People Share Their Worst "I Overslept" Experiences


Just 5 more minutes...

Some of the best hours of everyday life are the hours we can't remember, the time between when we close and open our eyes. Those beautiful hours of sweet sweet slumber. Sleep is a vital and necessary part of life. It is the time each day when our body recoups and rejuvenates. So why wouldn't we want more? Oversleeping happens, especially if one's life is hectic and non-stop. It's the body's revolt against the hiccups of life. But we can't hide from life by using sleep as a justifiable excuse. When you got places to be... you best get moving.

Redditor u/TheUnknown285 wanted us all to share some tales about our slumber by asking.... What Was Your Worst "I Overslept!" Experience?

50. Sprint for your life!!


Freshman year of college I was in an English class that met every day at 7:40 am (ugh). Probably such a bad time slot because it was a young interim professor teaching his first college class.The grade for the entire semester was based on a portfolio of papers you had written throughout, and there was no final test - the final was just to show up and give the professor your portfolio.

The final day arrived and I had been out the night before (because of course I was - 18 yo on finals week). I woke up to a clock that said 8:25. Class ended at 8:30.

Now I was a decent sprinter but it was about 3/4 mile to the classroom so I knew there was no hope. I got up and throw on last nights clothes and sprint downstairs to consider my options; going along the road through campus and avoiding the central quad may save time. So I turned and went all out onto the road with a hope and a prayer and there was the professor with all the portfolios under his arm, waiting for the bus.

"HEY can you take this!?" "Uhh... sure."

Bless your soul, interim professor whose name I forget. SirRutherford

49. Pass the pills...

In the military, promotion results were coming out the next day. I had hurt my shoulder at the gym and the doc prescribed me a muscle relaxer. He told me to take two but I was talking with one of the nurses I worked with and she said to only take one to see how I would react to it. I took it at 7pm the night before and woke up at 10am the next morning, the promotion results had come at 8am.

I had a ton of missed calls and a lot of texts congratulating me. My commander was looking for me to present my certificate to. I got there at 11am. Luckily, the nurse that I worked with had told them about the muscle relaxers, so I didn't get in trouble. It was still very embarrassing and I will never forget it. Great way to show that I deserved the promotion. carbsandpizza

48. Something if Off!

I woke up in a cold sweat realizing I fell asleep with a massive term paper due that morning and I didn't even start it because it wasn't mentioned by the teacher - just listed in the syllabus, and my 'somethings not right' senses decided to wake me up on the day it was due at 4am. And I legitimately threw myself out of my bed, full speed ahead...

Then my brain started to warm up and I realized that I am in a country 6,000 miles from my university. And that I graduated 5 years ago... and the professor no longer works there. (I googled it, just to be sure). IlIIIllIIIlllIII

47. That is an expensive hour! 

I woke up at 13:00 when I had a deadline by 12:00. It really beats me why I didn't just turn it in before, but yeah. That was an expensive nap which costed a year of tuition. GrammerGuestAppo

A lot of colleges now do a model where the tuition is a flat fee no matter how many hours you take. I think the goal is to encourage you to get out of school faster rather than putter along at 2 classes a year. Essentially they don't want 8 year undergrads.

Unfortunately that means that even if you only need one more class, you're going to eat the whole tuition anyway.gfhfgfgdegert

46. Run for the End....


Last day of middle school, overslept the bus by 3 minutes, slip on all of my clothes and run out the door to try and make it to school on foot. The school is 2 miles from my house, almost entirely on an incline. IchikoOhya

45. Fashion Late...

I was taking biology my freshman year of college and to this day it was my most difficult class. The professor was really great, the only thing he was ever strict about was the final. He made a huge deal about not being late. He repeated about ten times that if you were even a minute late to the final you wouldn't be allowed in and you wouldn't be able to retake it.

I made sure to be the good student that I wasn't normally. I studied early so that I wouldn't have to cram, I went to bed early, set my alarm, laid out my clothes... The whole nine yards.

Something happened to my alarm as it didn't go off. I looked at my clock and had about two minutes until the final. There was no way I could get from my dorm to the class on time but that didn't stop me from trying. I tore out of bed and just ran.

I showed up at the door in my flannel pajamas, hair a mess, no shoes, crying, and breathing heavily from running. I was like 5 minutes late. I just looked at the professor and before I could choke out the words between sobs he just looked at me and said "take a seat and calm down, finish the test when you're ready." I have no idea what I got on the final but I did well in the class and now have a fear of not waking up to my alarm for important events. DirrtyMikeAndTheBoyz

44. Sleep Racer...

A few years ago I worked for a taxi/hire car company in a semi rural area. Amongst other things, one of my booked jobs was from Dept of Veteran Affairs - war vets got free transport to medical appointments, where they paid nothing but Dept paid the company.

My Saturday shift started 6.30am, cos by 7am I was supposed to be picking up an old man to run him to the hospital for dialysis. I woke up 6.40am and when I realized the time, I leapt out of bed. I had no time to drive to the depot and swap cars so I rang my boss in a panic "Hi boss, I slept in but i'm on my way in now... what do i do? I'll go pick up X in my car if I have to!" and my boss is like "nah, you're good, come in, grab the limo, the time they book for always factors in time to be early. Thanks for being honest." So in the end, I got the war vet to his appointment with about 5 minutes to spare.

I miss those days, I had a great boss. alcoholicsnail

43. 70 is better than nothing!

Woke up at 4pm for a 2pm exam. Got into the exam hall when everyone else was handing in their exams. I wasn't allowed to write.

Begged over email for a chance to write the exam. They agreed with certain conditions attached: Exam would only be worth 3/4 of what it normally is and my final grade also capped at 70%. I finished and got 70% :)

Later went on to drop out anyway. Apocrypha

42. Mr. Ed is waiting!

I was a working student at a very prestigious horse barn. We started at 7am every morning. 7 days a week.

I woke up one day and the clock said 7:56. i was literally screaming as i ran down the stairs in my pajama pants because i figured i would just wear them all day and die or something

Get to the barn. NO ONE is there. i check the clock, it's 2AM i misread the 01:56 as 7:56 for some reason. Big whew moment!

I go back up to my apartment AND FORGET TO SET THE ALARM AND SLEEP UNTIL 10:30 INSTEAD I had to stat til 8pm mucking out one of the paddocks in the pouring rain that night. harleys_mom

41. Tears and Fears....


At my first job, one night I forgot to set my alarm and overslept. I'd never been late to work before and was in tears, convinced I was going to be fired. My mom calmed me down and got me to work. No one even cared, so I panicked for nothing. sapphicpenguin

40. Tardy Not! 

First period teacher in High School was an jerk who made a big stink when students showed up late. Me being the timid student that I was feared this heavily, so I made sure to be on time to avoid the embarrassment. One morning I woke up and realized I slept in and had very little time to get to school. I got changed in record speed and was out my door in minutes. The walk normally took about 15 minutes, I was at the front doors of the school in like 7 minutes, but the doors were locked.... it was Saturday... :( _BrooksWasHere

39. 20 Minutes for Life! 

I almost missed my college graduation because I had been up for days working on my final thesis. Graduation morning I was ready and was going to close my eyes for "20 mins."

I woke up and graduation was in 10 min. Never ran so fast in my life. Dean_Soja

38. Let' Merge! 

My company had just merged with another company. No jobs were lost but it deemed the higher ups it would be a great idea to rent a bus and drive us all to a big expo (think European CES) to get everyone to know each other. Bus was to leave at 5:30am on a Saturday.

I had just moved out of my parent's house and I am not a morning person. So out of fear of oversleeping, I set two alarm clocks, both out of reach requiring me to really get out of bed.

In the days leading up to that Saturday, I prepared as much as possible. Cleaned the whole house, made breakfast that Friday evening so I would require as little time as possible on that Saturday morning and triple checked my alarms were set. Colleague asked Friday if I could provide a ride for him as his car had broken down. He lived nearby so I told him no sweat, I'll come pick you up at 5:00 am.

Don't know how it happened but I woke up at 10:00am that Saturday morning, alarms still going off and a few missed calls from aforementioned colleague.

Not a good start after a merger. I dreaded the phone call to my manager, lol. In the end, it all worked out fine but I was really pissed at brain, haha. Arfman2

37. Wake Up... Save money..

I disputed a fine and was to present in front of a judge to explain it. I arrived 15 minutes late, hairs still wet and with mismatched socks. I was struggling to attach a tie too.

The judge was not impressed, rejected my dispute and gave me a sermon about punctuality. That oversleeping cost me 600 bucks and some dignity. tripy75

36. Damn you Everclear!! 

I was in college and the department I was a part of decided to do a roast. It was on of the last days of the semester so finals were here. Anyway..

At the roast, someone brought homemade apple pie moonshine, made with Everclear. If you haven't had it before, don't. Bad idea.

So we're passing around a half gallon of the stuff and you can't taste the alcohol. You can only feel it warm your throat which is nice on a cold winter night in the Midwest.

I decided to leave since I had a final the next morning and I wanted to get a decent amount of sleep. I wasn't drunk when I walked out the door but as I was walking, the alcohol must have metabolized or something cause when I was about 4 blocks from my dorm, I woke up the next morning an hour after my final. Failed the class and embarrassed myself since my friends were in said class too.

Damn Everclear. dillybar1992

35. How Close by?

In November, I came an hour late to my security job, apparently I set my google home alarm at the wrong time. I felt bad because the person I relief is really nice and her husband was waiting to leave also. To make things worse she told me the her other relief comes late often and one time he came an hour late and he kept calling dispatch saying that he is close by. I just started working there in October so I didn't want to be that guy shows up super late. robert235

34. What Day is it?


Not me but one of my old teachers. When he was in college he had a huge final coming up in a few days and he had already spent the last few days pulling all nighters and cramming. The final was on a Friday, and he decided he would get some sleep Thursday morning after another all nighter. When he woke up, he asked his roommate what time it was. His roommate said, "it's 2:00, do you wanna know what day it is?" As it turned out, he slept from Thursday morning all the way to Saturday afternoon and completely missed his final. Luckily he immediately ran to find his professor, and she told him he could take it right then and there or else he got a 0. REDDIT

33. The Essay! 

Night before an exam, I dreamt I overslept. This caused me to catapult out of bed at around 4 in the morning, and the anxiety kept me from going back to sleep until the exam itself started at 10.

Sleep deprivation did not do good things to my essay. Dracon_Pyrothayan

32. Senior Year! 

My senior year of high school.

I got home from school around 4 PM and immediately fell asleep.

Woke up about two hours later (I assumed) and went outside to run to the store.

Realized that the sun was setting in the east instead of the west.

Realized that the sun was actually rising, and it was the next day.

I had slept into the next day and had to go right back to school. HighDingyDoo

31. Being late is Hazardous...

Overslept first day of college four rung by tutor. Ran out my Nan's house in a profanity tank top and no sunscreen fun. Was fully clothed. Got clipped by a car crossing a street so I now have a bleeding elbow and knee which was turning purple and proceeded to have to run 2.5 miles in heat levels I can't handle getting sunburn and on a bruised bleeding leg which for about 3 days my knee cap kept sliding to the right which hurt like hell.

Got there had to do an ice breaker sat next to the only person on my course who them turned out to be my mate's high school bully and I was sat between them. Got up end of first lesson knee collapsed and I broke my nose on desk due to having a very weak nose.

And all of this cause my alarm clock ran out of batteries. Knee was fine within 5 days never had to get it checked nose just needed readjusting. 98633322

30. Sound the Alarm!


Not exactly oversleeping. Someone pulled the fire alarm in my dorm during finals. I was sleep deprived and genuinely slept through the blaring siren in the hall. The fire department goes door to door with a master key and checks every room. They found me asleep. Middle of December. Middle of the night. They me line up outside with everyone else wrapped in a skimpy blanket and flip flops (they wouldn't let me dress) until the building (of 900 people) was cleared. Probably a half hour but it felt like a week. I also got fined 50 bucks for ignoring a fire alarm. DentedAnvil

29. It's 10AM! 

I slept in until 9:30am thinking I had an exam at 2pm. My friend turned up outside my flat phoning me and saying 'wtf you doing the exam is at 10am!' Panicking I got dressed in less than 2 minutes and sprinted across the campus to where the exam was being held to find out I was right and it was at 2pm. So while I didn't oversleep I may as well have considering I lost my morning off. The_Liege_Lord

28. Just 5 Minutes....

I slept through an exam in the room it was being given. Was high school Spanish. We had a vocabulary part and an essay. I did the vocab and for some reason decided to "rest my eyes" for a minute. Well next thing I know people are getting up and leaving. I was like wtf! and they all said they thought I was finished so they didn't wake me.

Teacher was somewhat sympathetic and said I could work on it until the next exam period which was 15 minutes later. So I hammered out a crappy essay in Spanish. Pretty sure she took pity on me because I got a B on the exam. bg-j38

27. After 8. 

Had a class my first year in college; lectures at 10am; my particular section was at 8pm. The midterm was scheduled for "8." Yeah, you can see where this is going. Day of midterm, at 9am, I got a call from a hysterical TA asking where I was. Needless to say, I had to withdraw from the class. 1975-2050

26. Groundhog Life.


Work from 6:30-2:30, took a nap when I got home and looked at the clock and it read 6:30 and i launched out of bed and got ready just to realize it was the same day. AllTheWeahUp

25. The Lollygag. 

In grad school, I lollygagged in renewing my lease on my apartment. When I did renew, someone had already claimed my apartment, so I had to move two doors down. They asked me for a date, I picked a Sunday, thinking that would be when my parents could help me move. What I didn't realize was that was the day before the final draft of my master's thesis was due.

So we get everything moved. Then I work on my thesis. After pulling an all-nighter, I reached the point where I thought I was about done but also so tired I stopped thinking. So I decided to take a nap for a few hours. The alarm clock didn't go off (or I slept through it). I woke up two hours before it was due. I was freaking out.

I actually didn't submit it until two and half hours after it was due, but they accepted it and never said anything, but the stress was unbearable. TheUnknown285

24. Oh La La....

My GF was graduating college. She was French and so a lot of her relatives took the flight over to see her walk the stage too. Well I turned off the alarm while still sleep... i rushed to where the ceremony was and people were coming out....... terrible. Jhendrix37

23. Panic. 

Waking up in a blind panic, getting dressed rapidly and rushing to work to arrive sweating, only to discover I wasn't in that day. Reddit

Ah, going to work on your day off. I've done that. TheUnknown285

22. She did What?! 

My roommate freshman year of college turned my phone alarm off one morning and I missed a final :/ Still salty. I have no idea why she did it. When I finally shot up in bed hours later like "CRAP, my alarm didn't go off!" She told me she turned it off because she didn't think I had any finals that day??? Thankfully my professor was really understanding and it was a group final for a woodworking class, so we'd already finished it. savhannah

21. Coffin Alarm. 

I overslept because of alarm clock failure on a morning I was to play the organ for a 9 a.m. funeral.

When the church office called, wondering why I wasn't there early as usual, I scrambled to get moving - making it to the church just as the hearse was pulling up to the front door to bring in the coffin. Back2Bach

20. 3 PM....

I have insomnia, and it gets really bad when I'm stressed. I was going through a depressive episode in my first year of university and I was unable to sleep one night before a midterm, which was at like 2:30pm the following afternoon.

So I studied around 8am-10am, then I finally felt sleepy, so I went to take a nap. I set my alarm for like 12pm and everything. For some cruel reason, it didn't go off.

I woke up at 3pm. Words cannot describe the chill that went down my back when I saw '3pm' on the clock. I jumped out of bed and was at the bus stop in 5 minutes, I ran to the lecture hall where the midterm was taking place in record time, but my school has a rule that after a half hour, you're not allowed in the room. With a zero on this midterm, I would fail the class.

And I couldn't drop it, because I was already at the minimum classes needed to sustain full-time status. And if I lost full-time status, my school funding would be revoked. So I went home and cried for literally 12 hours and had to call a help line to calm me down. The guy on the end (who sat there on the phone with me for legit 2 hours and is probably the reason I didn't do something drastic, because it felt like my world was ending.) suggested getting a medical exemption on the basis of mental health, and I was lucky enough to have seen a counselor the week before this all happened, so I got the note and was able to write a make-up test.

The rest of that semester was crap and I only finished the class with a D+, failing another class (which didn't impact my funding) but I got through it and that's what matters. I recently retook the class and got an A+ in it. Anyways, that was my worst experience in oversleeping. AgateKestrel

19. PASSED!!


In college during finals week, I pulled an all-nighter writing a paper and studying for a final. The next day, I had an hour before the final and decided to take a 30 min nap. I somehow slept through the alarm or turned it off and went back to sleep and the only thing that woke me up was my friend banging on my door to celebrate finishing his last final. I woke up, looked at the time, almost cried and sprinted to the final.

I got there sweaty and disheveled with around 45 mins left. I somehow finished it and passed. If I had completely missed it, I would've had to stay on an extra semester just to get enough credits to graduate. YounomsayinMawfk

18. The Idiot! 

Uni cramming for exams so I was burned out.

Figured "Crap man, I'm 100% prepared and the exam isn't for half an hour, sleep time," so set an alarm for 15 minutes later and passed out head down on my table.

Alarm either didn't go off or sleeping me just didn't give a damn.

I woke up 1 hour into the 2 hour exam and WTFed. I lived literally across the street from the science building so I didn't even get dressed or anything, I just gabbed my calculator and keys and ran bare foot in the snow across the street into the building and sat in my boxers and wrote furiously for the hour I had left.

Prof gave me the WTF look when I walked in and i just told him "over slept I'm an idiot" and the guy was nice enough that when I handed in he told me to stick around, then gave me the extra hour in his office after cause he felt bad for me. Guy was a good guy and I got very lucky. billbapapa

17. With an "A!"

I had stayed up all night reviewing notes for a final. Set my alarm, planning to wake early, get a good breakfast, clear my head, and do some last minute reviewing. Woke up and noticed the natural lighting inside of my room wasn't right and saw that my alarm had not gone off, and my final was in like 10 minutes. I had to do a half-awake panicky routine of triaging my hygiene needs: brush hair, put on hoodie, run out the door in that + PJ pants and flip flops and sprint to my classroom on the other side of campus. Got in just as the exam started. Passed it with an A 😎 CustosClavium

16. Flexi-time. 

Not strictly oversleeping, but about 10 years ago, I moved from Austria to Berlin, Germany. So, as an Austrian, you're used to a whole bunch of public holidays. Austria is (at least officially) very Catholic, so every semi-important Catholic holiday is also a public one. Berlin on the other hand is the complete opposite. Very few public holidays (we recently got a new one: International Women's Day, March 8, yay!), even amongst all the other German states. They sometimes call it the Atheist capital of Europe.

So, anyway, yet another of these holidays came up, so I thought great, I can just stay in bed, chillax, maybe order a pizza. At around 1pm, just when I was about to order some food, I got a text message from a work colleague: "hey, why aren't you in the office?" I was shocked, what's going on, why are my colleagues at work?

So I looked up holidays in Berlin, and only then I realized that today wasn't a holiday here. So I quickly packed my stuff, went to the office, and told them that I overslept. Fortunately, my job back then had flexi time, so all I had to do was work later in the evening. It was a hard-learned lesson about how Berlin has very few actual holidays, and never even got to order that pizza. _ak

15. Chemistry Fits.


Back in my University days I was pulling an all nighter studying for the final final of my freshman year. Was trying to transfer schools, and I needed a 4.0 to balance out my lackluster grades from college-credit courses in high school.

Woke up with chemistry books scattered all around me at 8:15am. Mid-term started at 8 and the cut-off for entry was 8:30. Got up and sprinted what must have been almost a mile; I lived off campus. When I burst into the lecture hall, the TA grinned and assured me I had made it in time, sliding the Scantron across my desk. I put my head down for the next several minutes.

Ended up scoring a 97% and that's the story of how I narrowly escaped Texas A&M; howdy fools! Hook 'Em. Benjointman

14. No Gap Year! 

I was doing my IGCSE's and I stayed up at night, oversleeping and therefore missing my English listening exam. It was mandatory to move on to year 12 and my only options were either to take a gap year in order to do the Oct/Nov IG (since the result would come out in Jan) and then head to uni/year 12 - or repeat the year. And of course i had to repeat the year because my mother said there's no way i'm taking a gap year. Missing what was probably going to be the easiest test ever wasted an entire year of my life. heRealMtlk

13. A Lovely Nap. 

I took a nap once around 4pm. I worked the next day at 7am. I woke up and looked at the clock, it said 6:15. Holy crap I'm going to be late to work! I got dressed in a panic and sped to work. I got into the parking lot at 6:55pm. Wait, what! 6:55pm!? It was then I realized I only took a two hour nap. Thank God I didn't go clock in. Sirduckerton

12. Damn IPad. 

Got called the night before to cover a shift someone called out for. Said yep, I'd be there. Hurry home from being out with a friend, and set an alarm for early the next morning.

Well, my iPad (what I use for alarms) decided to not charge overnight, and consequently died before my alarm could go off. Woke up two hours after I was supposed to be there. I got called in specifically because I'm one of their most reliable workers. I sure wasn't that day. Oops. Reddit

11. Not. Cute. 

My favorite overslept story was one year on April fools my dad had my brother and I sneak into my Mom's room and change her alarm clock to a few hours ahead. She woke up freaking out and started to call work like "OMG I overslept I'm sorr..." while she was saying this my brother and I ran in the room yelling "APRIL FOOLS!" We we're little fools. GiveItASmooch

10. DAMN!


I got home from school dead tired having not slept properly the night before. Just conking out then was not an option, so I decided to nap, then get up to finish my homework.

I woke up to pre-dawn light... And the clock read 7:30; exactly when my dad came by to take me to school.

I loudly shouted 'damn,' grabbed my bag and bolted for the door... Interrupting my mom and some very confused and alarmed guests just sitting down for dinner. AdmiralEsarai

9. Hello Police?

I was having a bad time with my mental health and despite having three alarms set, I finally got woken at 11:30 by my workplace calling the landline phone. Apparently they were about to call the police to check if I was okay. Really embarrassing but glad that they cared and didn't just assume that I was just messing around. blinky84

8. I'm Out! 

I was up until 5 am for some school function that the whole senior class participated in. They expected us to go home for an hour and then come back for a half a day of class and go to a pep rally. I got no sleep and went home and fell asleep, woke up at 11. Apparently at some point my sister woke me up and said I had school. I said "I'm not going to school" and rolled over. I don't remember doing that at all. ItsMyProcess

7. 5 Short Minutes.... 

I over slept for an end of year exam and was about a 5 minute car ride away when my mum's car broke down and I was already late for it. I turned up about 15 minutes late. Thankfully got through the exam ok. spaceseamen

6. Adrenaline Rush....

I tried to pull an all nighter before one of my first finals in college. Exam was at 10am and around 8am I decided to head up to my dorm and take a quick little nap. I had set alarms and everything. Idk what happened but my roommates alarm woke me up at 10:02 (idk why it was set for that) and I leaped off the bunk and sprinted across campus to the exam room.

It was only 10:09 and no one had turned their exam in yet so thankfully I was able to take it still all while sweating with an elevated heart rate. Biggest adrenaline rush and last time I ever tried to pull an all nighter. SpicyMcSpicy

5. Dangerous Turkey....


Missed a funeral after drinking a bottle of Wild Turkey with a friend talking about our old friend who had died. 38 years ago and I still feel bad about it. Coogcheese

4. A Doctor's Note. 

When I was in college I had to go home for a doctor's appointment one day and so I had to take the 2 hour bus ride back to Chicago. I stupidly drank the night before and woke up later than I wanted. I didn't have a ride, so I had to walk to the gas station where the bus stop is, which was about 2-3 miles from campus and across a highway. It was really stupid of me, but it was early enough that there weren't any cars.

I'm about 100 feet away from the gas station and I see my bus pulling away. I chased after it but the driver didn't see me and he pulled onto the onramp. I had no choice but to sit at that gas station and wait 2 hours until the next bus came because there was no point walking back to campus. -eDgAR-

3. Hit the Showers

Not me, but another counselor at my summer camp overslept once and ended up not taking the campers up to shower, but one kid had soiled himself and really needed a shower. Korlac11

2. Hospitality Issues....

I was working in a hotel in Italy a few years ago as a barman for a winter season. At the end of the season we moved from our dank dingy basement rooms to using the actual guest hotel rooms whilst we cleaned up the place with nobody staying there.

After moving all our belongings, stripping the bed sheets, and storing everything in the basement away we got the chance to spend our first evening with no guests to worry about for 4 months.

In order to unwind quickly I made the brave choice of challenging my Scottish roommate to a scotch whisky drinking game.

The next thing I remember is lying curled up in a fetal position, groggy eyed and head aching, looking up at the hotel manager who had just barged into my old basement room with half the hotel staff at her heels.

I had somehow managed to make my way to my old bedroom, make the bed completely from scratch whilst blind drunk. I overslept by several hours by the time they found me down there.

Suffice to say I was the butt of the joke for the entirety of the last week. Management were pissed but also pretty amused. mancalledjim

1. Guilty!


Woke up 2.5 hours late for work. I had several texts from my boss implying formal discipline and that I would have to close the shop (was scheduled off 2hrs before close). I also had jury duty at noon.

That was a fun day. land8844


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