People Share Their Saddest 'I Thought We Were Friends' Experience


It's easy to slip into the pitfall of friendship. Sometimes, there's soft blankets and pillows at the bottom of the pit, as we enter into a lifelong friendship full of support, love, consideration, and many drunk nights you probably won't remember when you're grown up.

Other times, there's spikes at the bottom of that friendship pit, when you realize that person might not have your best interests at heart.

Reddit user, u/JonDowPlays, wanted to know how it all ended when they asked:

What is the saddest "thought we were friends moment"?

Yeah, That'll End It Fast


Friend I thought I had when I was a kid shot me in the chest with a BB gun once. Pretty much lured me into the woods to do it too.

That ended things pretty quickly.


Only Friends When No One Else Is Around

So I had this friend in middle school who also lived close to me and we would hang out, carpool etc. Also, we were both Asian, going to a school that was mostly white.

However, I never noticed how white-washed she was. She would post pictures on her social media of herself with all these 'white' friends, some who she never actually really hung out with. At first I never really noticed it, until she began purposely blocking out my face in photos by standing in front of me, or waving her hands up to block my face. (There was one other Asian, who went through a similiar ordeal to me)

And then she would stop inviting me to things, making group chats with everyone else in our friendship group to purposely exclude me. But she would still hang out with me when there was no cameras around, usually out of school because at school she would be too busy trying to impress her white friends.

Thankfully, I have moved to a school far away, that's ironically 95% asian. It was great to meet some people who didn't judge you by your race.


Dang. OUCH.

I knew a girl in middle school who I hung out with from time to time. We did several class projects together and our friend circles often overlapped, so there was rarely a week that went by without us interacting. One day, completely unprompted, she looked at me and said "mikaudio, you're so forgettable." Couldn't recover from that one.


Blood Is Thinner Than Money

I consider my cousin to be my best friend. Or well, used to. She lives in Connecticut while I live in North Carolina. We both come from lower class families, meaning we don't have the money and can't afford to take time off work to go visit each other.

She'd always tell me she couldn't make it or didn't have the money, but I would watch her Snapchat stories or her instagram posts and she would travel and go on road trips with her older sister who had a bit more money than we did. I understood, but was still upset. Until, she posted that she was in Wilmington, which is about an hour and a half from where I live, but didn't tell me.

We'd known each other our whole lives, and finding out that even a family connection doesn't last really sucks. I don't talk to her anymore.


Hide-and-Seek. Where You Find Who Your True Friends Are.

My neighborhood friends couldn't "find" me in hide and seek. It also happened at a gathering thing we went to so either I'm really good at hide and seek or people hate me


Lending Your Literal Soul

A college friend asked to borrow $500, with a promise to pay it back in-full one month later. (At the time, it was nearly all the money I had, so it was a sacrifice to loan it.)

After nearly 3 months went by, I finally asked him to please repay the loan as I needed it for expenses. He said, "Hate to break it to ya, but ... it's not gonna happen."

So I said, "Whatever problem you're facing, I wish you good luck with it. No need to pay me back."

He didn't even thank me. Never heard from him again.


Having Another Friend Open Your Eyes

When one of my actual friends and I were chatting one day about someone I thought was a mutual friend. My actual friend said, "Dude, when does he call you? When he needs something from you. That's it. He doesn't hang out and laugh like we do. He's not your friend and he's not mine, either. If he was a real friend, he'd hang out when he didn't need a favor specifically from you."

Actual friend was right.


Think They Used This One In A Lifetime Movie Once

When I was in fifth grade, my best friend moved to another area of town and another school. But we both still played soccer. So a game was coming up where we were going to be playing each other! I was soooo excited to see her! When the day finally arrived, before the game, we saw each other from afar, and started running toward one another! It was going to be the world's biggest hug, and I was ready for it! And then, she ran right past me, to someone else. I was standing there with my arms out for nothing. I was devastated.


Leaving You Hanging

I was with a group of people when one person mocked me by saying "You don't have any friends." So I turned to my friend next to me and said "he's my friend" but he jokingly said "I'm not your friend."

Was pretty humiliated and disappointed at the same time.


Lamest Partner


We had to pick partners for dodgeball in like 5th grade, so I went to ask my "friend". He told me "Hey, wait a second, I just gotta check something" and then asked literally 5 other students until one finally accepted to pair with him.

I had to play with the f-cking teacher on that round.


Lies And Lies On Top of Lies

One of my closest "friends" told my best friend of four years awful lies about me while we were on a mission trip. Best friend believed her. It turned her against me and both friends hated me and proceeded to spread these rumors about me to my school. They both went to different schools after that and I haven't talked to them since. I still have issues trusting friends to this day, and that happened when I was 13.


Heartbreaking Lesson

In 5th grade we once had to write our top 3 people we wanted to sit with in our class plan. After writing it my teacher showcased everyone's top 3. I was looking at my personal top 3 and who they had put in their own. I couldn't believe my eyes and thought that maybe I wasn't seeing it. I went down every name on the list and noticed that my name was only once on that list which was "my name: my top 3".

I came to the realisation that no one in my class at the time saw me as a friend. My teacher ended up getting rid of the list when he noticed me crying and made a floor plan for our class as I was scared people wouldn't like me because no one got to sit with who they wanted to sit with because I (the crybaby) was crying.


Friends. Plural.

a guy in my "friendgroup" was moving to a different state a few months back. The whole friend group had a going away party for him and i wasn't invited or informed it was even happening. I only found out because they posted it all on socials. I asked them about it and they just kinda shrugged it off.


It's Not The Before, It's The After That's Heartbreaking

I've never shared this but when I was 16 I was best friends with this girl. One day she completely disappeared, didn't turn up to school and no response to my messages. When people asked me about her I never had a reply. About 2 months later, a mutual friend of ours told me she was in a mental hospital. I then understood why she wasn't responding but was hurt she didn't tell me before leaving.

One day she turned up to school and I went to say hi but she completely ignored me. I sent her a massive paragraph apologies for anything I may have done, hoping that she's doing well and all I got whats "thanks". Broke my heart and I still have no clue what i did


Friends And Most Of Our Loved Ones

She didn't invite me to her wedding, though everyone else from our (smallish) group of friends was invited. I heard from it through our friends, who were very confused as to why she wasn't inviting me. I had invited her to my wedding a couple of years before, though she couldn't make it for family reasons, which was totally understandable for me. We were fine, as far as I knew. She told them "she didn't invite me because she didn't want people in her wedding who wasn't going to be in her future".

I was of course very hurt and confused because there hadn't been any problems as far as I knew, and well, if she was done with me, what should I do? That was the moment for me. It was a mix of rejection, humiliation, impotence and sadness. We had known each other for 15 years at this point.

I didn't want to put our other friends in a weird situation so I just stood away.


You NEVER Give One Of Those Away

in 2nd grade i gave my best friend one half of a best friends necklace. at recess that day, she came over to me and asked to see my half to show this other girl in our class. she gave my half to the other girl and we never spoke again.


Literally Left Out Of The Party

Fourth grade, it was my best friend's birthday. She had recently transitioned to homeschooling. Up until she was in homeschooling, we spent most days together and every single weekend. When she moved to homeschooling we only hung out every other weekend or so because she was busy with school.

I gave her a call to wish her a happy birthday. She was in the middle of her birthday party, she had invited all of her friends, which I then figured out I wasn't one of.


Brutally Honest, But, Like, In A Bad Way


My friend, who had been complaining about having to spend two days with her boyfriend, asked me for my opinion of them moving in together.

Me "I mean, you got annoyed with him after two days into your vacation , so.." Her "Well I get annoyed with you after two hours so"

I flinched. Our friendship never recovered after that.


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