People Share Their Best "All You Had To Do Was Ask" Tips To Getting Free Upgrades


How free is free?

Who doesn't love a good deal? Getting something for free is like an addiction. You can't just stop at 10%. What if you can get 50 or 100? It's giving me a fever just thinking about it. There are some people who are true artists at scoring free upgrades and discounts. It's almost like their life's mission. And most of the time they learned of this treasure simply.... by asking.

Redditor u/cocaine_shark wanted the best insight into getting all you get by asking... What is the best free "all you have to do is ask" perk/upgrade from a company that most people aren't aware of?

So much Data! 


I asked Vodafone if I could get unlimited data just a couple of days because I was staying somewhere that had no wifi. They couldn't do that... but they could give me an additional 2GB of data for free... for the remainder of my contract. liberalnazi

I'm actually shocked because I live in the hometown of vodafone in the UK and their service is disgusting. I was also a store manager and that place is a crap show. TrueHybrid

Fly high...

When I was small, flight attendants would routinely offer young children a pair of plastic aviator wings and a chance to see the cockpit (pre-9/11). My dad worked in international sales, so racked up a lot of frequent flier miles, so we travelled a lot and I had several souvenir wings. Now I have a daughter of my own, and her first few flights nobody offered her wings, so I asked the gate desk crew if they had one for the baby book.

It turns out they don't just give them out any more: you have to ask a flight attendant for them mid-flight. sadwer

I love Chipotle! 

You can get an extra scoop of rice, beans, salsa, etc at Chipotle. They don't care about low yield ingredients. The only things that show up on the expense report are meat, cheese, and avocados. You don't even have to be sneaky, just ask for it.

Source: worked at Chipotle for a year. Bearacolypse

The Leftovers....

You can try almost any food at Trader Joes. All you have to do is ask, and we have to open the food and give you a sample. It's really more of a courtesy thing to help a customer pick what food they like, so we weren't supposed to go advertising it.

I don't know if this is still the policy, I left the job ~3 years ago. Also, I loved when customers did this because we got the eat the leftovers of whatever you sampled :) holocat1

Love those guys! 


Don't know if anyone posted this yet, but I used to work at Five Guys years ago and they told me that if someone asked for a refill on fries, we have to give it to them. Coconut_Vinyls

Why would anyone want to do that though? Last I visited they gave me enough fries to feed a family of seven from the get-go. pm_me_wet_kittehs


If you get charged for transferring or withdrawing money from the bank over the limit they give you for free, they usually refund you the fee if you ask (as long as you don't abuse it). I usually step in and ask if I can get it refunded as they can see my good standing/history. catkimm

Student for Life! 

I used to work at a clothing store that had unadvertised student, teacher, and military discounts (something like 10% off). They stacked with other sales too. We weren't supposed to bring it up but I asked people pretty frequently. KiltedLady

It was an eye opener when I found out and I would ask every clothing store that I shopped at and a majority of them gave me the discount. Even got them years after I graduated as my "student ID" didn't have the year of admission on it. But then I started to get old and didn't think my looks could still pull off the student look. poopellar

All the hospitality....

Just ask any hotel that you stay at for any sort of accommodations. They'll give you like shaving cream, other toiletries (etc), but also potentially movies, books, board games that you can check out for free while you're there. tugboaconstrictor

No Interest....

I called my credit card company about holiday promotions and asked for a better interest rate and got 0% interest rate on purchases through November 2019 with a lower interest rate afterwards than my current interest rate. This was on an existing credit card that I've had for a few years and didn't have to open a new card for the promo. jrmixco

All the Jewels.... 


I used to work for a company that provided precious gemstones to retailers. We had a lot of retail stores ourselves. Basically every fine jewelry department in every department store was actually run by the company I was working for.

We had authority to automatically give a customer a 10% discount if they asked for one. When you're dealing with something as expensive as diamond jewelry, 10% can really add up. There is such a significant markup with precious gems that although 10% could save you a lot of money, we still made such a high profit margin that it didn't matter to us. So, before you spend thousands on diamond jewelry, ask for a discount and you're likely to get one. Lee_of_the_Stone


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