I was speaking to an aunt of mine the other day and she told me that she first realized she was getting older when she hit 40 and all of a sudden required reading glasses. "My eyesight seemed to change practically overnight," she told me before adding that she'd called a friend of hers in a panic. "Was it that much of a shock?" I asked. "Yes," she said. "I thought I'd been invicincible up to that point.

My aunt is in her seventies now and she's pretty badass, if I so say so myself. And she's grown old rather gracefully, I should add! She still has her sense of humor intact.

After Redditor Undercover_Sloth_123 asked the online community, "What was your 'Damn, I'm old' moment?" people shared their stories.

"I realized in that moment..."

I used to be the young guy in the office the old guys went to for computer help. I recently found myself going to one of the young guys in the office for computer help. I realized in that moment that I was old.


"It hit me..."

I heard some younger kids I worked with talk about how they wondered what it was like to live through 9/11. I mentioned that I was alive during the attack and they asked me to tell my story. Like I was a WWII or Vietnam vet. It hit me that I was apart of a completely different generation.


"Seeing all the people I think of as kids..."

I helped raise my nephew. I held him when he was born, read to him, changed the diapers, and taught him how to read.

He's about to graduate high school now. I still can't believe it. The little girl I used to babysit as a teenager just got married and had a baby.

Seeing all the people I think of as kids growing up has been insane. I can't get over it.


"I realized I understand very little..."

I realized I understand very little of the slang younger people use, and I don't have any particular interest in doing so.


"Explaining to my kid..."

Explaining to my kid how a house phone mounted to the wall worked for everyone.


"Some kids were talking..."

Some kids were talking, and I had to look up what they said on the Urban Dictionary website so I could understand what they meant.


"Logged back into..."

Logged back into Neopets and realized my account was old enough to get a driver's license.


"He had no idea..."

Hired an otherwise totally sharp and worldly kid (around 20 at the time) who picked up the office phone for the first time, listened a moment, and held it out to me, saying "I think there's something wrong with the phone." He had no idea what a dial tone was.


"A few years ago..."

When I was a kid I got a Gameboy Color for Christmas and at the time it was the absolute coolest most modern piece of technology you could have.

A few years ago I was short on money and sadly had to sell the Gameboy. When I was meeting with the seller she told me it was a Christmas gift for her 10 year old son who loved "vintage games."


"I don't have kids..."

I don't have kids but seeing people I knew in high school have kids who've graduated high school blows my mind.


"I was telling my students..."

I was telling my students that I graduated from high school in 1973 and one yelled out, "My mother wasn't even born then!"


"I saw a clip..."

I saw a clip on YouTube from an episode of One Tree Hill where a cheerleader got chicken pox. In the scene, the rest of the cheerleaders said they would be fine because they all had it before.

Someone commented, "They ALL got chicken pox? Why didn't any of them get vaccinated?"


"When my kids asked me..."

When my kids asked me what a CD was. I thought I was old because I used casette tapes, but that was a bit of a shock to me.


"When I went to my annual doctor checkup..."

When I went to my annual doctor checkup and my new doctor was younger than me.


"When I had no idea..."

When I had no idea was songs or artist were popular anymore. I'm so busy working and maintaining family life I just don't have time to really fanboy over artists and such.


"Then I had to explain..."

When my son asked me what the picture of the "save" button was. Then I had to explain what a a disk was and why it was used to save things.


"When I was enlisted in the military..."

When I was enlisted in the military longer than some of my new troops had been alive. When you've been in 19 or 20 years, and an 18 year old kid shows up...they weren't even alive when I was in Basic Training! Lol!


"I hired an older guy..."

I hired an older guy at what he said was the end of his career. He just wanted a place where he could contribute until he was old enough to retire. It turns out that he was a few years younger than me. It fixed in my mind that I'm old now.


"I was watching an old episode..."

I was watching an old episode of The Simpsons last night and Homer mentioned he was 39. I'm 41. I almost started crying.

"When I started freaking out..."

When I started freaking out about my back hurting. Realized I couldn't always go hard in the paint anymore and really needed to utilize the tools available to work smarter. You have one body in this life, you learn to respect it.


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