People Share Their Biggest "I Gotta Get The Hell Outta Here" Moment

Just RUNNNNN!!!!!!

When you gotta go... you gotta go. You know it deep down, our guts are always an indicator. Our guts are our body's reaction to the inner voice. We know when a situation isn't right and it's time to peace put. It may be a life threatening situation or just a hideously uncomfortable moment we have NO business being a part of... hell it could be just our mind's realizing the situation we're in is a boring failure and we'll regret giving up precious life moments. So just run. Run towards a better time that awaits. Or just run because people be crazy!

Redditor u/xTeretto wanted to hear some tales that made people flee by asking.... When was your last "I gotta get the hell out of here" moment?

Burnin' Up!


I worked in a factory that made large plastic items via filling molds with powder and sending into a giant industrial oven that heated to 550 degrees. At the end of the week I was cleaning said oven and my boss, not knowing i was inside, turned it on. At the sound of hydraulic doors closing i dove out of the oven just as they closed and avoided free cremation. I both got the hell out of that oven and that company pretty quick. jonhadinger

Siblings First! 

It was years ago, when I was in 4th grade. My parents used to get into fights all the time, especially when my dad was drinking. They'd start yelling and that would turn into actual fist fights. At this time we were living in a small trailer, and the room I shared with all 3 of my siblings was at one end of the trailer, near the back door.

So my dad comes home drunk, mom is pissed and starts yelling and it escalates from there. Being in a small trailer everything sounds so close and terrifying, and as the oldest of 4 I felt the need to protect my siblings but I didn't know what to do. After a while my mom starts screaming my name at the top of her lungs and I can still hear my dad screaming too, and I knew that I needed to get myself and my siblings out of there ASAP. I ushered them out of the room, down the hallway, and out the backdoor and told them to head to our aunt's place, who lived a few trailers down. My mom was still screaming for me and all I knew to do was yell "I got them out Mom we're leaving!" before also going out the back to my aunt's. I don't recall ever being that scared. Cops came, they both went to jail and were both out in a couple days and acted like nothing ever happened.

A few years ago I brought the incident up to my mom. I told her that I thought she was screaming at me to get my siblings out of the house and that's why I had. She told me she was screaming my name cause she was scared and wanted help and didn't know who else to call for. I felt so bad cause I didn't help her, but there's not really much I could've done. CarisMary

Was it the "D" train?

On the NYC subway I watched a grown man pull his pants down and use the support rod in the middle of the train as leverage to take a wicked steamy dump while making aggressive eye contact with me and a few other passengers. Tilt23Degrees

Smell the Scam... 

I was at a 'marketing recruitment' presentation in college and this guy started talking about how we would be able to go to Disneyland and buy Ferraris if we just signed up to his exclusive elite program. We just had to make a small down payment right there in the auditorium, and we shouldn't talk about it with friends or family because haters online had damaged the company's reputation. sunglasses619

No Eye Contact!


In the fall I was walking down a trail in the woods during the middle of the day. A raccoon was sitting in the middle of the trail, facing us. Sitting on it's butt, head kind of lowered, bugs buzzing all around it. It didn't move at all. It just stared at us. We decided to turn around.

I don't know what rabies looks like, but that's not how I want to find out. SatanScotty

Home Sweet Home! 

I'd lived in the same crap neighborhood for a couple years, and was living further into the worst of it at a weekly rent place. In prior years my car had been broken into, the house's garage had been broken into (I had some stuff stolen), I'd heard gunshots, but I'd never seen anything all that bad. At the weekly rental, we heard a dude shot dead in the lot next door. The police came knocking to interview neighbors, and everyone else had lived there longer and refused to open the door in case of potential gang retaliation (it was a gang dispute according to later newspaper reports, but in that area it was usually safe to say anything involving guns was gang-related).

That was the damn end of that. I found a place far enough outside the city that rent was still cheap, dealt with the long commute, and enjoyed the country. abhikavi

Everybody has "this" Uncle... 

My friends crazy drunk cousin grabbed a circular saw in attempt to kill me because he thought I said something bad about his aunt. I left. Lol, I told his aunt that I had some really good weed, and somehow though I said something mean to her, she was also drunk and was convinced that I indeed did insult her after he got all mad. ImCuriousYouSee

Pick your Battles....

I was visiting London and just got out of sports bar by myself at 3AM, drunk as hell. I decide to walk from the bar (near Leicester Square) to my hotel (near King's Cross), despite not knowing exactly where I am or how to get to the hotel.

I start walking in a direction and within a minute I'm walking down a rather wide shopping street when I see two bald guys coming the other way, both pretty much built brick s**thouses, and looking like they want to start crap. They hadn't spotted me yet but one guy suddenly walks to the side of the street and just flat out punches the steel grate in front of a shop entrance as hard as he can.

I pretty much did a straight 180, double timed it back to the bar, and asked the nice bouncers to get me a cab. Cab drops me off in front of the hotel and I go to bed without getting the crap kicked out of me first. ConstableBlimeyChips

Don't Need to Know.... 

Crazy guy on the C Train taking a stone out of his mouth and saying he "killed a guy with it," but it was self defense so it's okay right?

Yeah, that was peak "I gotta get the hell out of here" for me. Plus he smelled like puke, that didn't help either. Irked_Canadian

If a dude pulls a stone out of his mouth and says he killed someone with it, you'd better take that at face value. mister_sleepy

Don't even Bark back!


I go to school in Poughkeepsie. One time my friends and I were walking along some train tracks by the river on a foggy night (not smart). We could barely see 5 feet ahead but we weren't afraid because it was a popular hangout spot. All of a sudden we hear loud barking and a crackhead lunges out of the fog at us, barking like a dog. The fog around him cleared up and we could see more druggies lying under some leaves by the side of the tracks, watching us and laughing. Never ran so fast or came so close to shitting myself in my life. halloweenheaux


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