Harboring a secret is always stressful.

Be it not spoiling a surprise party, knowing your friend is going to propose to their partner or learning about someone's exciting career news before everyone else, keeping this privileged information to yourself is no easy task.

When you're tasked with keeping a rather serious secret, however, sometimes keeping it to yourself might feel impossible.

Particularly if the information you're withholding is incriminating to yourself, almost making your urge to speak with someone else all the more necessary.

Redditor WANACWaac was curious to hear the secrets people are desperate to get off their chests, leading them to ask:

"What’s a dark secret you want to get off of your chest?"

Accidentally Setting The House On Fire

"When I was seven I was home alone."

"I called 911 due to a house fire that consumed half the house and they found me outside."

"My mother, who was at work, I was a latchkey kid, was told by the fire department that it was an electrical fire."

"In truth, I had a lighter and was fascinated by fire."

"I was burning the little tassles at the end of the blanket on my bed, putting them out before it caught the whole blanket on fire."

" Until I wasn't able to and the whole bed caught fire."

"An electrical outlet shorted out from the heat, which caused the firemen to think that was the cause."

"I'm 40 now."

'My mother still doesn't know the truth and I still remember it all vividly, complete with the heat on my face as I tried in vain to put out the bed."- Dyerdon

Memory Issues

"I have terrible memory issues, and no matter what i do to keep things on track, meds, planners, reminders, alarms, etc., things still slip through the cracks."

"It makes me feel terrible bc I hate the disappointed or even frustrated look I get when I ask a question and should CLEARLY know the answer."

"It’s especially difficult when people end up thinking I don’t care, bc 'if you cared then you’d remember'."

"I care so much, I never want to ask what we planned for tomorrow, again, and when your birthday is, again, despite attending the party last year."

"It just gets really hard to juggle everything all the time."- Echo_was_slain


"I gave my baby nephew a noisy toy because I was having a petty fight with my sister."- Wooden_Artist_2000

Imposter Syndrome

"I genuinely fear that I’m only nice and considerate due to habit and training."- CanIseeyourunderwear

Grieving Alone

​"I have had the same best friend since I was 16."

"We met in high school."

"When we turned 19 she met her husband."

"I quickly became closer to him than my best friend."

"We developed a deep brother sister type bond."

"My best friend has cognitive disabilities and anxiety so I would vent a lot to him because he was just easier to talk to."

"This past October he died of AML leukemia."

"I stepped up and helped my best friend through the transition.'

"I planned a memorial service, paid for the cremation, was reimbursed after life insurance processed, and was basically a rock."

"But internally I am completely gutted."

"I do not trust easily and he was one of the very few people I felt I could tell anything to."

"The loss is hard for me and I have no where to go with the pain because the one person I would talk to about it is him and he's dead."

"I don't want to say these things to my best friend because it drags up so much for her."

"She is hurting deeply and I'm trying to be strong for her."

"It's a difficult mix to deal with."- Heidi_the_unicorn

Not As Popular As He Thinks...

"A friend goes on and on about how many twitch followers he has and how he’s getting so big as a streamer, etc.'

"He doesn’t know that most of his followers/viewers are me.'

"He was so depressed that nobody was tuning in that I used a google worksuite account and a ton of aliases to spawn twitch accounts to follow/watch him."

"It’s gotten out of control though and he keeps trying to lord and over our friend group how many viewers/followers."

"Not sure how to proceed, because he was pretty depressed before I created all the followers and worry he’ll get depressed again if I slowly stop doing it." -Reddit

Don't Waste Your Time

"I worked on 'SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow Avenger', and know for a fact that the game cannot be 100% completed on the DS version (99% max)."

"Not my fault but I hate that it shipped like that and feel sorry for anyone who's seriously tried."- SoftShoeShuffle

Social Anxiety

"I have crippling social anxiety."

"I'm extremely lonely all the time and I struggle to make friends at the best of times."

"My two best friends more like brothers than friends whom I could tell anything to."

"One moved half way across the world and the other ended up in jail for a horrendous crime."

"All I want is to have a solid group of friends I can rely on and they on me, but after multiple attempts I just feel that being alone is better than trying and failing."- Gunnerscc6

Family Secrets

"I worry that I may have ruined my aunt's life."

"A few years ago I found out that my grandma had an affair and that my grandpa was not my aunt's father."

"She was 28 or so when I learned this."

"I was wrestling with this knowledge when I overheard my mother on the phone with one of her siblings say that she wanted the secret to stay buried forever."

"Every single bone in my body told me that was wrong."

"My aunt deserved to know the truth."

"So I told her."

"Mere hours after I did, the entire family knew the secret was out and all of them turned on me."

"My mother was screaming at me and slapped a plate of food out of my hands."

"I tried to ignore her and go down to my room, but she cornered my and continued screaming at me."

"Everything in her posture said she was going to hit me, and she raised her hand to, but it never came."

"After that day my entire family hated me."

"As the days went on, they became better at hiding it, but I can tell that they still resent me."

"Fast forward a few months, and my aunt moved to another state with a man who didn't love her."

"She was throwing herself into every friend group and activity."

"She was doing everything she could to distance herself from who she used to be."

"She had always had a bit of 'mean girl' in her, but she became a horrible and rude person while living there."

"She began to say horrible things to everyone, but especially to my grandpa, who is the kindest, most compassionate person you will ever meet."

"My mother would tell me about all this and would periodically check in with her to see how f*cked up her life was and give me looks that said, 'look at what you have done'."

"Now she has had a baby with her boyfriend to 'save the relationship' and he has thrown her out."

"She and the baby came back home and everyone is being very supportive, but it's clear that she was not in any position to have a baby."

"I went over there and put together a crib for her so she could finally get some proper sleep and I could see how sad she was."

"It was like she realized that this was her life now."

"I always try to do the right thing and believe in honesty."

"I told her this secret knowing that my family would be very angry with me, but I convinced myself that it was for the greater good."

"I told myself it was the right thing to do."

"Now I'm not so sure."

"I think I may have single-handedly ruined her life."- Ba_the_Sheep

A Secret Love

"When I was a Senior in High School (2020-2021), one of our classmates got into a bad car accident and passed away."

"Nobody knew of the relationship that me and him had before the accident."

"In school he put off this straight farm boy personality, when in reality me and him were seeing each other and he was very gay."

"When I found out he passed away I completely broke."

"I didn’t leave my house for months and almost didn’t graduate."

"Nobody knows the relationship we had and it pains me to think that nobody will actually know his true side."- Expert_101

Living In Constant Pain

"I have severe migraines and I feel so much pain I am always having intrusive thoughts on how dying would make the pain stop."

"But I also have an amazingly beautiful and happy life so I wouldn't do anything that would prevent me from enjoying it."

"Just the fact that the pain can make me think these things terrifies me beyond words."- PieMNZN

Squandered Money?

"I inherited over 10 million bitcoins after my father died in a bitcoin mine collapse."

"I've used it to fill over 200 storage units with jars of mayonnaise."- CardiologistLower817

Mystery Vandal

"I intentionally damaged a stall door at my catholic school when I was in 1st grade."

"I wanted my friend to think the bathroom was haunted so I drew a scary ghost on the door."

The principal and and teachers investigated, but nobody suspected it was me because I was a well behaved student."-dimmudagone

"I shot rocks with a slingshot at a neighbors window, I was 8."- GlorifedToaster

Communication Issues

"I suck at talking to people. when i'm talking to a friend, its hard to make an effort to continue the friendship."

"They ended up leaving me and I became secretly jealous at the fact that that friend is able to make friends with others easily, only to remind myself that it's my fault for not enough putting effort."

"I also try to empty my mind because i have an explicable fear that people can read my mind even though I know ppl cant read my mind."- ExplanationHopeful29

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