People Share Their Worst 'Man, They Don't Know Me At All' Gifting Experience
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Buying gifts is a difficult task if you're someone who genuinely cares. You could spend weeks considering what the person likes, what the person might need, what the person might enjoy, or what the person might not know they want. This might be why it hurts when you receive a gift that isn't reflective of your personality at all. It can feel like the gift-giver invested zero time in deciding what to get, showing they never really knew you.

Reddit user, u/Volitile_Star330, wanted to hear about:

What's the one gift you've been given that made you think to yourself, "Man, they really don't know me."?

You Play The Sportsball Game, Right?

lisa simpson basketball GIF Giphy

I have never ever displayed any interest in sports whatsoever. When I was 13 or 14 my dad got me a basketball hoop while my brother got a kick-a-- stereo. I knew it was an expensive gift so I spent some time outside for a bit just shooting baskets (or trying to anyway) but I was super bummed that I got something I didn't want and that my dad didn't know me at all.


You Got To Do Everything Yourself

Over the 30+ years my husband and I have been together, he has probably gotten me maybe a handful of gifts that didn't suck. He's given me CDs of music I loathe (but he likes), DVDs of movies I'd never watch, sports equipment for sports I do not play, ugly a-- clothing that were not in my size, food that that everyone who has ever met me knows I do not eat, household cleaning appliances, etc.

I don't know how many times I've opened these gifts and wanted to ask him what in the wide world of sports was he thinking when he picked these items out. I pretty much just buy my own birthday and Christmas presents now. That way I'm never disappointed.


Close, But No Sausage

The book "How to Grill"

I'm an award winning barbecue pitmaster.


See Your Faces Everywhere

A poker card set with pictures of me and my girlfriend. (The same picture on every card)

I hate poker, and I was told to not use the cards to play. So.. wtf am I supposed to do with them?


25 Years Too Late

Sparkly silver short-sleeved crop-top sweater.

I'm hot 100% of the time - I don't wear sweaters. But if I did, what use is one that doesn't cover my arms or belly. It was also about 25 years too young (a look) for me.

Yes, I am hard to buy for. But this wasn't even in the right ballpark!

(Returned it for a feather pillow. Thank goodness for gift receipts.)



I got shapewear as a birthday gift when I was 15.

My family threw a quinceañera party for me and invited a ton of extended family I didn't know. This lady who hadn't seen me in person since I was a toddler gave me shapewear. It wasn't even good shapewear, it was a cheap stretchy white top that only made it to my waist, so it turned my boobs and belly into a cylinder, my hips/waist looked like a popped can of pillsbury biscuits.

A bunch of other ladies gave me business casual tops, which I passed on to my mom since we were both the same size and she liked them. I was going to donate them. My mom wore one to another party by mistake and the lady who gave it to me saw and called it out. My mom just told her I let her borrow it but the lady wasn't having it.

I get not knowing me, but who thinks a 15 year old wants shapewear and office work clothes? Most 15 year olds in my area can only get retail or food jobs that require a uniform anyway.


What 12-Year Old Doesn't Need...Light...?

My papa got me a lamp.

Don't get me wrong, it's great and I do use it but.. I was 12.


What Do You Mean You Don't Eat No Meat?

Granny wanted (kindly) to buy lots of meat for our wedding breakfast.

We're both vegetarian :/


When They're Trying To Make Sure You Get The Message

When I was a teenager, my mom would always buy me makeup. Like whatever the latest and greatest palettes and kits were or whatever. I've never been very feminine and I hate wearing makeup. On one hand, I felt bad because makeup is so expensive. On the other, I always thought it was kind of weird like is she trying to guilt me into being a pretty little girl


Be Careful Of What You Say Around Family

intimidating homer simpson GIF Giphy

I said I liked wolves ONCE and suddenly from ages 12-17 all the gifts I got were wolf-related, even as I started (VERY LOUDLY) thinking cats were great and wolves are kinda mediocre IMO.

If I get one more wolf ceramic I'm busting down a wall. I haven't even mentioned wolves in years. I turn 22 in a few months.


Okay, This One Is Just Odd

My grandparents made us (3 siblings) tubs with wooden tops for coloring. We could put our crayons in the tub and then color on the wooden top.

We were all teenagers.


You Have One Of These, Right?

Super late, but my aunt once got me an ipad case.

I've never owned any apple products.


Maybe You Can Use The Can As A Wheel?

Got a pair of leather work gloves and a can of roast beef from my grandparents for my 16th birthday.

I was into skateboarding...


Blow The Reaper Down

My parents once got me a grim reaper Halloween decoration that sang "Blow the Man Down" for my birthday (in September). I was thoroughly confused. My mom said they found it in some gift shop in a town they went for vacation, and that I "like weird things".

Thanks, mom.


Wait...You Don't Even Know Which One?

Me and my siblings were jointly gifted a tree, but all we got was a certificate to say a tree was dedicated to us but couldn't be told which tree on the plot so we can't even visit it....


That's Fatherly Love

One year for [Christmas] my dad gave me a used flashlight.

3 months later on my birthday he gave me a half empty pack of batteries. For the flashlight.


When A Gag Gift Backfires

my sister and mother gave me children's toys for my 17th birthday. we're talking like rattles and soft toys that are made for babies development.

nothing else.

they thought i'd find it funny. i thought it was really hurtful.


Someone Who's Never Been To Your Home

Lush is considered fairly fancy around here. For about 4-5 years after I moved out of home, three separate relatives would give me lush bath bombs every Christmas.

I lived in maybe 6 rentals in that time, and not one of them had a bath.


I too have a drawer full of bath bombs and no bathtub. But I'm hopeful that one day I will find a bathtub to use my lifetime supply of bath bombs


When They Really Don't Know You

One Christmas my mom and uncle each got me a bottle of liquor.

I can't drink. I have an extreme alcohol intolerance. Get real bad Asian flush, a migraine, my chest gets real tight. It's awful.


When They REALLY Don't Know You

season 14 episode 6 GIF Giphy

Tattoo removal coupon.

I dont even have any tattoos


"Why would you buy me a gun rack? I don't even own A gun?!?"

That's what your comment reminded me of.


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