People Share Their Greatest Accomplishments They Can't Bring Up In Normal Conversation

I did something fun. Just saying.

We should all be proud of the times in life we get it right; no matter what "it" is. It's too easy just focus on the negative and everything we believe we've done wrong on the daily. And yes often people will be jealous of our accomplishments or they are personal wins few will understand. But damned if I'm not going to shout them from the rooftop.

Redditor u/The_B_Brain wanted everyone to let loose and reveal their pride asking... What's your greatest accomplishment that you can't bring up in normal conversation?

The day of Love.... 


When I was 13, I was at Disney World over Valentine's weekend. At Epcot, late at night, I overheard a couple discussing if they had time to ride Test Track before the fireworks because the line was so long. They seemed really frazzled and stressed by it. I had two fast passes for it, since my dad doesn't like to ride it, so we always get two and I can ride twice.

I was a shy kid, but I quietly walked up to them and handed them the passes without a word. They seemed really confused, but once they realized what was up, thanked me over and over. I just practically ran over to another ride and felt really awkward about.

Now I just look back and hope I helped them have a better Valentine's day. MissJudgeGaming

Be a Backstreet Boys fan... 

When I was a kid I won a set of tickets to an N*sync concert.

Reasons I don't talk about it:

  • it's N*sync
  • I had to sing an N*sync song to win the tickets
  • admitting the above means I'm admitting I used to be an N*sync fan
  • my mother actually forced me to sing for the radio contest. I didn't want to do it at all because I was way too shy and overwhelmed by all of the screaming women
  • I'm pretty sure the real reason I won those tickets was because the radio dj wanted to get with my mom
  • the dj might have gotten with my mom robertsanidiot

We Care! 

I passed an exam on my first try that has an 11% overall pass rate. Pass rate for first timers is almost non existent. Unfortunately no one knows what a customs broker does so I can't just bring it up for bragging rights because no one cares :( hungryamericankorean


My older brother was bothering me and we were shooting at each other with Nerf guns. Eventually he went out of my room, only to leave the door barely open while just standing there, staring. I picked up my nerf gun again, him being confident I can't possibly shoot him through that tiny crack he didn't flinch. I aimed, and pulled the trigger. I hit, in his mouth, he was basically biting down on it. He was in shock. I was laughing.

He never underestimated my aim again. Vampire_Sheep

Nothing to say?! 


From seventh to ninth grade, I was in a school for people with learning and emotional difficulties. Mid ninth grade, I decided that I wanted a normal high school experience. I wanted to feel normal. I fought for it, and got what I wanted. The teachers didn't think I would make it, one even said to my dad "see you in a couple months." (total a**hole, right?) They didn't think I'd last through high school in a regular "mainstream" environment.

They were wrong. I graduated from a regular high school in 2014, and I'm getting my bachelor's degree in four days. I don't know what's in store for the future (other than college loan debt), but I'm so proud of myself just for getting this far, especially when so many people didn't think I could. 1337metalfan

Speak for the People... 

I work for a company that manufacturers solar filters for telescopes and cameras. My company is the only company that manufactures the film that is ISO certified and able to be used to make those solar glasses everybody used to watch the eclipse. It was my job to sample and quality check all of the film that was received and sent out to make glasses/cards. Therefore millions of Americans unknowingly trusted me with their eyes and equipment. Base_Hunter

Chopsticks are life!! 

Maybe it's not really an accomplishment but just really lucky. I actually caught a fly with chopsticks. I was sitting at home eating sushi I brought home and just tried doing it for fun after it kept buzzing in my face. My first thought was disappointment I couldn't use the chopsticks anymore before I realized what I had actually done. BringtheDust


When i was a kid I had fun sliding the soap bars around the bathtub at Mach speed as if it was speed racer. One time I did it as fast as I could and stood up just to have it fall onto my hand perfectly. I wooh'd and was proud of myself. Chyi

I had completely forgotten I used to do this as a kid until now. I remember the noise that made very clearly. Nice. mr_daemon

Party Favors! 

I have the entire periodic table of the elements memorized. It was a bet with my high school chemistry teacher (that I won), but it's not something I can exactly break out at parties. PistachioNut1022

My immediate thought after reading this was "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I WOULD BRING THAT OUT AT PARTIES ALL THE TIME!!" whompmywillow

Time Well Spent? 


Was on a championship team of a gaming league long before esports was really a thing. Season 3 & 4 of 2002 Stronger Than All Platinum League Team Fortress Classic champion reporting in. Can't bring it up because no one gives a crap. At least 5,000 hours of my life very poorly spent. Great game, though. Nothing like it today. Lucid-Crow


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