People Share The Worst Pizza Toppings They've Ever Tried


Some things just aren't meant to be eaten together. And while pizza is a universally loved delicacy, sometimes it's put together with some very....unconventional toppings. We can't and shouldn't play god, especially with pizza.

Caesar didn't die for this.

"Ordered a caesar pizza, expected some chicken, garlic sauce, etc.

Received a full caesar salad, cooked on dough. Nope. Hot lettuce.



That's gotta be a weird mouthfeel.


"My friend puts pudding on pizza. I haven't tried it but it seems disgusting. She loves it."


We've heard of a pizza-burger, but a burger-pizza?

"I chipped in for a "burger-pizza" once, that was essentially a beef pizza with burgers placed on top and then baked.

I don't know what they did wrong with the burger buns, but the bread was incredibly wet and soggy and probably the worst burger I'd ever had."


Rookie mistake.

"Growing up, my mom would make a homemade Pizza. It was usually really good.

One time she tried using ketchup because she ran out of pizza sauce. It was not good."


A valuable lesson.


"A whole bunch of ants. I probably shouldn't have left my pizza on the counter overnight, or grabbed a slice of it without turning on the light, but that's how you learn."


An interesting cultural difference.

"Hard to avoid pizza with corn when I lived in Korea in the 90s. Even Pizza Hut had lots of canned corn on a variety of their pizzas. I learned how to say "no corn" in Korean pretty quickly.

BTW, I liked and ate Korean food a lot. But the weekend trip to PH with other expats was too important to let corn ruin it."


Those things really should be edible.

"The weird plastic table. It tastes like a toy. It's so crunchy and doesn't match with the pizza texture.

Do not buy that topping."


Very unusual for NYC.


"Took a trip to New York and my friend had pizza with Alfredo sauce and artichoke and I had to hold her hair while she threw it all up about an hour later.

My New York pizza experience was ruined."


Not a good combo.

"A friend of mine puts miracle whip on her pizza. Just absolutely coats it. I told her it sounded disgusting, but I would still try it (albeit with much, much less than she would use).

Can confirm, it was exactly as disgusting as it sounds."


The Taco Bell one is probably better.

"In Slovakia, we ordered a Mexican style pizza (not the one from Taco Bell but one inspired by the cuisine). Got a pizza with beans on it. Not kidney beans, but it was like they opened a can of Heinz baked beans and spread it on top. Did not taste remotely Mexican."

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