It's hard not to look back in life on some things we wish we handled them differently.

Some of these are relatively minor, like wishing we chose a different hotel on a vacation, or being a bit more friendly to certain people in middle school.

But sometimes, we look back on decisions we made, and wonder if our lives might be different had we not made certain decisions, or behaved in a certain way.

Redditor lillyrosebennet was curious to hear what the Reddit community regrets most in their lives, leading them to ask:

"What do you regret?"

Who care's what other people think?

"Putting my self worth into the hands of others."- scaryboilednoodles

Oh, what could have been...

"Not realizing this beautiful girl in high school was flirting with me."- South_Ad8256

Take your life and education seriously

"Not going to class nearly enough my freshman year of college."

"I dug myself a HUGE hole because I thought it was a better idea to drink on weeknights, play Starcraft, and hang out bullsh*tting in people's dorm rooms until 4am than actually attend lectures and do work."- DaisyCutter312

"Not taking my life seriously at a younger age."- ogue-Jedi

Learning more about others

"Not talking more to my grandma about her life."

"She's passed not long ago and even though I was there at least once a month in the last year, which is not so little regarding the distance, I just wish I had asked more about how she was like, when she was my age."

"She wrote a memoir and she has lots of diaries, but I think she started writing them later on."

"I was just so scared of making her relive her trauma."

"But I really miss her and I wish we could've had more time to talk."- MyCatIsUpsiideDown

There's a reason it didn't work

Going back to exes that treat me poorly just because it’s comfortable."

"It’s not my job to fix people or save morons from their own stupidity."

"It’s like I always think I can fix it when it’s clear they’re just toxic and incapable of healthy relationships."

"Then I feel even worse when it falls apart the second time."- SupportMoist

It's not so difficult to listen

"Not communicating enough in my relationship."

"My overthinking ruined it some more."- Ok_Moose235

Caring for my body

"Smoking cigarettes."- rowfeh

Missing the chance to make things right.

"The last words I said to my dad when I was 9, was 'I hate you'."

"It was over a stupid little misunderstanding."

"He passed away the next morning, and I will never forgive myself for that."- DismalSplit5792

Finding more lucrative employment.

"Getting a degree in a 'helping field' (therapy/social work) rather than getting one that pays well and helping others from that comfortable position."

"It's very difficult providing assistance and guidance for others when you can't afford to go to the doctor, the dentist, or even your own therapist, let alone ever afford a vacation or anything meaningful."- HiCommaJoel

It's hard not to have those "coulda, woulda, shoulda" moments in life.

But even if some things can't be changed or undone, it's important to remember that improving one's life can't be done looking back.

Instead, we have to learn from our past mistakes, to make wiser decisions moving forward.