People Share Their Oddly Specific Fears


You need Xanax for THAT?!

Fear is a crippling life side effect. Nobody wants to be afraid of anything but when it happens it happens. Often specific fears are detailed, strange and may seem irrational to the outside eye. But until it happens to you, keep your big mouth shut if you have no helpful words of encouragement. D

ig deep, we all have those one or two things that we just can't handle. It can be something as simple as the fear of ducks watching you. Yes. THAT is an actual fear. I don't get it but it's not my place to judge. And it's the bravest of us all who share their fears out loud so that others know they aren't alone.

Redditor u/sniffmynostril wanted everyone to divulge some life secrets by asking.... What's an oddly specific fear of yours?

That's not a bad fear to have love... 

I constantly worry that I smell bad and I'm the only person who doesn't notice. petethepianist

I wear cologne literally every day for this exact reason. When I was in high school and going through puberty, one day my armpits just decided to REEK and I had an entire classroom telling me how bad I smelled. I called my mom and went home and never let that happen again. Atomicman4

Believe in yourself... we do. I swear! 

I am afraid that I am actually stupid, but nobody is telling me because they do not want to be rude. BRVRcreepypasta

Whenever I used to receive praise at a job, it made me feel like I might be mentally disabled and people were just saying I was doing a good job to help encourage the handicapped idiot. I didn't get a lot of positive encouragement growing up. Walking on man hole covers or grates. In my mind, I will step on them, they will give way, and I will fall into the middle of the earth. I step over or around them every time.


Off with a digit! 

When I walk by those office paper cutters, I get nervous that I might suddenly decide to put my hand in there and cut off a couple digits. It's like the Call of the Void, but for office supplies. Urocyon2012

Hands to yourself! 


I'm seriously afraid of being pulled under beds by disembodied hands. Specifically mannequin or model hands made of plaster or wood, and covered in gloves. I don't know what would happen if they did pull me under a bed, but it's a highly irrational, and stupid fear I've had since childhood and the source of recurring nightmares.

I also fear dolls, and clowns. I don't fear the dolls themselves, it's the dolls "Staring at me" that gets me. Infamous_Lunchbox

More like 'Unhanded!' 

My hand getting stuck in a garbage disposal. I've had this fear for ages and then that one movie came out where it happened to the kid and I just freaked out.

The movie was "Unfriended" but thank you to everyone who is commenting different movies so I know which ones to avoid. creepyflyer

If it makes you feel any better, you'd literally have to put your weight into your hand and keep it there to actually seriously injure yourself with a garbage disposal. Most likely, you would get hit by the (dull) blades a few times and just yank your hand back before you got hurt. Fireal2

So drinks later?

Getting into a car accident with someone who is driving with me for the first time. I would look and feel like such a fool. Especially if it was someone I was trying to take on a date. joshuapeejgon

This happened to a guy I was dating. We had just started dating very recently and decided to get some food late at night, so he was driving me for the first time, and like 3 minutes into the trip he got in his first accident :') No notable damage to the other dude's car but his got banged up, along with his self-esteem feeblegut

Who is NOT afraid of that?!! 

Walking barefoot onto a used syringe needle. Recurring dream for some reason. Agermeister

I think that's pretty understandable. to_the_tenth_power

Now that is specific! 

I go running regularly. I hate running next to chain link fences, specifically because I am convinced that I am going to trip, then fall in specific way so that my front teeth manage to get caught on the fence and be ripped out. I also hate the lower ones since part of my brain is convinced that one will not be bent right, I will run next to it and the wire will hook into my arm. scarletnightingale

I love escalators! 


I hate walking up staircases where the back/space between the stairs is open. It feels like I'm going to slip through. (Not a huge fan of stairs in general, TBH) MyKidCanSeeThis

Those were the stairs to our basement when I was a kid. Had to face that every day since all my toys and the TV with cable was down there. Also...the cave crickets. djseafood


Middle Earth.... 


Walking on man hole covers or grates. In my mind, I will step on them, they will give way, and I will fall into the middle of the earth. I step over or around them every time.

My husband thinks it's funny to step directly on them and pretend to fall. es100120

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