People Share Their Most Cringeworthy Wedding Stories


You know what's fun? Drama. You know what the best drama to watch is? Wedding drama. One person's special day is another person's schadenfreude, and as horrible as it is, we just can't look away. Here are some of Reddit's best cringey wedding stories.

u/proximodorkus asked: Has anyone been to a wedding with an awkward or cringeworthy moment that killed the mood and if so what happened?

Nothing like getting sh*tfaced at your own wedding.

Went to a wedding a few years ago. The bride just hung out with her friends on the dance floor and didn't really talk to anyone else.

The groom made his rounds, greeting everyone and thanking them for coming. He started off one side of the room sober, and by the time he got to the other side he was so drunk.

Everyone was feeding him shots. He ended up getting up on our table and started stripping and dancing. It was hilarious.

Then, he went to the bathroom and ripped a paper towel dispenser off the wall. Bride got mad and left him at the reception. He went outside the venue and threw up. Best man ended up taking him home to sleep it off. Bride had no idea where he was the next morning. They are still married and have kids.


Angry-flirting is the best kind of flirting.


I once attended the wedding of my friend's sister. The groom abandoned her at the alter but the family had come in from Norway to the US and the catering was non-refundable. So they HAD THE RECEPTION ANYWAY. There was sad dancing, awkward activities, and the bride had mascara down her face and was angry-flirting with anyone that moved near her.

Most awkwardly painful experience ever.


I mean.....fair point.

I was at a rehearsal dinner and the groom's younger brother (~14yo) gave a toast. He cracked a joke about one of the groom's ex girlfriends having the same name as the bride. It was rough.


Anyone who asks a 14 year old for a speech, without reviewing the speech before, deserves all the awkwardness.


What a horrible father.

My cousin's wedding just two weeks ago.

The bride's parents are divorced because of her father's cheating, beating, drinking, and general nastiness. The father of the bride, who is remarried by the way, Calls the bride at 6:30 AM on the morning of the wedding to announce that he will be attending and that he has taken out a restraining order against her mother's boyfriend of several years that everyone really likes. Claims that if he shows his face the cops will be called to forcibly remove him.

Bride cries a lot, new boyfriend says he will be there to support her however she wants and offers to kick her dad's butt if he tries anything. The bride pulls herself together and asks her 2 brothers to give her away at the ceremony.

The dad shows up, pretty drunk of course, at the back of the church, during the procession and sweet talks his daughter into letting him walk her down the isle. She agrees, I think just to try to prevent a scene but is basically holding back tears as she starts her wedding. Mom's boyfriend is there, but the wedding progresses as planned and an hour and a half of full catholic mass later, they are married.

Later on, at the reception, her father walks up to the boyfriend at the front tables in front of a crowd of about 300 and pours a full glass of red wine from a new bottle. He then dumps the entire glass directly over the man's head soaking him down and staining the white suit he was wearing. Immediately one of the brothers begins punching his father and someone grabs him to hold him back. The father tries to punch him back, so someone else grabs the father and holds him back. Meanwhile the second brother takes this opportunity to beat on the father while his hands are being held. Father gets kicked out, but the mood is completely ruined, awkward and very cringey so everyone kind of just shuffles out and goes home.Highspeed350

We love a good Parks and Rec reference.


I was the only unmarried person at a coworker's wedding. When the bouquet toss happened she just handed it to me.

It was like that Jennifer Aniston movie. I was so embarrassed I left.


Leslie: What about a wedding where you used to go out with the groom, and you're the only one there without a date, so the bride makes you dance to "Single Ladies" by yourself?

Ann: Oh my God. Did that happen to you?

Leslie: Maybe.


That's a wild ride.

True story. We'll call the groom Steve and the bride Julie. This took place in the US. Julie was an immigrant to the US. While Steve and Julie were dating, Steve's sister caught wind of a rumor that Julie had been married previously only for the purpose of getting her green card. Steve confronted her with it, she denied it, he proposed, she said yes. Sister didn't drop it, and told Steve's parents what she heard.

Fast forward to the wedding day. Pictures at 11, service at 1. That was the plan.

At about 10:30, with the whole wedding party assembled and waiting for pictures to start, there's a "family meeting" with both families, bride and groom, and pastor in the basement of the church. Bombshell dropped: Steve's parents hired a private investigator to explore the rumor. Rumor confirmed. Julie had lied about the previous sham wedding. Those of us in the wedding party had very little idea of what was happening. We just know there's a row going on in the basement and none of the family members or the bride or groom are in sight.

This goes on for an hour or more... we're now at about 20 minutes before the service was supposed to start. No sign of the bride, groom, or families yet. They are literally arguing it out in the church basement to decide whether there's going to be a wedding. Steve is committed, Julie is committed. Steve's parents aren't having it. Steve finally puts his foot down; wedding proceeds with totally stressed out bride and groom; shaken and very quiet bridesmaid (Steve's sister, who started this whole sh!t show), a pastor who's wondering what the hell he got himself into, and Steve's extremely angry mother.

TL:DR - Bride to be lied about her immigration status; groom's parents hired a PI to investigate. 20 minutes before game time and no one knew if there was going to be a wedding. Wedding happened. 20 years later, couple still together. Go figure. Screenplay pending?


Should've gotten some $8 Barefoot wine instead.

I was at a distant relative's wedding reception and all the tables had a bottle each of red and white wine on. There was a delay with the bride and groom showing up to cut the cake and start the meal off, so a few tables popped open the bottles.

Then the father of the bride approached all the tables, saying "sorry, we didn't ask for wine!" and removed all the bottles, including snatching one from the hand of somebody in the process of pouring out.

Massively awkward and cringeworthy and the rest of the reception was silent afterwards.

It turned out the mother in law had approved the wine and menu without telling the father of the bride, who was paying for it all and he wasn't too happy as the bottles were £45 each!


A wedding out of The Twilight Zone.


The groom turned up in an army uniform that very obviously did not belong to him. Nothing fit, and he was wearing trainers. The Bride didn't seem to notice but everyone else did.

Actually, every single thing that happened at the wedding was awful. Someone got a fake tan handprint on the wedding dress. The bride's brother's girlfriend wore only lingerie, and insulted the Bride's grandmother.

The father of the groom brought his new wife who lectured us all on Paganism.

We turned up at the reception to find the reception dinner (a slice of processed ham and a block of cheese each, pickled eggs optional) was out in the elements and attracting flies. The cake was cut, then wheeled off to a back room and never seen again. The Bride spent most of the reception in the bouncy castle and the groom disappeared entirely.


That can easily ruin a wedding.

Terrible best man speech.

Nice guy but did everything you're not supposed to do in a best man speech. Talked about the groom's ex girlfriends, actual bad childhood experiences, inappropriate language/swearing, inside jokes that no-one could understand, no coherent order to what he was saying and dragged on for about 15 minutes.

Bride and groom both looked bored and pissed off at the same time.



My wife's cousin's wedding. The best man got up for his speech and proceeded to stand there and ugly cry into the microphone. Kept trying to compose himself but, nope, just would lose it and start crying again. This went on for what felt like forever, but I think it was really only 2-3 minutes before another groomsman gently took him by the shoulder and had him sit back down.

Everyone was really uncomfortable, but it is by far my favorite wedding speech that I have encountered.


You can take the girl out of the city.....


City girl getting married wanted a country wedding. The tractor she rode in on broke down. Five years later walks out on her husband and two daughters.


Well, they should got have gotten a better tractor.


Someone should have told her.

Bride had no underwear on and the first dance was right in front of a window with the sun shining in. Goodness to say we all got a good look without trying.

People clearly treated her differently the rest of the day and I'm sure she had no idea until she saw her pictures after.


Florida Man

My sister got married at the family house. Best man got ripped on Ativan, champagne, and who knows what else. Ceremony began underneath the bride's second story window and the best man handed off the ring to the groom, the stumbled away into the house, we all thought he went to puke.

The ceremony continued. Vows were exchanged, both the I do's happened, when my sister looked up for rain clouds, as she was sprinkled on. The best man, blacked out on Ativan and alcohol, was peeing on the wedding party from the bride's second story bedroom window. The groom thought it was funny, the bride didn't, a fight ensued, and the wedding couple left the scene in separate cars. Literally separated at the altar. Wedding was eventually annulled.

Last we saw of the groom was the next day when he dumped my sister's possessions out of his pickup onto our driveway. And yes, if you were guessing, Florida man, but the wedding did not happen in Florida.




During the bouquet toss, my cousin who is in her 40s, recently divorced and Just had a kid with a random dude, makes a point to tell all the other women and girls who went up to try and catch the bouquet that they need to let her catch the bouquet because its her turn to get married next.

It was super awkward and she even made everyone stand away from her so she had a better chance. Super awkward!


People suck.

I went to a wedding in West Virginia where this guy who was a childhood friend of the groom was berating me for being Hispanic. He was insulted that my girlfriend at the time, who was part of this friend group, would date someone like me, instead of him.

He was using all these racial slurs, and got embarrassingly drunk well before the wedding was over. He also tried to drive himself home while wasted, and everyone was making a big scene of how he should stay and might get hurt. I was second hand embarrassed.

The bride and groom got divorced about a year on, after moving to NYC. He moved to Huntington, and I believe she still lives in the city.


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