People Share Their Wildest 'I'm Going To Need A New Doctor' Stories


Doctors are professionals who have spent 6+ years studying the human body and how to treat it's many ailments.

We like to think they always know what they're doing, but they're also human, and therefore subject to the same faults as the rest of us.

As someone who lives in a rural area, im used to not having a whole lot of choice about who to see for medical care. However, there is a threshold for the amount of crap I will tolerate.

When I was a teen, I had a PCP confirm my allergy to bees and hornets with a blood test (after insisting that it was all in my head, like everything else wrong with me 🙄). He then told me that I didn't need an Epi-Pen because I could just "run away from the bees." 🙃

He knew I had insurance, so it wasn't a matter of him thinking I couldn't afford the cost. He just genuinely thought that running away from bees and hornets was a valid idea. I noped right the hell out of the office then and there.

A reddit user asked:

"What did your doctor say/do that made you think 'Ok I'm going to need a new doctor...'?"

A lot of these are going to sound all-too-familiar to anyone who has had to deal with the ridiculousness that is the American Healthcare system, in particular.

Good Advice

I recently moved so this November I went to a brand new primary care physician for my yearly physical. Throughout the exam the doctor told me...

1) That women shouldn't be allowed to drink because we could "get pregnant at any time".
2) That birth control was poison and harming my "natural functions"
3) Said I was lying about my family history because it was too good (and not in a joking way)
4) That I was lying about how much I exercise because I am slightly overweight.
5) Told me that my gynecologist only giving me pap smears every 3 years (which is recommended) was endangering my health and that he didn't agree with that policy and I should find a new doctor.
So I took his advice and found a new primary care physician.


This Happens Much Too Often

Put me on a cocktail of drugs without checking interactions, this caused severe suicidal ideation, unfiltered rage, and memory loss. when I told him my symptoms were getting worse he added a "mood stabilizer" which was apparently better off as a blood thinner so I was passing out from low blood pressure almost weekly. I switched doctors, after my ex left because I moved back with parents. My new doc got off the cocktail of drugs and I'm over all in a much healthier place. Though the last couple years are a bit of a fog.


I'm Just Here Because I Was Bored

Trying to get a new one right now. My doctor thinks that nothing really is a problem unless it's going to kill you.

Anxiety? Doesn't really believe you but fine have some pills

Body image issues that you ask him if there's any feasible help for? Doesn't seem like a real issue and to get over it
Post nasal drip? Live with it


Changed my gyno for the exact same reason. He never took anything seriously.

Told him I was bleeding in the middle of my birth control card. He insisted I was misremembering it and I was actually bleeding after the last pill of the month

Had an awful urge to pee for two months that wouldn't go away no matter how empty my bladder was (and it wasn't a uti, was advised to consult my gyno) and he said "but it doesn't bother you, does it?"

One of the few times in my life I talked back to a doctor. "You see, it actually does. I wouldn't be here if it didn't"


You'd Think She Would Have Learned After The First Three

After 4 years of trying to get pregnant she told me that I was essentially infertile on my own and that I could explore medical options to increase my chances of conceiving when I was 100% sure I wanted my own biological child.

4 months (and a one night stand) later... I was pregnant with my first and only son. Now, that wasn't the moment... it was after I had had my son. I went in for a check up a couple of months after he was born and she brought up the fact that we had the infertility discussion. She laughed and said that I was the 4th woman who had ended up pregnant AFTER being told BY HER that we were infertile.

I have never seen her since.


It's The Second Coming! 

Not mine but a friend in high school, when she was fifteen, she had pain in her stomach. So she went to the doctor. The doctor insisted that she was pregnant. My friend was a virgin. The doctor didn't even have her take a pregnancy test.

Her mom took her to another doctor and it was appendicitis and needed surgery.


Gee, Thanks. I Hadn't Thought Of That.

Not a doctor, but a "doctor" at campus health services. I went in complaining that I had bad diarrhea that was, by my estimates, 90% blood. Their remedy?

"Try to stop pooping for a while."


Is This A Thing Now, I Say It Doestn Exist So It Doesn't?

My kid's doctor told us Lyme Disease didn't exist, when we went she had a classic bullseye rash (that was Lyme)

Dropped her like a newborn giraffe.


Nope, Nope, Nope

"I can't take your insurance anymore."

"Why not? It's state insurance."

"I've been charged with fraud so I'm no longer allowed."


Screw MLMs

Whenever I would go for an appointment I would have to wait at least an hour. Every time. One time my appointment was the last appointment of the day. I was the only one in the waiting room. I could hear my doctor's voice. He was talking on the telephone. Maybe he had an emergency with another patient? I listened. He was selling Amway. I'm sitting in the waiting room for two hours because he's selling Amway. The nurse takes me back an he tries to pull me into Amway.


There Is Absolutely No Relation

My first sign was his office looked like something out of the 1950s.

I came in for testiculiar pain and he was so *obsessed* with my history of deafness, my god. Pretty sure the ears have nothing to do with the balls but he ignored my issue and hounded me about my f*cking ears. Walked out of his office. Didn't pay the stupid copay either.


Uh...RUN Away From That One

Not me but a friend, her daughter was diagnosed with autism several years ago and the doctor suggested it was because of vaccines. Yeah, she got out of dodge real quick.

Not to mention he administered those vaccines, so...?


Depression =/= Suicidality

"If you don't want to kill your self then you don't have depression". Real words my doctor told me when I finally built up the courage to tell someone that I think I'm depressed.


Oddly Specific Complaint

He spent 30 minutes of my consult talking about how his back hurts and how tired he is. Then he told me about how airline travel is getting so strict and how you used to easily be able to smuggle snakes.


... and then asked if you'd be interested in some black market snakes?!


Mistaken Identity?

Your children must be ashamed of you.

I have no children.
Decided to find another doctor to help me with my depression.


Devil's In The Details

Gave me the wrong medication.

We had a long discussion about using 1 med. Doc sent the script to the pharmacy for a different med (same type but not the same one). I didn't realize until later because it was the generic so I assumed that was the generic name for the one we talked about, but it wasn't.

I now work in a pharmacy and pay much more attention to things like this. Plus I was 21 and it was the first time I went on a new med without any parental involvement.


It's Not Rocket Science

Went to an OBGYN who didn't know how lesbians had sex. I decided to go to someone else (I'm a lesbian).


My least favorite part of switching doctors is when you get to the birth control questions and they can't f*cking understand how lesbians work. It's insane.


No Such Thing As "Too Young"

I was having chronic stomach pain and gastro issues (vomiting/diarrhea) that incapacitated me for months. I could not move without crying. In the past I had open heart surgery and I know what pain feels like.

I finally got in to a Gastroenterologist 3 months in (had seen emergency clinics 3 times before they reffered me and the wait for the Gastroenterologist was 1.5 months) I was in the room for about 5 minutes. She palpated my stomach and I winced in pain and started crying from how badly it hurt. Directly after palpating my stomach she said "sometimes the pain we feel doesn't exist and you think it to be true" and then told me "youre too young for crohns disease, gallbladder issues or cancer."

She left after that perscribing me antacids which I had told her I had already tried and it didn't help and only made the synptoms worse. Walked out of the room and had a 50$ co payment for the doctor to do that. There's only one Gastroenterologist offic that my insurance covered at the time so I had to go back there a couple times. The pain eventually went away 6 months in. I occasionally get the pain and can't get out of bed for a while and it subsides.

TLDR; After months of pain went to specialist and got told "sometimes the pain you feel doesn't exist and you think it to be true".


Don't Ignore The Milestones

She asked how I was, and I told her I was happy because I'd finally reached my weight loss milestone of being under 200 pounds.

No congratulations or anything in response. Just "okay." It kinda hurt, but whatever.

Then she looks at my chart and tells me my BMI is really high and I need to lose weight. Yeah, no sh*t.

Tells me to count calories (which, honestly, I have trouble doing unless I know exact measurements of what I'm eating because I'm awful at estimating), and we scheduled a follow up in three months. "By the time I see you again, you should be really skinny!"

"I'll have to get a new wardrobe," I said, half-joking.

"Yeah, you can use the money you save from not buying so much food!"

I was too much of a doormat at the time to actually switch doctors. Thankfully, she wasn't working there anymore at the time of my next appointment, so they gave me a different doctor.



Do dentists count? My dentist made up cavities on my baby teeth to get my parents to pay for cavities I didn't have. One appointment I had eleven.


He Can Get You A Deal

I went in for a physical.

He tried to sell me on lap band surgery--insistently. Not "you need to diet," not " you're killing yourself with your weight," but "I can get you a deal on lap band surgery."
And then he ordered blood tests I explicitly said were not covered by my insurance, and left the room.
Got a new doctor after that. I don't no d having the health risks of obesity explained to me. I don't deny them or buy into the "fat but fit" bullsh*t. I know. But he wasn't concerned about that--he was like a used car salesman.


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