginalsmore.

If you take a closer look...

"That case where McDonald's had to pay a bunch of money to a woman who spilled hot coffee on herself." - user deleted

Don't knock it till you've tried it.

"Disc Golf."

"All the guys I grew up with that played were huge d-bags."

"Years later a neighbor dragged me out on a nice day and I’ve been playing ever since."

"10+ years."- moarturnips.

Getting the help you need.

"Getting therapy."

"My upbringing is within an asian household so when it comes to dealing with emotions, we tend to shove that into jar and move on."

"I used to think that receiving therapy is for the mentally ill, weak etc."

"I don't have 'problems' therefore I don't need therapy."

"But after recent events in 2021 with certain people I tried therapy and after a few sessions it just revealed some baggage I wasn't even aware of."

"Honestly I wish I started earlier when I was in my 20s."

"I would be more emotionally prepared, and would probably have had healthier relationships with women if I had dealt with the trauma growing up and from my first relationship that devastated me."- Jono-san.


"Not sure I can think of anything I DIDN'T change my stance on after learning about it."- RandoKaruza.

It is amazing how your opinion might change on something after a little research.

Or, just by actually doing it.

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