Look, we've all done things for money we're not super proud of. Some though take it pretty far - but hey, times are tough, what are we gonna do? Work?

pagodelucia123 asked, What is the most degrading thing you have ever done for money?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Curious about that other 30%...

Drank a paper cup full of pizza hut buffalo sauce for $10. Also related, chugged a bear bottle of honey for $30 I believe. Puking honey is one of the most painful experiences of my life. 7/10 would not recommend.


KiDs ArE tHe FuTuRe.

Worked at a personal protection service when I was younger.

Many of the clients were Fantastic people. Comedians are usually great, actors and actresses are meh, politicians are usually jerks.

Their families? Are almost always awful. One gig, we were going to pick up an actress's ~12-14 year old daughter and take her shopping while mom was on set. We had a list of places we were supposed to take her, a list of places that were OK if she wanted, and a list of places Not to let her go. With kids the company had a two body policy, one male and one female.

I did the meet and greet while my partner for the walk kept in the passengers seat of the car. Talked to mom for a minute, got the lists and credit card and headed for the car. As I'm opening the rear door of the car for Miss her, she informs me we'll be going to most of the stores on the "no" list, and that if I argue she'll tell her mom that I touched her.

Partner gets out of the car at that point and stares at the girl, then points to the dash cam. Kid doesn't even have the decency to be ashamed, she just shrugs and gets in.

No further trouble from that one, but many family members were that kind of shitty and demanding.


Oh boy.

Years back, some guy offered to buy my shoes off me in the street. These shoes were falling apart, split down the heel, holes in the sole, scuffed to hell, being worn by a strung out looking skinny person. Said to me, "I'll give you 40 quid for your shoes. I collect shoes."

I was actually just down the street from my flat, so I kinda looked at him for a sec and said "are you serious?" to which he nodded solemnly. I got my shoes off so damn fast. I wasn't wearing any socks either, this didn't seem to faze him. He immediately handed me £50, took the shoes, and walked off without a further word. I went in to my flat, put on another pair of even more f*cked up shoes, went back out and spent that 50 quid on booze and some other sh*t. Tbh even if I hadn't been right down the street from my flat I probably woulda taken him up on it. I was extremely broke.

He definitely f*cked those shoes, and for 50 pounds, I sincerely hope he enjoyed it.


Yeah, leave us alone.

Telemarketing selling credit card payment insurance to people.

Never sign up for it people. It's a scam.


Someone loves attention.

Rubbed grapefruit in my eye for a dollar. Hurt like hell.

Wore contacts at the time. When I put my contact back in, it burned all over again.

Two for the price of one.


Up next, the cinnamon challenge.

My brother dared me to chug the whole bottle of maple syrup at our breakfast table for 50$.

I thought I was going to die, it was so thick and disgusting, it just wouldn't go down. I literally tasted syrup for a week straight after that.


Who hasn't?

Had sex for a McDonald's Quarter Pounder.


Child endangerment is an understatement.

My dad was a drug-addict and therefore took us around his drug-addict friends and dealers. I was around 7 when they needed to keep me occupied so they could go get high so his friend promised me a $20 bill if I cleaned out his refrigerator. Of course I agreed. Without even seeing the fridge.

I opened up a nasty moldy stinky bug-filled box. It was completely covered inside with spilled soda and potato bugs, maggots, black mold, fuzzy mold. It was awful. And I'm fairly certain this would be considered child endangerment today. They didn't provide me with a mask or gloves. But I wanted that twenty dollars, so I got to work.

I'm not even sure how long I was working on it but I got it as clean as I could before my dad told me it was time to go.

I never got that $20. The next time I saw my dad's friend, I mentioned he owed me money and he laughed and said "oh that's right I owe you $5, I'll bring it next time kid" and that's when I learned people who abuse drugs, also abuse people.


Peanut Butter Jelly Time

When I worked at a grocery store I used to eat Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches on break since it was cheap. I'd buy all the ingredients and just sit in the break room and scarf down 3-4 sandwiches before returning to work.

One day, one of my co-workers saw me scarfing them down and asked if I could eat the whole loaf of sandwiches. I told him I think I could, but asked what he wanted to bet me. He said if I could do it that he'd buy me a whole loaf of bread, jar of peanut butter, and jar of jelly. Naturally I agreed.

I managed to eat the whole thing in a little under 30 minutes, but admittedly I was being pretty sparse with my usage of PB&J by the end. When I finished, I felt like walking at my normal speed would make my body explode, so I walked at half speed and took it easy. Admittedly I did it as a broke college kid because I'd save about $4 by having him buy me a new jar of PB and a new jar of J. This experience didn't stop me from continuing to eat PB&J on future breaks.


Quarter For Your Thoughts?

I was homeless for a bit after high school living out of my car. I had some of my things with me. One of these items was over the course of my childhood my grandfather had collected those quarters of all 50 states for all of us grandkids. I opened that up and used the quarters for gas money to get a job. I have been trying my best to recollect them.

Edit: holy shit this is my most upvoted comment! To give a quick reply to everyone yes I'm much better and i did get the job this was over 7 years ago when i was 18 and I'm in a much better place now. As for the people offering me their coins you guys keep them i get excited when i go to the store and find one I don't have so I'm going to stick to the thrill. Thank you everyone!


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