People Share Their Tips To Surviving A Job You Not So Secretly Hate

Sometimes it's about necessity.

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9-1-1 Dispatcher. The stress is literally killing me. But the insurance is the best in my state. Without it, as a single earner for a household of six, we couldn't get by. I sacrifice for my family.

Please don't stop the music!

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I was customizing a sports car. Third shift I had a CD with songs that were all car related. Dead man's curve, little GTO, hot rod Lincoln, deuce coupe, the doctors thought I was nuts but whenever the patients heard a little of it in the waiting room they actually liked it. PS I feel for all of you who responded to me, it's a finite life, be good to yourselves. As my Irish best friend likes to say the good lord gave you two ears, many times it's good to use one for in and one for out.

It's all in the math.

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I have an Excel spreadsheet where I enter in what time I showed up and it tells me what percentage of the day is left. On super slow days I make all sorts of funny charts and graphs.

Fly bird. FLY!

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I don't. I die at the start of each dreadful workday, only to be reborn as a glorious phoenix. Work is more enjoyable as a mythical bird.

Final Fantasy!

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By thinking of the best ways to tell your boss that you quit.


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My favorite one is when my friend taps on my work window, calls me outside, there is a limo waiting with champagne and he tells me he's won lotto and giving me a million dollars. I walk back inside, get my bag, say "F this place" and walk out.

Check please!

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When I was a waiter my go to was waiting until some random crap happened, like I drop or fork or something, and I would just flip a table and yell "To hell with this, I quit!" and walk out.


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Every day I draw a 4x4 grid on a blank piece of paper, 16 boxes total. Every half an hour I put a tick in a box. After I put the last tick in the last box I go home.

Nature calls....

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by waiting to poop at work.

Holiday! Celebrate!

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Think of the money. Plan lots of holidays.

No eye contact.

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The pay is good, I listen to music all day, finagled a work from home two days a week schedule, and stopped worrying about meeting ridiculous deadlines that aren't of my doing.

I just show up, do the work assigned to me, and avoid interaction with coworkers as much as possible.

This isn't the 70's!

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The lesson here then is 'Take drugs kids!' Although in all seriousness, i've heard that taking acid can give you a level of internal reflection that can completely change your life and emotional state.

Pizza Hut or Domino's?

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My job consisted of making pizza. A lot of pizza. I survived by eating pizza. A lot of pizza.

A new day is on the horizon!

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Spend all your free time at work looking for another job. Just knowing that you are setting a change into motion will boost your spirits, and eventually you'll find another job that you hopefully don't hate.

Maybe spend some time thinking about the career you're in and if you are in it because you love it or because it pays well and you think that will make you happy.

What's up doc?

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I remind myself that I have to get the money to pay my psychiatric bill somewhere, so it might as well be the place that causes me to see a psychiatrist.

There is always something else to fix.

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I'd pick the easiest to make improvements in and focus on that. Say social. Phone a friend you've fallen out of touch with. That's an improvement, and then you can move your focus.

I can't hear you!

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Headphones...............stick 'em in your ears, plug it in to your ipod/phone/whatever & let your music shut out the world for 8 hours.

Also, bring a spare music player + charger so you don't get caught out with a flat battery.

Tetris to the rescue.

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At one of my call center jobs I just played Game Boy while I was on calls. Management was lacks and most of the calls were very routine. I had fun in a soul sucking environment; I even beat The Minish Cap primarily while taking calls about bank accounts.

Ya know!

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Sometimes life is just hard!

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By remembering how it felt to be out of options , out of money, with no place to live, disappointing everyone you care about and most of all yourself, and suddenly it does not feel so bad anymore to work that crappy job because it is infinitely better than the alternative.


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