People Share Their 'It Doesn't Work Like That' Cinematic Plot Holes


Movie magic sometimes takes things a little too far. You might say that it makes certain aspects of films a little, well, unrealistic. Sometimes your suspension of disbelief only goes so far, and all you can say is "it doesn't work like that". Check out some examples of these plot holes, pointed out by the people of Reddit.

u/czp55 asked: What are some moments in movies that made you go "uh, it doesn't work like that"?

That's an interesting analogy.

Rolling out of a speeding car. Nah man, you're about to look like you made out with a cheese grater.


Also related to cars in movies:


Don't you dare BS me Mr. Hitman's bodyguard into believing that you can drift a Ford Minivan in the same way as Ken Block


We love a good dad fact.


My dad was a pipe engineer for 35 years. Every time he watches Titanic, when Jack is handcuffed to the pipe, he has to point out to everyone in the room how the curved elbow pipe in the shot didn't exist at the time. The correct setup should have been two straight pieces soldered together to make a corner pipe.

I love him and his obscure dad facts!


Here's one you can give back to him - in Back To The Future when Marty plays with the band at the dance in 1955 he's playing a Gibson 345, which didn't come out until 1958.


It's that adrenaline rush.

Almost any scene involving someone being shot or stabbed.


As a cop, I've dealt with many stabbing victims. People don't just drop like sacks of potatoes when they are stabbed or have their throat slit. I once had to respond to an incident where two guys got into a knife fight. Ended up having to help keep pressure on wounds as we waited for paramedics and he pulled through. His neck was wide open, and he had 23 punctures in his abdomen and arms, but he was still energetic and down to fight.

When it comes to gunshots, you're not going to instantly drop unless something vital is hit (heart, brain, ect.) Makes me laugh a little when watching movies and bad guys drop dead when they are shot or cut in any way by the good guys.


Sounds fake but ok.

Pretty much any scene that involves biologists. "Look, the DNA is a perfect match!" as the computer superimposes two identical graphics that are basically just the symbol for DNA.


And the fact that it takes them a few seconds to get the results.


What kind of scientist?


People in movies being "scientists", meaning they are good at all forms of science - biology, electrical engineering, physics, programming, communication protocols, advanced mathematics, hacking, robotics...

Sure, you could have some knowledge in all of those fields - but specialising in just one of them takes decades... These characters are usually wizards in all fields.


Learn something new every day.

Avalanches, particularly when someone gets buried and then just bursts out of the snow unharmed. Avalanche debris sets like concrete, you're not getting out without help. And most deaths/injuries occur from being bashed up during the slide, so you're not likely to emerge unscathed if it's big enough to bury you.



Crawling through air ducts. Most aren't that big. Or they aren't that strong to not bend or break at all.

Edit: yes they are also incredibly filthy. I have taken out enough duct work to know that you could almost create another person with how many skin cells end up in your air ducts.

I also am not doubting the strength of the large threaded supports some duct work has. I'm doubting the strength of the 20 gauge metal to not end bend in the slightest under the weight of a full grown man.


Childbirth is not pretty.


90% of the depictions of women going into labor. It's rarely 'Mom feels fine all day > suddenly has one sharp contraction > water immediately breaks and makes a puddle on the floor.

Everyone I know who's given birth has had at least a few hours contracting before the water breaking, if it breaks at all, and then it can be even longer before you're in active labor.


Explosions are no joke.

An explosion nearby and everyone talks and hears fine. I love that scene in The Other Guys about this.


On a related note: when people are blown back by an extremely close explosion and just walk away afterward. Yeah, no; the changes in pressure are going to cause organ hemorrhage and rupture - your lungs are going to pop and your bowels will spill open.



There is no cleaning up before or after sex. Everyone is just ready to go allll the time!


To add to this comment, what are supposed to be virgins having sex for the first time. Each time, penetration gasp of ecstasy and they automatically just good at it, no awkwardness at all. Like what?!


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