People Share Their Craziest 'I Have To Get Out Of This Place' Experiences

Those moments where your stomach drops and you immediately know you're in a bad situation. Hopefully those are moments that are rare in your life, but when they happen, what do you do?

Do you listen? Do you try to wait it out and see that you are hopefully wrong? What happens in your brain and in your body as the situation deepens around you?

u/Dankmemes2347 asked:

When did you realise "I have to get out of this place"?

Here were some of those answers.

Ah, The Midwest

I used to live on the third floor of an apartment building. One summer day it was storming pretty bad. I was watching the news and they said a tornado might happen in my area. Suddenly the wind stopped, the sky got way darker than before, and the power cut off.

I immediately ran out the door, flew down the outside steps, got underneath the concrete slab at the ground floor of the steps, and then BOOM! The tornado hit. It was the scariest moment in my life (and I've had a gun in my face before). The rushing wind was so loud, and several squirrels ran under the concrete with me. Trees were uprooted, the cars in the lot were moved around, but I made it out alive.


Learning The Hard Way

When I came to my hoarding, bed ridden grandma who I was living with at the time, with some concerns.

I was working a full time job, dealing with my abusing ex, dealing with my depressed mom during her divorce, AND cooking and cleaning for my grandma. We were all under the same roof and I was the only one with any income. She was VERY picky about her food.

I would make her something healthy and delicious but she would say it's too spicy or the greens would upset her stomach. So she only ate white bread, mayo, white pasta with canned mushroom soup, and other specific items. She was also 400 lbs. I cared for her and I wanted to help. she really needed a full time care aid but must've figured I'd make a great substitute.

I came to her and asked if we could do anything about her food so that I didn't have to make her seperate food from everyone else, or so that I wasn't the one making it every day, or ANYTHING because I was feeling really depressed and it was making me bitter towards her.

She got upset, we argued. I had been nothing but respectful before this point. But I was at my limit and wasn't having any of it. I was also 19f and moved to her home at my mom's request to help them de-hoard. I didn't HAVE to be there at all.

She kicked me out. She said I could come back after 2 days so that I could learn my lesson.

Never went back. Was homeless for 2 weeks in a strange town but I felt free. Definitely learned my lesson thanks grandma.



When in a meeting my boss says "If your main client leaves, you may be without a job". I asked her to clarify and my other boss repeated the words exactly.

They were SHOCKED when I took a job offer for more money and less stress. My main client left 3 months later.


It becomes a sign so glaring that you can't ignore it even if you wanted to.

We Love Abusive/Reductive Family (We Don't)

As a PC gamer who bought his own PC, it was when my mother cut all my computer cords after I wouldn't let my 10 year old brother use it to play Minecraft. My parents had already bought him a $1200 best buy computer when I changed my computer password.

For some background, I was working full time and living at home to save money. I got home at 5pm and my brother who got home earlier from school would be on my computer and I would always ask him nicely to GTFO. He would then go b*tch to my mother or fight with my even younger sister. This eventually escalated until I left/got kicked out.

He went so far that he lied about having homework to skip out on my grandfathers last Fathers Day dinner we had with him. I knew what was up so I changed my PC password before we left. That was the day he got his new PC. The whole thing went on for months and 10 years later my mother still says I am in the wrong.


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Once Again, With The Parents

I lived with my mom on and off in my early 20's. She was an alcoholic and was emotionally and sometimes financially codependent on me so I felt kinda trapped. One night she was drinking and I came home and she had thrown all of my clothes in a box and told me I had to move out.

Nothing happened to provoke that and her demanding I move out when she was drunk was a very frequent occurrence. We split rent so it always really pissed me off like I was literally only there because when she'd sober up she'd apologize and tell me not to leave.

We got in a fight and she hit me pretty hard in the face. She had hit me before but in that moment I was just thinking I'm done with this sh*t. And I was so much more done than I'd ever been before. Moved to a new city within the next 5 days.


No More Exploitation

Got a job as a production assistant. Found out the primary production team was in their mid 50's and pushed for a younger, independent dev team - "New Media Development Team".

Spent FOUR YEARS, pushing, hinting, steering in new hires. Finally they announce the purchase of building two, just down the street - the home offices of "New Media Development". I volunteer to work on the building in my spare time to expedite the creation of my new office. When it's down to the wire, take a week of vacation to paint, clean, run CAT5, assemble desks and get it ready.

Go to my office on the first day to grab my gear and head over and the lead producer stops me to say "Your department is going over to the new building - you are staying here. You're the best editor we have and I can't afford to lose you."

It broke me. After a week of vacay I immediately took 3 sick days. I had been loyal - too loyal. I met with my boss and asked for my pay to be doubled. When he said no, I said he needed to start shopping NOW for my replacement.

About four months later, I got a new job. At double my previous pay rate.


When it comes to us to finally know our self-worth, we must make the choice to choose ourselves over everybody else.

A Job Ain't Worth It

When one of my bosses spent hours explaining to me how absolutely crucial it was that I finished a project asap, and then the other boss came in and said he needed to 'borrow me' for the whole week, for urgent work on a different project.

When I got back to the first project, I did some work on the weekend to catch up, and put everything into an excel document, knowing that's the first boss' preferred file format.

'Hey, I got your file and I have some questions' he said. 'Do you mind going through it'? '

Of course I didn't mind. Until he opened the file. My 3 tabs had turned into 12, filled with codes and equations, and the tab named Data was now named something like' Chumbawumbafinaledit69'.

He was very angry at me for not being able to explain it.

I wish these people death. I wish I was joking about that. I am not.

Ironically, I really like the actual job, and I'm pretty good at it. I absolutely hate these people though, and I'd rather work as a toilet cleaner than even see the brand of car my boss drives again.


Steve Jobs, Get Wrecked

When working for Apple, they tried to force promote me to a senior advisor. Telling me I'd be fired if I didn't accept. I called their bluff and declined. Nothing happened.

Then suddenly they want me to handle two more lines of business with no extra pay, and if I don't do it I'll be fired. Got tired of the games and quit. Worst company I've ever worked for.


This Ain't The Outback Mate

I was backpacking in rural Australia, waiting at a bus stop. I'd just missed my bus, and the next one wasn't coming for nearly an hour. Just then an old car pulled up and the guy rolled down his window and asked where I was going, he said he was going the same way and to hop in, which I did.

It was dark when I was talking to him outside, and when I got in the car I realised the seats had been ripped out and there were empty beer cans everywhere. The guy was clearly off his head, and the place I was in had a pretty bad meth problem. He told me his name was motherf*cker and that he'd just got out of jail.

He told me before we went to my original destination he needed to see a friend, so we pull up outside this house and he makes me go in with him. When we were inside everyone was smoking meth, and the mood was very sketchy, and I don't think either of us were particularly welcome. He got me an ice cream out of the guys freezer even though I said I didn't want it he was pretty insistent.

I realised it was time to leave when he pulled out a knife and told me he was gonna cut my ears off, I kinda laughed it off and told him I needed to go back to the car to get something, and he said to make sure I came back. When I got out the house I ran, it was difficult to explain to my g/f how I'd managed to miss two buses, and when I told her about my night with him she didn't believe a word of it.

Tldr: Accepted a lift from a random, taken to a crack den, force-fed ice cream, and threatened with a knife.


We have to know to start listening to our intuition as soon as that feeling becomes available. It can hold valuable information for us that could possibly save our lives.

And the sooner we learn to follow what our gut is telling us, the sooner we can learn to really trust and love ourselves and embrace what we are worth. Because darling, you ARE worth it.

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