People Share Their Best 'And That's Why We Had To Put Up A Sign' Stories


Do you ever look at a really, really specific sign and wonder, "what the heck happened to call for a whole sign?" No matter what the niche is, you can guarantee that there is a humorous story behind it.

u/TheKwangBang asked: What is your favorite "...and that's why we had to put this sign up" story?

That's very slapstick-y.

Was chatting with students in the lounge area when all of a sudden, we hear an incredibly loud "BANG!". Turns out that another new student had been texting while walking to our center's demo room and totally missed the fact that the room's walls are all panes of glass, so she ultimately face planted in front of me and my group.

Not the first time this has happened, but this was enough to warrant a, "Caution. Glass ahead!!" sign.


Clever kid.


His first day of kindergarten, my brother thought he could escape during recess by trying to climb this massive chain-link fence. He got up about 8 feet before the lunch ladies noticed and disciplined him.

The aids sent him to the principal's office and when questioned why he did it, my little smartypants 5 year old brother replied that "there was no sign that said you can't climb it". There is now a sign.



Back when I was a kid there was a roadside park we picnicked at where a guy chasing a frisbee jumped a fence, not realizing that those were not bushes on the other side, but the tops of trees growing from the base of a 30 foot cliff.

So anyway that's how that park came to have signs every 10 feet on the fence warning of the drop.


But like...why?

We have a rule at our pool that in the sauna you can't exercise. One man consistently works out in the sauna.


Definitely not applewood.


Through my cousin who managed a restaurant for years:

On the hostess stand at the front they had a sign that said "we smoke our meats with premium applewood!" A small bowl of the wood chips they used placed right in front of it.

The amount of people who would take a wood chip and try to eat it were staggering. It got to the point they had to keep a bag of the wood chips in the cabinet of the hostess stand!

People would sometimes put them in their mouth and spit it out embarrassed, and try to cover it up, some would laugh and say I shouldn't have had that last drink. Others would turn around, double down, and try to give the saliva covered chip to the hostess then complain that "these mints are disgusting!"

So there is now another sign beside the bowl that says "WOODCHIPS DO NOT EAT" in red letters. Makes for fun conversation every night for the hostesses seating people who are new to the restaurant.

Unfortunately they still need to keep an extra bag of wood chips in the stand and people still think they look like a great after dinner snack. Now when the double downers complain the hostess just points to the sign and laughs. People never cease to amaze.


Convenient place for pens.

A coffee shop I use to go to had a coffee mug on the counter with pens for customers to sign receipts, and for some reason they filled it halfway with coffee beans. Of course they had to put up a sign "DO NOT EAT!" shortly after.


Didn't that also happen at Buffalo Wild Wings?

From my father: He was eating at a seafood restaurant and had to pee. There was a sign on the door to the bathroom that said something like, "If you ate this dish then wash your hands before using the bathroom."

My father, being male and my father, laughed it off and stepped inside to use the urinal. There was a moment when he was peeing and fine and then there became the moment when he felt like his penis was on fire.

So he ran to the sinks and stared splashing water on his junk. Which also splashed his face so he (in a very Home Alone style) grabbed his face in an OMG fashion which then started to burn his eyes.

So he was there for a very long time splashing water up and down trying to control the burn. Eventually he returned to the table, paid, and left. Obviously there was a reason why the sign existed and he was just an extension of it.


What a horrible mental image.


At a seminar on new colostomy supplies, there was a sticker on the colostomy bag collar (the part your modified intestine sticks through) stating that the colostomy was "not to be used for sexual pleasure."

I don't know the backstory but...


That should be a given.

I work at the dining hall at my university and was cleaning the salad bar when I noticed a small fire coming from our toaster oven. After running to find my manager we eventually put it out. Turns out some guy stuck a piece of pie in there with a paper plate and the entire thing burst into flames.

"Please only put bread in the toaster" became the new sign.


Why are people so gross?

One day I noticed that they had drained, cleaned, and refilled the pool at my apartment complex.

A few days later I noticed a new sign on the pool area gate that said "Persons with active diarrhea or who have had diarrhea in the past 48 hours are not permitted to enter the pool."


A tricked-out golf cart.


Way late to the party and is getting buried for sure. But hey it's relevant to me and isn't months old posts, so here it goes.

My friend, call him Jim, has a golf cart, that he lifted and put trailer tires on it since they bolted up and are larger. It's a red club car, and even has a solar panel on top. This isn't really relevant to the reason, but just so you have something to picture.

He drove it into Lowe's one day, and began shopping around, putting a few items in the little bed he has on the back, basically shopping. Employees eventually approached him and asked him why he thought it was a good idea. His response was something like "there wasn't a sign that said I couldn't." Also tried claiming it was an "oversized wheel chair." (He's in his 70s, used to be in the Marines, then worked construction and other rough jobs in his life, so you bet your bucket he's earned his handicapped pass.) The manager told him to leave and come back without the golf cart, and try again.

3 days later there was a laminated paper sign on the doors: "No golf carts allowed indoors!"

Sign was there for months.


If I'M not pissing in the sink, and YOU'RE not pissing in the sink....

My first year of university I was staying in accommodation halls with five other people.

I came home one Monday evening, after a full day of lectures, to a sign above the kitchen sink that read.

"Ollie, stop pissing in the sink!"

Of the five people I lived with, none were called Ollie.



Don't know the actual story behind it but you can kind of put two and two together once you read the sign.

My family and I stopped at a small motel in a middle of nowhere town at the Colorado-Nebraska border during a road trip. This area had a fair amount of hunters in it. Inside the bathroom, there was a sign that said, "Do not clean fowl."

Not sure who was caught butchering a bird in the bathroom, but that must of been quite the surprise for housekeeping.


Sounds more like dressing UP to me.


Not a sign but it was an explanation that shouldn't have been needed.

Used to work in a call centre. Had 4 weeks of training and during the first week our trainer told us that Fridays were dress down and you could wear whatever you want. She then explained that this meant jeans and t-shirts etc. Apparently someone in training a while before that turned up in a full fishnet body suit on the first Friday.


Useful signage.

Ordered pizza to a school in the middle of nowhere, the pizza guy drove off the last three times and we were not screwing this up again. We took spray painted cardboard and just wrote "Bring pizza to other building" and another saying "Bring pizza here" in the middle of the road in the school. We did eventually get the pizza.

Still use the signs to this date.


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